Throw tomorrow away with me

Let us turn the pendulum and go back fifty-three years in time. Here, we will witness one year in the happiest of periods in the life of our all-favorite, Kuchiki Byakuya. He and his wife just started their second year of marriage; the most fun year a married couple can experience.

Mix the spontaneous, curious and intelligent Hisana together with the duty-bound, insecure and protective Byakuya and there's the couple we all love most.

To make it even worse… Byakuya's two cousins are in, as well. Some of you might know them from one of my very first fanfics, 'There you'll be': Kuchiki Samoshi and Kuchiki Otaku.

Otaku is an extravagant lover of life. He made it his mission to make his younger cousin, Byakuya, happy, through pestering him and through making him insecure about his relationship with Hisana.

The most important person in Otaku's world is, however, his younger sister Samoshi, who is very much a complicated woman, really. Her best friend is Hisana, whom she shares every single thing with. She has taken a liking in her older cousin Byakuya's coldness and declared herself to be the one to loosen Byakuya up.

Hisana can only approve of the behavior of the two siblings towards her husband; she may love him very very much and she wouldn't want him to change for the world… secretly, she hopes her husband might just grow a little more people-friendly.

Byakuya is able to stand up to his cousins, but when his wife interferes, he can do nothing but surrender to her will.

With each and every one of the consequences included.