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Low Fidelity Against My Will

Chapter 3: Confusions

She quickly let go of the doorknob and turned around, unsurprised to see a certain Slytherin in a hard-to-hide smirked face.

"What are you talking about, Malfoy?" she asked, trying as hard as she could to not show how annoyed she was.

"Don't play dumb, Granger. We both know what I'm talking about" he said, still smirking. She lowered her voice, noticing the number of students with their eyes on them.

"What. did. you. do" she asked in gritted teeth

"That treacle tart you ate yesterday…I put a potion in it that makes whoever eats it dream whatever the maker wants him or her to." She just looked confused until he added "I found the recipe in the Restricted Section. Don't ask how I put it in. I have my ways."

"Look, ferret, I don't know what you're trying to do, but just drop it. I don't have any idea why I even thought of forgiving you once Ron came back! And to think that I actually thought you were sorry about what you did to him!" her voice was getting louder now, but she didn't care anymore. She broke out from his grasp, which surprisingly, she was still in and ran out of the Great Hall, not caring about all the stares and murmurs that little scene caused.

She went straight for the Common Room, nearly screamed the password to the Fat Lady and ran to the girl's dormitory. Tears were running down her soft cheeks but she had no idea why. She didn't care about him. He meant nothing, but why won't the tears stop, she thought! No. She was a Gryffindor and Gryffindors are brave. She wiped her tears, still confused why she even had them and went proceeded to the Common Room, grabbed her books and went outside. In the hallway, she heard a familiar voice and wished that she was just hallucinating because she most certainly can't take another second with him.

"Granger! Granger where are you?!" she closed her eyes, took a deep breath and turned around slowly

"What now, Malfoy?"

"Granger I just wanted to-" he paused mid-sentence and finally looked at her in the eye, "Have you been crying?" he asked

"What?" she blinked a couple of times, "N-no. O-of course not" she added. Finally, with the courage to be angry again, she looked at him directly with a cold face, "What do you want now?"

"Who said I wanted anything?" Oh wow, she thought, wow.

"What?!" that's it, she lost her calmness and finally began to let out the deeper anger she had with him "What is wrong with you, Malfoy?! This isn't normal! You're getting more and more annoying and rude and insane, plus, I keep seeing you wherever I am! I mean, I haven't even seen you with Crabbe or Goyle lately! Seriously, Malfoy! I don't-"

He kissed her swiftly and stopped her in mid-sentence

"-get it" she finished.

"I'm sorry, Granger. I've been dying to do that ever since you hit me in our 3rd Year. Couldn't keep it anymore, you know? Made me act all weird and all. Now, you were saying?"

"You're a- What the- And the-" she couldn't find the words to say how she felt. Maybe because she didn't know how she felt.

"Yes?" the expression on his face was somewhere between a smile and smirk. She remained silent. "Well then, see you around, Granger." He then walked away, leaving her there, flooded with confusion.

Later that night, she thought long and hard about what happened while lying down gently on her soft bed. Finally, she was left with only one possible conclusion: everything that happened was some bizarre dream, never to be spoken again and must be forgotten. Of course, being Hermione, this wasn't forgotten. This was the only thing in her head for a good, long time. Until, naturally, they began a new lesson in Transfiguration the following day; temporarily putting her confusion on hold.