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Low Fidelity Against My Will


"Malfoy, you git! What did you do?!?!" She couldn't believe that just a couple of minutes ago, she was in the common room, peacefully reading another book she found at the library. Now, she was standing at the corridor of the Charms classroom, Ron was on the floor, bleeding, Harry was beside him and Malfoy was just standing a few inches away from them with his wand out, pointed at Ron.

"He asked for it!" he screamed, defensively. She looked at him with so much rage that the only thing that could possibly make her smile at the moment would be if a Basilisk suddenly appeared out of nowhere and swallowed him whole. Sadly, the possibility of this was close to none. She took a deep breath, took her wand out of her robe and pointed it at him. She thought hard on what curse to use. Only the worst possible legal curse is worthy, she thought.

She opened her mouth-

"What's going on in here?" said a soft, cold voice from behind them. There stood a thin, pale man with a large hooked nose. His shoulder-length, greasy black hair framed his face and cold, black eyes.



"Trying to hex my best student, Ms. Granger?" A smirk appeared on Malfoy's face and his eyes twinkled with pride. "50 points from Gryffindor, and…" His cold eyes dropped upon Ron's bleeding body. "…kindly bring Mr. Weasley here to Madam Pomfrey. I don't want him staining the floor." With that, he took off. Words couldn't describe how much fury she was feeling at that moment. I mean, her best friend's been hexed, she just got scolded by Snape and she caused Gryffindor 50 points, how lovely.

"I can't believe him!" said Harry, clearly with outrage, after they left Ron in the Hospital wing with Madam Pomfrey. It turned out that it might take Ron months to recover and would soon be transferred to St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. "It was so obvious that Ron was the victim and he still teamed up with- with Malfoy?!"

"Harry, it's Snape, of course he'd team up with Malfoy." She said, trying to keep her cool. The corridors were now filled with students and she didn't want to make a scene. "And I completely agree with you so don't look at me like that." She added, seeing Harry's eyes overflowing with resentment.

They both went back to the common room to take their books and head to class. She and Harry parted when he neared the room for Divination because she had Ancient runes. On her way to the classroom, she saw a figure of a tall boy with a pale, pointed face and sleek white-blond hair. She didn't bother turn around and check if it was him. She did want to give him a piece of her mind, to yell at him, "No, no" she thought. She was almost late and she can see the door just a few steps ahead of her. She reached for the door-

"Granger!" Oh just perfect, she thought. "Granger! I want to talk to you!" She took a deep breath and turned around.

"What do you want Malfoy?" she said in her coldest voice.

"Listen, I just want to apologize. I mean, it's not my fault that your so-called best friend Weasley is a big pain, is it?"

"That's it? You're apologizing? Ha! That's real hilarious, Malfoy. Hex an innocent student and then apologize but still refuse to take the blame. And if you're so sorry, then why were you smirking when Snape was scolding me? Huh?" He looked down. "You're pathetic" she added

"I'm sorry, Granger! I admit that what I did was wrong and I was only smiling cuz he called me his "best student" didn't you hear?!" for a moment, Malfoy actually looked sincere. But no, she shook her head and dismissed the observation.

"I don't believe you, Malfoy. You never apologize and that can't be the only reason you were pleased with yourself. Plus, why are you even taking time to say sorry to me? It's Ron you should be sorry to! You hexed him!" Her temper was really rising now.

"I – I- I don't know…"

"Oh well of course you don't! You're Malfoy. Pathetic, self-centered, idiotic Malfoy" he was, and I don't believe it was possible, actually backing away, looking beat.

"Just please accept my apology. I don't want you to be angry at me."

Hermione laughed mockingly "Sure. I don't want you to be angry at me" she said, mimicking his tone. "Well sorry, Malfoy, but you've done it. Because of your so-called "accident" Ron will be sent to St. Mungo's, and what does he get after being hexed? Yeah, 50 points off his house. You can't change anything anymore, Malfoy. I'll hate you forever"

With that, she went straight to her Ancient Runes class without even realizing that their whole conversation was heard by a number of students. Soon enough, the news spread to the whole school. For the rest of the day, she couldn't stop hearing whispers from the students she passed by. "They said Weasley didn't even put up a fight!" and "Goyle told me that Weasley's been damaged real hard and that he'll never recover." She made a sound of pure annoyance and marched back to the common room, hoping that she'll find a good book to calm her down.