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A plate with a green mud-like substance waoffered to him on the table. Small pieces of meat swam in it and here and there were some drowning round objects to be seen. Its horrible smell prickled his nose and he had a lot of trouble not to change his expression into one of great disgust. He swallowed.

"Tell me why you have made this again?" Byakuya asked.

Hisana smiled. "It's cold outside, and you've returned really late from work. I was bored, so I made you pea soup."

Byakuya gulped and forced a smile. "You know, actually, I am not really that hungry."

Hisana frowned. "Oh…"

She was just about to take away the plate, when her face cleared up.

"Oh, but we can save it until tomorrow and warm it up for you!"

Byakuya almost gagged by the mere thought about it. Warmed up pea soup was even worse than cutting yourself while shaving. How to get away from this one?

"At second thought, I'd like to try it, Hisana." Byakuya forced himself to say.

Hisana put the plate back in its position in front of Byakuya, and she sat down opposite him. She watched him hopefully as he grabbed the spoon and prepared it for the first bite.

Byakuya tried his hardest to concentrate about anything but the pea soup.

Spaghetti.… this is spaghetti…No, wait, spaghetti has got those peas as well…

The spoon came closer and closer to his mouth.

Hisana in her underwear… No.. no, not really helping. Not helping for eating this dirt, anyway.

Only one inch away…

Harry Potter…

And the pea soup entered his mouth.

Hisana cheered as he chewed and she gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Hey, you don't have to finish it when you're not hungry. I just wanted to know how you liked my kitchen skills."

Byakuya swallowed the soup away. "It was… very different in taste. Now, please excuse me. I'd like to change my robes."

Hisana nodded happily and she took the rest of the food back into the kitchen.

Byakuya stood up and made his way into his bedroom. While he was undressing himself to take a shower..

..he wondered who the hell Harry Potter was.