Title: Mitsukaru High

Author/Artist: snooperj & Bloodysamurai

Series/Pairing(s): TeniMyu; Mainly Takigawa Eiji x Kimeru & Shirota Yuu x Aiba Hiroki

Notes: An alternative universe type of fanfiction, my partner and I take you to how the two couples began during their days in Senior High, with Takigawa and Kimeru in their 2nd year, and Shirota and Aiba in their 1st. This fanfiction will run from that setting until Shirota and Aiba's graduation from Senior High two years later. Most of the information here are either altered, made-up or real altogether. Hints of other pairings shall also be introduced, therefore expect to be seeing other members of the TeniMyu cast to show up in this Mitsukaru Senior High setting. This is meant to serve as a prequel to our fanfiction 'Anything for You'.

Here is the 15th chapter entitled Soccer and Yakiniku Dinner. This chapter details the second day of the school's Sportsfest: the Soccer tournament. Quite a few couples are highlighted here, and eyes on Shirota and Wada's classes as the favorites to compete in the final match. With Aiba's sprain, he does his best to cheer as hard as he could for Shirota while documenting the event for the school paper.

**ALSO! None of the authors of this roleplay/fanfic own TeniMyu or the actors, but are mere fangirls of the musical series and corresponding actors we write about. Everything that progresses in the story is the creation of our witty imaginations.

The next morning, Aiba raced towards the bus stop, his camera hanging from his neck as he attempted to eat the bread he grabbed from the table. 'This is what I get for staring at Yuu for the whole evening...' he thought darkly.


Shirota was walking to school, his gym bag in hand as he started stretching during his walk. "I'm looking forward to the games later~" he chirped enthusiastically.


Aiba hastily ran down from the bus and went straight to the School Paper's office as soon as he entered Mitsukaru's premises. Catching his breath for a few minutes, he opened the door.

"You're late, Aiba-kun..." came the calm voice of Yagami that sent a shiver down the first year's spine.

"G-Gomen nasai, Yagami-senpai..."


Shirota blinked as he saw someone running past him into the school. He tilted his head. "Aibacchi?" Shrugging, he moved to the soccer fields where the second day of the Sportsfest was to be held.


After a few minutes, Aiba stepped out of the office and sighed heavily. "This is all your fault, Shirota Yuu..." he muttered to himself.


Takigawa, who had disentangled himself from Kimeru, had woken up to prepare some light breakfast that they could take with them to school. When he was done packing everything in different tupperwares, he returned to the room to wake up Kimeru.

Kimeru rolled to his side and continued to sleep, grabbing hold of a pillow that was in Takigawa's place.

Takigawa shrugged, bending over to nudge Kimeru awake. "Kime, it's time to get up," he prodded.

"Not until I get that piece of sushi..." Kimeru muttered, still three fourths asleep.

"You won't if you don't get up now," Takigawa threatened lightly.

"Wherezzit?" Kimeru asked sleepily as he sat up and rubbed his eyes.

"Downstairs. Now get ready for school," Takigawa instructed.

"Hai..." Kimeru answered before yawning and getting up.

Takigawa smiled, straightening up and leaving the room to head back downstairs.

Kimeru headed to the bathroom to attempt to get himself to fully wake up.


Aiba trudged over to the fields, expecting to see Shirota there.

Shirota was doing some last-minute stretching before looking over his shoulder to spot Aiba, waving him over.

Aiba quickly looked around and smirked in satisfaction once he saw that no one was around. "You...are in big trouble," he said as he grabbed Shirota by the collar and kissed him.

Shirota frowned. "What fo-"

Aiba pulled away and smiled brightly. "I feel much better now," he said happily.

"...for..." Shirota finished, blinking to Aiba, clueless of why it happened, a slight blush on his cheeks.

Aiba chuckled. "Still able to finish your sentence? That means that wasn't as effective as I wanted it to be," he teased lightly.

Shirota's blush intensified but said nothing in retort.

Aiba looked at Shirota, grin still in place. "So...what were you doing before I rudely interrupted your alone time?" he asked.

Shirota cleared his throat. "Stretching."

"And are you done stretching?" Aiba asked slyly as he took a step back and surveyed their surroundings.

Shirota nodded. "Aa..."

"Then you won't mind me dragging you off somewhere since it's still a bit early?" Aiba asked with a wide smile.

Shirota shook his head. "I don't think so..." he admitted.

"Good~" Aiba said as he dragged Shirota to the nearest empty classroom and locked the door.

"E-Eh?" Shirota managed to say before he was dragged off.


In another side of the school, Daisuke walked with Furukawa, still sporting a black-eye from the day before. "Kimeru doesn't know his own strength," he muttered.

Furukawa chuckled. "But it's nice to see him excited in a different way, don't you agree?"

Daisuke frowned. "Yeah...just because of that Takigawa person..." he muttered.

Furukawa's smile faded slightly. "Are you going to be going on and on about this until we graduate, Daisuke?"

"Until the day I die..." Daisuke vowed. "He changed Kime..."

Furukawa's smile returned. "And now why is that such a bad thing?"

Daisuke frowned and faced his friend. "What's wrong with it? I'll tell you what wrong with it! He's taking Kimeru from his real friends and is turning him into some goody-goody person that's just...argh!"

Furukawa shrugged and placed a hand on the boy's shoulder. "Real friends, Daisuke?" he repeated.

"Yes Yuuta, REAL friends!" Daisuke repeated with a slight glare.

"Sooner or later you're going to have to realize that a person doesn't have to be restricted to a single set of friends, Daisuke..." Furukawa explained.

Daisuke muttered something incoherent before walking on.

Furukawa smiled triumphantly before silently following Daisuke.


Takigawa busied himself feeding the household pets while waiting for Kimeru.

Once Kimeru was downstairs, he looked around. "Eiji! I can't find my wristband!" he said.

"It's probably still in the laundry room," Takigawa called as he placed Q back in his cage.

Kimeru sighed. "Well...might as well go without it," he said. "Are you going to play today?" he asked.

Takigawa nodded as he moved to the shoe rack and pulled out his soccer shoes. "I've been asked to play in all three sports," he explained as he started putting them on.

"Then it looks like we'll be seeing each other on the field~" Kimeru said with a grin.

"That depends if our sections will be put up against one another," Takigawa countered.

"I'm thinking positive!" Kimeru said with a frown. "Nothing wrong with that."

Takigawa smiled, got to his feet and approached Kimeru, kissing him on the forehead. "I know, I know."

Kimeru grinned. "I pity the class that will first go against another class with varsity people in it..." he said.

Takigawa nodded in agreement as he moved to the door and pulled it open. "That's true. Shall we get going? I'd personally like to know who's up against whom."

Kimeru nodded as he adjusted his hold on his bag. "I'm ready to go," he said.

Takigawa moved to take his own bag before gesturing for Kimeru to go first. "After you," he teased.

Kimeru rolled his eyes and walked out of the house.

Takigawa followed after Kimeru after locking the main door behind him, adjusting his hold on his bag. "I have a good feeling Shirotan's class will be in the finals hands down," he said conversationally.

"I'm not surprised," Kimeru said as he grinned.

"It would be interesting to see how you would fare against him, though," Takigawa admitted.

"Ch, I'm not stupid enough to go against a varsity...I hate sports remember?" Kimeru informed him.

Takigawa lounged an arm on Kimeru's shoulders. "You were stupid enough to go against me weren't you?" he teased lightly.

"Mainly because it was you, Takigawa Eiji..." Kimeru shot back, smirking.

Takigawa rolled his eyes. "Just so you could prove my sprain..." he muttered, shaking his head in disapproval.

Kimeru shrugged and winked at him. "That and I wanted to see you move on the courts~"

"Not that you could have seen much when I was injured..." Takigawa muttered.

Kimeru smirked mischievously. "Believe me Eiji, it's not only your abilities that I'm after."

Takigawa straightened up, twitching an eyebrow. "If you say so..."

Kimeru hummed to himself the rest of the way to Mitsukaru.

The soccer fields were slowly filling up with people as more students arrived.

Zukki took a good look around. "I wonder where Shirota is..." he muttered to himself.


"Matte! I need to go to the-" Adachi was cut off, resulting in Nakagauchi looking at him strangely as the other opened the door to a classroom.

"What's wrong, Adachi?" The older asked.

Adachi shook his head and hurriedly closed the door, his face red. "N-Nothing..." he muttered.


Aiba pulled away from Shirota and blinked. "Did you...hear something?" he asked.

Shirota shook his head feebly. "No, I didn't..."

Aiba shrugged before smirking. "So where were we?" he asked slyly.

Shirota averted his gaze. "Getting ready to head back out?" he suggested hopefully.

Aiba looked at him. "What time is-" his gaze stopped at the wall-clock nearby. "WHAT?" he exclaimed before completely pulling away and attempted to fix his clothes. "Yagami-senpai is going to kill me..." he groaned.

Shirota pushed himself up, wincing slightly before he moved to fix his hair.


When Takigawa and Kimeru arrived at the soccer fields, the former took a good look around, furrowing his brows. "Now where is-"

"Takigawa-senpai!" Zukki called, jogging up to the upperclassman. "Have you seen Shirota-kun anywhere?" he inquired.

Takigawa shook his head. "I'm pretty sure he came here pretty early to get some practice in before the games..."

Kimeru blinked. "Maybe he was dragged off somewhere?" he asked.

Takigawa nodded. "That's possible..."


Shirota, after fixing himself, moved to the door and turned to Aiba. "We should get going..."

Aiba, who was already done fixing his uniform, nodded. "Let's go before they find out that I dragged you to an empty classroom."

Shirota slid the door open and headed off to the soccer fields.


Takuya squinted his eyes, having been tasked to look out for Shirota. "There he is!" he exclaimed, moving over to Zukki to inform him.

Shirota jogged up to him, bowing slightly. "Gomen, I had to take care of something," he said in apology.

Takigawa raised an eyebrow. "So were you here early, Shirotan?" he asked.

Shirota turned to the upperclassman and gave a forced smile, nodding. "I was."

Aiba followed him and smiled at the group. "Ohayou~" he greeted brightly, causing Kimeru to raise an eyebrow.

Shirota brought a hand up and jerked his thumb over to the board. "The match-ups are posted over there. Would you like to come and take a look at them?" he offered.

"Go on ahead I need to meet up with the journ team for a bit. I'll catch up~" Aiba said before kissing Shirota on the cheek and dashing off.

"So...anything interesting happen?" Kimeru asked the first year that was left behind.


As Aiba was running down the hall, he accidentally bumped into a junior. "Ah! Gomen I wasn't looking where I was going!" he apologized.

"Oh it's nothing...hey...you're that freshman that's always with Shirota Yuu…"

Aiba looked up and immediately recognized the junior. "Mikoto-senpai!"

Mikoto smiled and nodded at him. "E-to...would you know where Takigawa is?" he asked and Aiba nodded, telling him where the other is before excusing himself to head to the journ room.

After getting reprimanded yet again, Aiba rushed to join the group in the fields.


Shirota acquired a small blush at the question and diverted his attention. "What makes you think that?"

"Well...your hair is messed up for starters…" Kimeru said slyly.

Shirota blinked before bringing a hand up to his hair and fixed it. "I was in a rush this morning," he explained.

Takigawa smiled before he placed an arm over Shirota's shoulders. "Let's go see the brackets, then."

The group moved up to the board as Takigawa browsed it with enthusiasm. "Well isn't this interesting... Our first match is against 3-1..." he noted.

"Ours is against 3-5," Shirota added.

"We're going against third years?" Aiba exclaimed. "I pity our players."

"Don't worry so much about it," Shirota reassured with a grin. "We'll be fine."

Aiba nodded and configured his camera settings for a while.

"Will sections 2-5 and 1-2 proceed to Field A, and sections 2-1 and 3-1 to Field B," a teacher announced with a megaphone. "We will begin today's Soccer tournament in 20 minutes."

Shirota turned to Takigawa and patted him on the shoulder. "Good luck, Eiji-senpai~"

Takigawa nodded in response.

"And since we don't have a game, we can watch!" Aiba said with a grin as he looked at Shirota. "A-re? Where's Kimeru-senpai?"

Shirota looked around as well. "It is Eiji-senpai's class that will be playing one of the first games..."

Takuya chuckled, pointing a thumb over his shoulder. "He went off to join the rest of the School Band," he explained.

Takigawa excused himself from the group and went to their assigned field to meet up with his classmates there.

Aiba shrugged. "That figures..." he said. "Let's go and watch then!" he said as he dragged Shirota off to the audience area.

"O-" Shirota was cut off from agreeing as was dragged off by Aiba.


Takigawa did some light stretching before surveying the audience.

Tuti patted him on the shoulder. "Shall we give it our best, Takigawa-kun?" he inquired.

Takigawa nodded. "As we should."


As soon as Aiba and the rest reached the audience area, Kimeru and the band started cheering.

It didn't take long before the kick-offs began both games simultaneously. Shirota watched Takigawa's game particularly, though he took some time shifting his attention to the other pitch to weigh out the competition and mentally make any preparations.

"Eiji-senpai's really getting into his game," Shirota noted at one point as Takigawa assisted in setting up a goal.

Aiba nodded. "Yes. They're doing well even if the other team is playing rough..." he commented as he snapped a picture.

Shirota watched the games progressed. Cheers were monstrous as the game between 2-5 and 1-2 ended with a score of 0-1 in favor of 1-2, and the game between 2-1 and 3-1 ended with a score of 1-2 in favor of 3-1.

Takigawa moved over to Furukawa and patted him on the shoulder. "So in the end there was nothing to get worried about with you," he teased.

"Will sections 1-3 and 2-4 start warming up in Field A, and sections 1-1 and 3-5 in Field B!" came the announcement.

"That's your cue, Yuu…" Aiba said with a smile. "You too, Takuya."

Takuya nodded. "Yosh~ I'll show you what I can do in a game~" he said cheerfully.

Shirota grinned and went off with Takuya to Field B where they met up with a few of their other classmates to get themselves ready.

"This is your time to show Wada-buchou just how well you play, Takuya," Shirota pointed out with a grin.

Takuya nodded. "I'll do that and help our team win while I'm at it~" he said positively.

Shirota brought a thumbs-up. "Let's do that," he exclaimed before turning to the rest of their classmates and going through strategy with them.


Aiba smiled as he took some pre-game pictures while Kimeru was looking around for a certain someone.

Takigawa, after their class' game, headed off to find an empty spot at the stands to watch Shirota's game while looking for Kimeru at the same time. 'Though I wonder where he went to after waving that flag around... again...' he thought to himself.

"Eiji~" Kimeru chimed as he appeared behind Takigawa and shoved a brown bag in his hands, "I came with offerings of food." he said with a wink.

Takigawa, disoriented for a second, blinked at the brown bag shoved into his hands. "Food?" he repeated, furrowing his brows in confusion.

"If you don't want it, I'll eat it all~" Kimeru warned before munching on a piece of bread that he bought from the food booths that were around the campus.

Takigawa chuckled. "I was just surprised, that's all," he defended. "We could share while we watch Shirotan's game," he offered.

Kimeru grinned. "Then let's do that..." he said.

Takigawa led the way to some empty seats at the bleachers before sitting down in perfect view of Shirota's game that had already started.

Kimeru grinned. "You think we should hand Aiba that banner we made for Shirota?" he asked casually.

Takigawa chuckled. "He wouldn't be able to take pictures of the game because of that, though," he debated, pulling a random food item from the bag.

Kimeru looked at Aiba before nodding. "You're right...so we'll just give it to some of Shirota's fans!" he said merrily before signaling to Daisuke who casually handed the flag to the said fans who went wild with it.

Whether it was because of the flag or something else, Shirota and the rest of 1-1 made a clean sweep of the game, ending it with a score of 3 to 0, shaming the third year section. The other game between 1-3 and 2-4 ended in a tie, leading up to a PK match. 1-3 scraped victory with a score of 3 to 1.

"I'm surprised Kenken found it difficult to lead his class to score a goal," Shirota said in concern, having found time to watch the PK match.

"It's expected. He's the only varsity player there," Zukki supplied.

"Will the teams of sections 2-3 and 3-4 please proceed to Field A, while those of sections 1-4 and 2-2 to Field B. We will begin the next two games in 10 minutes," one of the teachers announced.

Aiba glared at Shirota's fans that were squealing or screaming in delight once the game was over.


"I think it was a bad idea giving them the flag..." Daisuke told his friends when he saw the reaction of the freshman.

Takigawa turned to Daisuke and smirked. "Well, we can't really help it. After all, Shirota didn't place second in that popularity poll for nothing."

Daisuke frowned. "And who said I was talking to you?" he muttered before turning to talk to Furukawa.

Nagayan sweatdropped. "Er...Don't mind him," he said.

"What I said was true anyway," Takigawa said lightly before turning to Kimeru. "So you should get going to warm up, right?" he said slyly.

Kimeru blinked before shoving the rest of the bread in his mouth. After a quick nod, he headed straight to his section.

"Good luck~" Takigawa called as he slipped a hand into the bag and pulled out another food item to munch on.


Aiba approached Shirota and handed him a bottle of water. "Nice game," he said as he tried to smile, all the while eying the ones that held Shirota's flag.

Shirota turned to Aiba, taking the bottle gratefully and opened it, taking a long drink from it. "Sankyu, Hiroki," he said with a grin.

Aiba smiled. "Did you see that?" he asked before pointing at the flag that was still being waved.

Shirota turned his attention momentarily to the flag before nodding. "Aa. Looks like Kimeru-senpai's handiwork," he replied. "I was under the impression that you would've been the one waving it around."

Aiba pouted. "I would have been," he said. "If it was handed to me first and I didn't have a sprain," he said before glaring at the group again, who, this time around, finally noticed the evil aura that he was emitting.

Shirota scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "Well, don't pay too much attention to it, Hiroki," he chided. "It's better if you recovered quickly from that sprain so I don't have to worry about you too much."

Aiba nodded. "I'll do my best to recover faster then…" he said with a smile as the fanboys retreated.

Shirota grinned and patted him on the shoulder. "That's the spirit~"

"Shirota-kun! Aiba-kun!" Takuya called out before glomping the two.

"You did an excellent job on the field just now, Takuya!" Shirota praised with a wide grin and a thumbs up. "I'm sure Wada-buchou will put you on the varsity team for sure once the sports fest is done and over with!"

Takuya's eyes sparkled. "You really think so?" he said with a wide smile.

Aiba nodded. "I agree with him, Takuya."

"I'll vouch for you myself if I have to, Takuya," Shirota said with a grin, bringing an arm around the boy's neck. "You're much too valuable an asset not to be part of our school soccer team!"

"Thank you, Shirota-kun!" Takuya said happily as he started bouncing around.

Aiba chuckled. "I'll look forward covering that story for the paper."

Shirota stood back beside Aiba as he watched Takuya let out his excitement, chuckling to himself. "I'm sure you'd enjoy doing a story for that indeed."

"The games are starting again!" Shirota said as soon as he turned his attention to the field. "Kujirai-senpai and Irei-senpai are playing with their section," he pointed out to the second game between 1-4 and 2-2.

Takigawa called out to Shirota. "Oi, I have some seats here for you guys!"

Shirota grinned and pulled the two towards the junior. "Sankyu, Eiji-senpai," he thanked, taking his seat. "Cheering for Kimeru-senpai, I assume?" he added with a grin.

Takigawa hit the boy playfully on the head. "That doesn't need to be asked."

Once in the seats, Aiba took out his camera. "Where's Kimeru-senpai?" he asked as he looked at the players. "He's not benched, isn't he?"

Takigawa pointed to the familiar boy in the field. "He's taken the left wing," the junior instructed to Aiba.

Shirota grinned. "Whoever wins in their game are our next opponents, Takuya," he stated. "Better watch the game and start formulating some plans!"

"Really? Wow, they're both great with team work~" Takuya said as he watched the game.


The second game finished earlier with 2-2 sealing the game against 1-4 with a score of 2-0. The first game between 2-3 and 3-4 had ended with a tied score of 1 all. It went into a PK match that 2-3 had eventually won 5-4.

"So Kimeru-senpai's class will be our next opponent..." Shirota said, stroking his chin, his brain quickly processing possible plays.

"Teams of sections 3-3 and 1-5 please proceed to Field A while sections 3-2 and 1-2 please proceed to Field B!" a teacher announced.

"Isn't that Kazuki-kun's section?" Takuya said with a wide smile.

Aiba chuckled. "I'm not sure, we'll see…"

Shirota nodded. "Kazuki-kun's in the same section as Kentarou-kun... But with their opponents being Wada-buchou's class... It'll be an interesting match to watch," the Student Council Secretary concluded.

Takuya suddenly jumped up, holding a huge banner with Kazuki's name written on it. "KAAAAZUUUUUKIIIII-KUUUUUUUUUNNNNNN~~" he cheered.

Aiba smirked and took a picture of it. "This one is for the highlights section."

Kazuki heard this from the field and turned to the banner before bringing a hand to his face. "I'm embarrassed..." he muttered.

Kentarou patted him on the shoulder. "Don't think too much about it," he reassured his classmate.


Kimeru chuckled as he joined them. "Hello there~" he chimed.

"That was a well-played game, Kime," Takigawa congratulated, patting the empty space on the bench beside him.

Kimeru sat down beside him with a smile. "Thanks!" he said happily.

"Look at the camera~" Aiba said suddenly as he turned around to snap a picture of them.

Shirota grinned as he turned over to the pair. "So we're facing each other in the next match, Kimeru-senpai," the boy said. "You better be prepared."

Kimeru smirked at him. "I'll be ready Shirotan~" he said with a thumbs up.

Takigawa chuckled. "I'll wish you luck against the soccer team's rising star, Kime," the Student Council Vice-President admitted, patting Kimeru on the shoulder. "You'll need it."

"Who said that I'll be the one going against him, anyway?" Kimeru said smugly.

"Based on the way you were playing earlier," Shirota implied with a huge grin.

Takigawa shook his head, stifling his amusement. "I still wish you luck."

Kimeru gave them a thumbs up sign before looking at the field. "Looks like the banner has an effect on that Kato Kid."

Shirota chuckled, leaning back. "It better. It should teach Kazuki-kun not to pay much attention to the crowd too much once the game starts. Hopefully Kentarou-kun will tell him that."

"Does that mean he won't be looking at my banner?" Takuya asked in alarm as he faced Shirota.

"He will occasionally, don't worry," Shirota reassured the boy. "It's just that he better learn not to let it distract him too much."

Takuya significantly brightened when he heard this. "GO KAZUKI-KUN!" he cheered as he turned his attention back to the game.

"That banner reminds me..." Aiba suddenly started. "That I should hunt down the one the others were holding earlier."

Shirota looked over to Aiba and rubbed the back of his head. "You aren't thinking of holding that up for the next game, are you?" he asked cautiously.

Aiba grinned. "What do you think Shirota Yuu?"

Shirota's cheeks blushed slightly and turned away. "Don't strain yourself..." he said quietly as the games began.

Aiba smiled. "I have another hand that is functioning very well, thank you~ And I'm sure Takigawa-senpai and Takuya would help me."

Takuya nodded in agreement.

"You wouldn't be able to take pictures," Shirota argued with a look of dismay.

"I don't have any more games so I'll be here to help him out with that time to time," Takigawa offered.

"And Takuya's playing with me so he won't be able to help you," Shirota added.

Aiba blinked before looking at Takigawa. "I shall trust senpai's photography skills, then."

Furukawa leaned towards the group having overheard their conversation. "Takigawa-kun takes more than satisfactory pictures, Aiba-kun," he offered with a smile. "One of the major projects in class last year should tell you that."

Shirota chuckled. "Yes, that's true."

Aiba jumped in surprise when he heard Furukawa. "Really, senpai?" he asked.

Furukawa smiled and nudged Takigawa. "Go on, tell him."

Takigawa found his balance and cleared his throat, nodding to Aiba in confirmation.

"Really? That's sounds amazing! Is it displayed somewhere?" the freshman asked in excitement.

"You're going to have to ask Ueshima-sensei," Furukawa continued. "We had to do a report for his class that time."

Shirota chuckled. "Ueshima-sensei is quite the iconic teacher in Mitsukaru, wouldn't you agree?" he told the others with a sheepish grin.

Aiba nodded. "I'll ask him after the games for today~" he said happily.

"And I'm going with you~" Kimeru said with a grin.

Takigawa slapped his palm to his forehead. "Ueshima-sensei..." he muttered to himself.

"I'll be coming along as well!" Shirota chimed in with a huge grin.

"Then shall we all see it after the games?" Aiba asked.

"By the way, Furukawa-senpai...is Watanabe-senpai going to play?"

Furukawa looked over to Daisuke. "Not today. He would've gone off with Kimeru-kun already if he was playing at all in today's games," he replied.

Daisuke, who noticed Furukawa look at him, waved at the group.

Furukawa chuckled and waved back.


The two games ended fair enough. 3-3 managed to win over 1-5 with a score of 1 to 0, while 3-2, led by Wada, tied with 1-2 with a score of 3 all and led into a PK match. 3-2 scraped victory with a score of 4 to 3.

"So Kentarou-kun wasn't able to do much against Wada-buchou in the end..." Shirota said with a frown. "That means they'll be in the finals of this for sure."

"Teams of sections 3-1 and 1-3 kindly proceed to Field A, and those of sections 1-1 and 2-3 to Field B, please," a teacher announced.

Takigawa looked between Shirota and Kimeru. "Good luck, you two," he said cheerfully with a grin.

Kimeru grinned. "I'll need all that I can get~" he said.

"And I shall be living this with you, Takigawa-senpai," Aiba said as he handed the camera to Takigawa.

Shirota pulled Takuya with him, waving to the group as they headed to the field. "See you after the game!"

Takigawa nodded, taking the camera gingerly and examined it for a few minutes and smiled.

Aiba waved back at Shirota before starting his hunt for the banner that was being raised a few minutes ago.

"We're in trouble," Nagayan said as he watched Aiba.


Takigawa, after adjusting the settings slightly to his taste, looked over to find Aiba looking for the flag. Spotting Tuti with Nagayan, he called out to him. "Tuti!"

Tuti looked over to Takigawa. "What is it?"

"Can you help Aiba-kun with looking for that flag?"

Tuti looked over in Aiba's direction before grinning, nodding. "Sure."

A few moments later Aiba spotted the flag being held by some upperclassmen. "Now how am I supposed to get that?" he muttered darkly.

Tuti headed down and walked up to Aiba, setting a hand on the boy's shoulder. "Need help with anything?" he inquired with a bright smile.

Aiba looked at Tuti with a child-like pout before pointing at the banner which was in the possession of some seniors.

Tuti looked over to Aiba and held back a chuckle, nodding in understanding before approaching the seniors to try and retrieve the flag for the freshman. Minutes later, Tuti returned and held out the flag to Aiba. "Here you go."

Aiba grinned widely as he took the flag. "Thanks, Tsuchiya-senpai!" he said with a bow. "Now I can properly cheer Yuu on."

Nagayan, who saw everything, went up to Tuti. "How'd you do that?" he asked.

Tuti waved over to Aiba as he headed over and turned his attention to Nagayan, smirking. "A little reasoning goes a long way, Nagayan," he supplied. "I told them that if they didn't hand the flag over to Aiba-kun, it would be like insulting Shirota-kun, who silently considers Aiba-kun his boyfriend."

Nagayan blinked, "Silently?" he asked with a raised eyebrow. "I wouldn't call it silently."

Tuti chuckled. "However you want to consider it, then," he said, walking past the boy and pulling him along. "Now come on. The games are starting soon."

Nagayan grinned and nodded before allowing himself to be dragged away, waving at his fellow band-mates as they passed them.


The two games began and much cheering resounded all around the two pitches. In Field A, some notable players from both classes - Kenken from 1-3 and Moriyama - although not a varsity player - from 3-1 took the spotlight once in a while in trying to score some goals. Field B was where the action was most compelling. Shirota became the center of attacks for their class, Takuya adding the extra leverage needed to bring the ball along.

In the end, both games finally ended with the blow of the final whistle. 3-1 had managed to win against 1-3 with a score of 2-1, while 1-1 dominated the game and scored 4 goals to nil against 2-3.

"Alright Yuu~" Aiba cheered as he waved the flag around.


"See. I told you it's anything but subtle," Nagayan pointed out to Tuti.

Tuti chuckled. "Point taken, point taken," he admitted as Shirota, Takuya and Kimeru came back to meet with the group.

Takigawa lowered the camera and grinned over to the returning people from the latest game.

Kimeru grinned back before sitting down beside Takigawa.

"Did you see how Shirota-kun played? It was sooooo cool! I never saw moves like that before!" Takuya said in awe, still full of energy.

Aiba nodded before facing Takigawa. "Did you manage to get pictures, senpai?"

Takigawa handed the camera to its owner. "See for yourself," he stated before handing Kimeru a towel and a bottle of water.

Shirota rubbed the back of his head at Takuya's compliment and sat himself down.

Aiba took the camera and reviewed the pictures that were taken. "These are...amazing shots..." he said in complete awe. "And it looks like you've taken a liking to zooming in to Kimeru-senpai," he teased.

Takigawa turned away and concentrated in asking how Kimeru was after the game.

Shirota chuckled and took a long sip from his water bottle.

After finishing looking at the pictures and smiled at Takigawa. "I'll credit you when these get published, senpai," he said before handing Takuya and Shirota some snacks which he snatched earlier.

Kimeru grinned and patted Takigawa on the head. "Glad you kept your eye on me most of the time," he teased.

Shirota grinned. "Thanks, Hiroki," he said in appreciation, munching on some snacks.

Takigawa scratched his cheek shyly.

Aiba smiled and nodded as he watched Takuya and Shirota eat.

Kimeru grinned as he patted Takigawa gently on the cheek. "It's fine, it's fine," he said.


The last of the quarterfinal matches progressed a little after the past two games between sections 2-2 and 3-3, which ended with a score of 2-0 in 2-2's favor.

"After a 30 minute break, we will resume the semi-finals of today's soccer tournament of our Sportsfest. Teams of sections 3-2, 3-1, 1-1 and 2-2 please be ready by then," a teacher announced.

"Semi-final round," Takigawa stated as he got to his feet while the rest of the crowd headed off to get some food or drinks from the stalls. "I have no doubt that you guys will reach the finals, Shirotan."

"And Wada-buchou's class is sure to reach that stage as well," Shirota fired back. "So we have about... a 70-20 chance of winning the whole thing."

Aiba, by that time, pulled out a video camera. "And I shall record the epic match."

"Didn't you pull it out too early?" Shirota admitted with a sweatdrop.

Aiba chuckled before patting Shirota on the head. "Of course not," he said as he turned the device on and pointed it towards Takigawa and Kimeru who were having a moment. "I have every intention to tape some 'before game action' for Ueshima-sensei."

"Before... game..." Shirota trailed off as he looked over to Takigawa and Kimeru, blushed and immediately turned away.

"That should be enough for Ueshima-sensei," Aiba said, a blush forming on his cheeks as he placed the camera down. "Yuu~" he called to make Shirota look at him, smirking inwardly when he saw some students look at them as well (since they were near Takigawa and Kimeru who looked like they didn't mind the onlookers), before leaning down to give the boy a quick kiss on the lips.

Shirota blushed as soon as Aiba had kissed him but didn't pull back and just heard a few moans of disappointment nearby. 'Well, that sure made things clear...' he thought to himself with a smile to Aiba before deciding to distract himself and grab something to drink.

Aiba fumbled with the video camera again, sending a smirk towards Shirota's fans before thinking. 'Sorry Yuu...Ueshima-sensei asked for a shot of us too…'

He pressed the red button to stop the camera from recording, not able to notice a smirking Yagami Ren just a few steps behind them. "Too careless, Aiba-kun," he said as he showed the shot to Kentarou. "Nice angle don't you think?"

Kentarou nodded. "Indeed," he agreed.

"Kentarou-kun!" Shirota exclaimed.

"Good luck against Wada-buchou, Shirota-kun. I have no doubt you'll win your next match against 2-2 with Kujirai-senpai with that skill and talent of yours."

Shirota nodded. "I appreciate it."

Yagami waved at the freshman. "Do your best, Shirota-kun~ We'll be rooting for you," he called out.

Shirota turned to Yagami and nodded firmly. "Arigatou, Yagami-senpai," he said.


It wasn't long before the two semi-finals went underway. The teams of section 3-2 - led by Wada - and section 3-1 - lead by Moriyama - occupied Field A while the teams of section 1-1 - led by Shirota - and section 2-2 - led by Kujirai - occupied Field B. Cheers were vibrant as both games began with their respective kick-offs, the action non-stop as both games began with much enthusiasm and goal-scoring.

As each goal was scored, it became obvious which teams would progress to the finals from both games. When the final whistles were blown, the scoreboard from both games were practically the same: a 3 to 1 win for 3-2 and 1-1, pinning them as rivals in the final match for the Soccer tournament of the Sportsfest that day.

Aiba cheered as he and the rest of his classmates cheered for their players.

Kimeru grinned as he watched the crowd. "They weren't this hyped last year," he pointed out.

"We would have to take into consideration the group of freshmen this year, and someone like Shirota Yuu being so popular," Takigawa fired back.

Kimeru sighed. "Woe is me...looks like I'm going to be overthrown," he said dramatically. "Not that I mind or anything," he added with a grin.

"You'll always be number one in my book," Takigawa complimented, stealing a kiss on the boy's cheek.

Kimeru heard another collective groan of dismay in the background before chuckling and latching on to Takigawa. "Then I don't mind being over thrown by Shirota-kun at all~" he said happily before lip locking with Takigawa again.

Shirota distracted himself soundly from this public display of affection by clearing his throat and calling Takuya to accompany him to the field to prepare for the final match against Wada-buchou and the rest of his class.

Aiba waved at them as they left before looking at the two juniors and taking a quick picture before chuckling to himself. "I'm going to make some cash out of this..."

Shirota chose that moment to glance over to their direction before his eyes grew wide and quickly looked away to distract himself once more. 'After hiding themselves so long... They decide to go public now of all times?' Shirota debated with himself before shaking his head.


"Well, we better get a good- Sweet merciful heavens...is that Kimeru and Takigawa?" Nagayan exclaimed.

Upon hearing this Daisuke immediately turned around and felt his blood boil. "Why that..." he muttered angrily as he stood up and made his way towards the two.

Furukawa reacted quickly to this and grabbed Daisuke firmly by the wrist. "Calm down, Daisuke," he said firmly. "Don't go making too much of a scene than what it already is."

"But that Takigawa is kissing Kimeru out in the open!" Daisuke argued.

"Quite thoroughly too..." Kenn said from behind them.

"Your point?" Furukawa inquired with a raise of an eyebrow.

"They...they...Oh never mind..." Daisuke said in defeat as he sat back down.

"Jealous that you're not getting that much action?" Nagayan teased as he sat down beside the disgruntled junior.

Daisuke blushed and turned away, muttering things to himself.

Furukawa chuckled, settling down beside him and chanced a quick kiss on Daisuke's cheek before tousling his hair. "Relax, okay?"

"So everyone is making statements now?" Ren said from behind the group, managing to get a shot of Daisuke and Furukawa.

"Looks like the next issue of the paper would be selling quite nicely."

"Yagami-senpai can be sneaky that way..." Kentarou admitted from beside the school paper editor-in-chief.

"Well, we do have the pictures of the most famous people in school," he said happily as he waved the camera. "Ne, Kentarou..." he said as he suddenly kissed the boy on the cheek.

Kentarou flushed in embarrassment as Takigawa smirked at the sight. "This school is a breeding ground for couples, I see," he admitted, pulling Kimeru close.

"The final match between sections 3-2 and 1-1 will begin momentarily. Everyone please find your seats in the stands so we can start," Ueshima-sensei announced.

"Better have that reputation than Shizuri's," Kimeru said as he leaned on Takigawa.

Daisuke overheard this and frowned before turning his attention to the field.


On the field, Wada and Shirota met up on the center of the field for the coin toss. As Wada's class one the call, both varsity players shook hands.

"No hard feelings, Shirota-kun," Wada told the freshman.

Shirota smiled. "Of course not, Wada-buchou. Let's just enjoy ourselves and have fun."

Wada nodded before the two went to their respective positions so the game could begin.


Aiba grinned as he adjusted his hold on the video camera and began taping.

The band club watched the game, making bets with each other as to who will come out the winner.

As the opening whistle sounded, Wada began the game with a kick-off to one of his classmates. 20 players began moving about the pitch to fight for possession of the soccer ball. A pass was intercepted brilliantly by Takuya before Shirota made a dash forward to lead the freshman class' attack on the senior class' goal.

Aiba tried to contain himself from cheering as he taped the whole match.

Shirota managed to score the first goal, bringing the score up 1-0. At kick-off, Wada made sure to direct his class around to get into position and create an opportunity to score. This time around, he was successful and managed to set up a great play and scored past the keeper to tie the score at 1 all.


"As expected of a final match..." Takigawa noted as he watched the game in earnest.

Yagami walked up to Aiba. "Are you getting all this?" he asked and Aiba nodded.

"Every piece of action, Yagami-senpai."

Yagami nodded. "That's very good. We'll be using that video to make a commercial for the school, after all."


"Aa, the principal expects a lot, keep up the good work."


The fierce battle among the two classes continued, with Wada and his team managing to score another goal to put them in the lead before halftime.

"So the score stands at 2 to 1 in favor of Wada-senpai's section..." Takigawa noted.

"They need to score a goal first to tie the game, and another for a reversal... I wonder how Shirota's going to attack in the last half of the match?"

Kimeru threw away the empty popcorn box and picked up another before opening it. "Beats me but this is getting more interesting by the second...popcorn?" he asked as he offered some to Takigawa.

Takigawa blinked, looking over to Kimeru and got a handful of the treat and popped one into his mouth as the game was to resume.


Shirota's class immediately went all out upon kick-off for the last half of the game. There were clearly adjustments that were made as Shirota was calling out plays and passing courses before lining himself up near the goal area and brought a hand up to signal that he was free and ready to shoot. Takuya in particular was a great help to break the defense. Shirota was passed the ball as he lined up for a shot and managed to score, tying the game early on.

Daisuke, who was practically dragged by the other band members, was playing the drums to aid the cheering first years. 'Why am I doing this again?' he thought darkly as he watched the game and played half heartedly.

The rest of the game was intense. There were quite a few brilliant tackles and passes, but Shirota managed to assist a goal scored by Takuya, reversing the score at 3 to 2 in their favor. At stoppage time, Wada relentlessly tried to lead his own team to tie the game once more, but Shirota managed to steal the ball after anticipating a long pass and made 1-2 passes with his teammates before scoring yet another goal to successfully end the day's soccer tournament, signaled by the final whistle.


"They have very nice team work," Yagami commented to Kentarou. "That boy..." he said as he gestured to Takuya. "I don't think I've seen him play before...a new recruit?" he asked.

Kentarou nodded. "He was a new transferee into Shirota-kun's class. He was invited to join the varsity, and him taking part in the tournament alongside Shirota was sort of his try-out per say."


Wada approached Shirota and Takuya after the game and outstretched his hand. "A great game and congratulations to you both," he stated warmly. "I humbly admit our defeat."

Shirota grinned, shaking his hand. "It's always a pleasure to play with you, Wada-buchou."

Wada turned to Takuya. "I'll be seeing you join our regular practices with the varsity team, Takuya-kun."

Takuya looked at Wada in awe before smiling widely. "Hai!" he answered enthusiastically. Pumping a fist in the air he cheered. "YOSHA!"

Aiba chuckled as he turned off the camera. "Congratulations you two," he said as he walked over to them.

Shirota grinned and gave off a thumbs-up. "Sankyu, Hiroki~"

Aiba nodded. "Want a copy of the final game? It was epic," he said.

"Sure was. You even had Daisuke on the drums to cheer you on," Kimeru said as he and Takigawa went down the bleachers as well.

Shirota nodded. "I'd like to watch it back myself from a different point of view," he stated.

Takigawa patted him on the shoulder. "So now both your class and mine will be joining the awarding ceremony at the end of the week."

"Tomorrow will be baseball," Shirota reminded the group.

Kimeru grinned. "We'll be seeing Daisuke play in that one." he said, "Speaking of..." he said as he walked over to Furukawa. "Oi! Furukawa! I want to make a bet with you," he said.

Furukawa smiled. "What kind of a bet?" he inquired.

"That Daisuke's team loses," Kimeru said with a grin.

"I heard that!" Daisuke exclaimed from the back.

"If I'm right you have to do me a favor. If I'm wrong then I do you a favor," Kimeru finished.

"That'd be an unfair bet to make," Furukawa pointed out. "I already know that Daisuke's team will lose. It's your team as well, after all. I think we should be betting how long your section will be in the tournament until they lose," he said.

"I'd say we have a fighting chance of...an hour," he bargained.


Aiba sweatdropped. "Kimeru-senpai..." he muttered as he shook his head. "That reminds me...Takigawa-senpai...I'm curious...what's Kimeru-senpai's real name?"

Takigawa blinked. "Why do you want to know?"

Aiba glanced at the vocalist. "Well...I've been researching and oddly...I haven't found it," he explained. "I'm really curious."

Takigawa smiled, messing up Aiba's hair. "You'll have to remain curious a little longer, Aibacchi."

"Mou..." Aiba said with a frown as he fixed his hair. "Not the hair..." he muttered.

Shirota chuckled. "Well, I'm sure of one thing," he stated.

"And what would that be?" Takigawa inquired, turning his attention to his childhood friend.

Shirota brought a finger up. "Moriyama-senpai will be trying his hardest to make sure his class wins tomorrow."

"Of course he would...it's their last year, after all," Aiba pointed out.

Shirota turned to him and smiled. "Ah, but that's not the only reason," he rebutted. "If you realized, Takigawa won the basketball tournament yesterday. And now I did with my class today in the soccer tournament."

"In short...he's the only one from the Student Council who has yet to show face and bring his class a victory," Takigawa explained.

"Sou..." Aiba said before thinking for a minute. "Aaand, he's playing tomorrow right?" he asked slyly.

Takigawa and Shirota nodded simultaneously. "That's right," they replied in unison.

"So will I," the freshman added, patting Takigawa on the shoulder. "What about you, Eiji-senpai?"

Takigawa nodded. "I believe my class asked me to participate as well."

"Then I shall film it all again...that is after I pull some strings for tomorrow, excuse me," Aiba said before heading towards Yagami who had walked away with Kentarou.

"And since my class won, I'm treating for dinner this time!" Shirota exclaimed to the small group.

"And you can afford that?" Takigawa teased.

"Of course I can!" Shirota fired back.

"Did someone mention food?" Kimeru said as he appeared behind Takigawa with a huge grin on his face.

Takigawa jerked a thumb towards Shirota. "He did," he stated simply.

Kimeru looked at Shirota. "Food?" he asked, leaning towards the boy.

Shirota grinned. "Aa. Food. Feel free to come along, Kimeru-senpai," he stated happily.

"Be prepared to spend a lot if you take him along," Takigawa teased.

"Hey! I can control my appetite when the situation calls for it," Kimeru said with a pout.

Takigawa waved it off. "That's beside the point," he stated, pulling Shirota to him. "Now, where are we eating?"

"I was thinking a nice yakiniku restaurant."

Immediately Aiba perked up as he rejoined the group. "Yakiniku?" he asked excitedly.

Kimeru looked at him. "Three guesses why Shirota-kun thought that up," he said slyly.

Shirota grabbed Aiba's hand. "The perfect yakiniku restaurant was the first one I ever took you to at the start of term," he stated brightly. "Now let's go!"

Aiba promptly turned red when he heard this statement before allowing himself to be pulled along.

Kimeru grinned. "Did you see how red his face was?" he asked with a laugh before following the two with Takigawa.


Shirota led the way to the restaurant where the foursome entered and sat themselves down. As the menus were distributed, Shirota looked to the others and said, "Order what you like then," he said.

Aiba nodded and ordered what he did the last time. Kimeru looked at the menu before putting it down. "I'll have whatever he's having," he said as he pointed at Takgiawa.

Takigawa looked over to Kimeru and chuckled. "If you say so..." he said before returning his attention to the menu and placed their orders and turned to Shirota. "And yourself?"

Shirota chuckled, pointing to Aiba. "Whatever he ordered," he replied with a grin as the waiter repeated their orders for them before heading to the kitchen.

Aiba blinked. "That's the same thing you did back then," he pointed out.

Shirota turned to Aiba and smiled. "Really?" he said, pretending not to recall. "You just happened to order whatever I wanted to order as well," he debated.

Aiba raised an eyebrow and looked at him, "Oh really..." he said.

Shirota smiled and took the chance to lean forward and peck Aiba on the lips before pulling back. "Yes, really."

Aiba smiled before leaning back to wait for their orders.

"Oh yeah, before I forget. The band is going to participate in the battle of the bands next week outside school. You guys want to come?" Kimeru invited.

Takigawa turned to Kimeru. "And why did I only hear about it only now?" he asked.

"Sounds exciting," Shirota exclaimed.

Kimeru shrugged. "Because I only remembered it now, so don't complain," he said. "I'll give you guys the passes tomorrow."

Takigawa rolled his eyes as their orders came.

The raw meat was placed on a separate plate as Shirota's eyes beamed with anticipation as he broke his chopsticks in half. "Yosh! Itadakimasu!" he exclaimed, grabbing a particular meat and setting it on the grill at the table.

"We should have an eating contest in this place in the future," Kimeru said with a grin before reaching for his own chopsticks.

"And who do you suppose would be paying the bill for said contest?" Takigawa inquired, breaking his own chopsticks to start eating.

Kimeru lightly hit Takigawa on the head with his unused chopsticks. "I will. I'm going to become rich and famous, remember?" he reminded him.

Takigawa frowned, rubbing his head and turned to his food. "If you say so..." he muttered in reply, taking some meat and setting it on the grill.

Shirota, after finishing preparing his sauce, took the meat and transferred it to his plate. "It's perfect," he said with a satisfied grin.

"You'll see...I'll invite Daisuke and some other people and we're going to have a lot of fun," Kimeru said.

"Senpai, if you're not going to eat now you're going to regret it," Aiba told him.

Shirota had already consumed half of his order by that time, and Takigawa had leisurely taken his time with his own order as well.

Kimeru blinked before grabbing some food for himself, occasionally snatching a piece of meat or two from the others.

"That was mine!" Shirota argued when he noticed Kimeru stealing one of his meats from the grill.

"Here, there's enough for us to share," Takigawa said, placing a new one on the grill for the younger boy.

Aiba ate silently and observed the three as he did so. He was about to say something when he noticed a familiar person in the room, "Isn't that..." he said as he pointed to a certain couple.

"Who who?" Shirota inquired, turning to the direction Aiba had pointed to.

"Furukawa-senpai and Watanabe-senpai" Aiba answered.

Shirota's eyes widened upon recognizing them. "Eeeeeeeeeh?" he exclaimed before Takigawa quickly covered the boy's mouth.

"Don't let them realize you saw them," Takigawa hissed at the younger pair.

Aiba blinked in confusion before turning his attention away. "Why is that, Takigawa-senpai?" he asked quietly.

Takigawa ran a hand through his hair, leaning back on his seat. "Furukawa told me about it and that it was better if not a lot of people from the school knew about it," he explained.

"As if the whole school doesn't know about it...those two are among the popular kids, after all," Aiba pointed out before taking a piece of meat and eating it.

"They're in the band so that's to be expected," Kimeru said. "But it's odd that they're out this late, I heard Daisuke's parents are all for Spartan discipline."

"Then I can only think of two possibilities," Shirota pointed out.

"Which are?" Takigawa inquired.

Shirota took a piece of meat from Kimeru and ate it before he continued. "Either he's defying his parents or he's living with Furukawa-senpai like Kimeru-senpai is with Eiji-kun."

Kimeru looked at the two. "Them living together? Snowball's chance in hell," he scoffed before adding more meat on the grill.

Shirota shrugged. "If you think so..." he said before noticing that his corn was gone. "Hey!"

"Relax, it's on the grill," Takigawa reassured the boy.

Aiba looked at him. "How did you know what he's looking for?" he asked suspiciously.

"It was the only uncooked item left on his plate," Takigawa reasoned calmly.

"It's done~" Shirota chimed, taking the corn from the grill.

"And Shirotan is quite fond of grilled corn," the Student Council Vice-President added.

'I have to remember that...' Aiba thought to himself as he glanced at the soccer player.


Meanwhile at another part of town, Shirota Pepi's phone started ringing. Pepi, having just finished closing the restaurant, wiped her hands dry before she heard her cellphone ringing. She ran over to it and picked it up. "Hello?" she answered.

"Ah, Shirota-san," Mikoto said from the other line. "This is Aiba's mother, Mikoto. I'm hope I'm not interrupting anything important."

Pepi shook her head. "Not at all, not at all, Mikoto-san. Is there something wrong?" she inquired.

"No, nothing is wrong, Shirota-san. Actually I have a favor to ask," Mikoto started as she looked at her husband. "You see, My Husband and I are going to be called away on a business trip for about a week and Hinako has already started staying at her boarding house." she explained, "And I was wondering if it would be alright for Hiroki to stay with Yuu-kun during that time we're away."

Pepi raised her eyebrows. "Well, I don't see anything wrong with that," she admitted. "You would actually be better off asking for approval from Yuu himself, as he's the one who's always at the house."

"Yes, but I thought that it would be better to inform his parents first," Mikoto said with a smile. "Thank you very much, Shirota-san, I'll be contacting Yuu-kun now."

Pepi smiled. "I appreciate the thought, Mikoto-san," she replied before ending the call.

Mikoto thought for a moment and dialed Shirota's number, relaying the conversation to him.


"What was that about?" Aiba asked as he looked at Shirota once the call had ended.

A wide grin was etched on Shirota's face as soon as he tucked his phone away. "That was your mom," he said nonchalantly. "She requested if you could stay over with me while she and your dad go off on a business trip for a week."

"Oh..." Aiba said before reaching for another piece of meat on the grill. "WHAT?" he exclaimed loudly as soon as the news sunk in.

"What, I said it was alright," Shirota defended, trying to calm Aiba down.


Furukawa looked up from his food and looked around, "That...sounded like someone familiar…"

Daisuke lowered the meat he was about to eat before frowning, looking over Furukawa's shoulder to find the source of the yell, twitching. "Don't mind it..." he muttered, stuffing his mouth with the abandoned meat.

"Hai hai~" Furukawa said before turning back to the food.


Aiba flailed as Kimeru clamped a hand over his mouth. "Quiet down!" the singer hissed.

"What's the big deal anyway? You've been to his house twice already, haven't you?" Takigawa tried to point out.

"That he has," Shirota agreed.

"Yes, but those were for academic purposes," Aiba defended.

"Then now you can spend time with him without thinking of academic purposes," Kimeru stated.

"That doesn't make sense!"

"Yes it does!"

Shirota pulled Aiba close to him, grinning playfully. "Oh come on. All Kimeru-senpai's telling you is that you see this as a normal sleepover. Like when you pulled me to sleep over at your place last time," he explained.

Kimeru smirked and winked at Aiba.

The younger blinked a few times before finally getting what the older was hinting at and promptly turned red. "I hate you Kimeru-senpai..." he muttered darkly.

Shirota looked amongst the two before shrugging. "Well, if everyone's done, can I pay for the bill now?" he inquired to steer the topic in another direction.

Takigawa browsed the table before nodding.

Aiba nodded as well. "Are you sure you want to pay for it all?" he asked uncertainly.

"I said I would so I will!" Shirota said with determination in his voice as he raised his hand to call for the bill.

Takigawa shook his head. "Don't bother arguing with him, Aibacchi. It'll be a wasted effort."

Aiba sighed. "I know I know..." he said as he leaned back.


After paying for their dinner, Shirota got to his feet and stretched. "That was a good meal!" he complimented with a satisfied grin.

"Agreed!" Kimeru said with a satisfied grin before latching on to Takigawa.

Takigawa smiled before leading the group out of the restaurant. "So when is Aiba set to stay over at your place, Shirotan?"

"Next week," Shirota replied.

"Mother really likes to decide things on her own..." Aiba muttered.

"But you're looking forward to it, aren't you?" Kimeru teased.

"I would if I were you," Takigawa pointed out. "You never bothered using the pool in his house yet, have you?" the basketball player offered.

Aiba blinked and looked at Shirota, "You have a pool?" he asked in surprise.

"I didn't really give you a proper tour of the place when you came over," Shirota admitted, scratching the back of his head.

Kimeru grinned. "Then why don't we make use of that pool?" he asked. "It'd be fun!"

"Thursday is a rest day, so we can go to Shirotan's house then," Takigawa informed them.

Kimeru nodded. "Can I invite some of my friends too?" he asked the second year.

"Don't ask me, ask the owner of the house," Takigawa said, gesturing to Shirota.

"What friends?" Shirota inquired with a raise of his eyebrow.

"The band club in general," Kimeru said before thinking. "And their boyfriends if they have 'em."

Takigawa rolled his eyes. "The probability of the members of the band club having boyfriends outside said club is close to zero if you ask me," he stated.

Kimeru held up a finger. "Nagayan," he said and raised a second finger. "KENN," and lastly he pointed to himself.

"I wasn't..." Takigawa frowned before sighing in defeat. "Fine."

"A pool party, then..." Shirota said, stroking his chin. "I'll have to remember to prepare some snacks."

"I can bring some," Aiba offered.

Shirota grinned, nodding over to Aiba. "That'd be great, Hiroki," he said in gratitude.

Kimeru grinned. "I'll inform them later~" he said happily.

Aiba rolled his eyes. "Maybe you want to call some of our friends over so that it won't be one sided, Yuu..."

"I'd invite the varsity, but our fellow classmates from section 1 should suffice," Shirota suggested before turning to Takigawa. "Are you planning to invite anybody while we're on the subject, Eiji-kun?"

Takigawa looked at the group in general. "Not particularly..." he began.

"Oh come on. I'm sure there are some people you wanna invite!"

"How about some friends from 2-1?" Kimeru suggested.

"Well... I suppose..." Takigawa admitted. "But either way, I would assume people like Toru will be dragging their boyfriends as well..."

"It's not as if it's unavoidable," Shirota reassured him with a grin. "So it's settled~ A pool party at my place on Thursday!"

"Alright!" Kimeru cheered as he pumped his fist in the air.

Aiba chuckled. "This is going to be something," he said.

"Make sure to bring your camera!" Kimeru reminded him.

"Of course," the younger said with a sly smile.

"We'd better head back home," Shirota announced. "Baseball tournament tomorrow," he reminded.

"Right, and I'm playing again~" Kimeru said with a grin.

"2-3 is playing based on fanservice again?" Aiba asked.

"Mostly...we have Daisuke as a pitcher since we heard Furukawa's one of the batters," Kimeru said. "It's something a lot of people are looking forward to."

"So that's why Furukawa-senpai seemed to have a-" Kimeru cut him off by clamping a hand over his mouth.

Shirota blinked while Takigawa rolled his eyes. "I seem to recall you were making a bet with Furukawa about losing the game tomorrow though," Takigawa pointed out.

"Yeah, we're sure to lose but the fact remains that we won't lose without a fight," Kimeru explained. "So Furukawa and I bet about the time that the game was going to last against 2-1."

Takigawa shrugged. "Whatever the case, that's something for tomorrow to decide."

"So Eiji-kun, Kimeru-senpai and I will be playing for our respective classes tomorrow..." Shirota pointed out.

"I would be playing as well but..." Aiba trailed off as he looked at his sprained hand.

Kimeru patted him on the shoulder. "You'll still contribute by cheering for your class. I mean Daisuke did it earlier and he didn't mind...deep deep down inside that is," he finished with a smirk.

"You never get tired talking about me behind my back, do you Kime?" came a voice from behind the vocalist.

Takigawa waved. "Good evening Watanabe-kun. Furukawa."

Shirota half-bowed to the two upperclassmen.

Kimeru jumped in surprise and latched onto the lamp post beside him.

Furukawa chuckled. "Easy, Kime. It's just us," he said.

Aiba blinked before half bowing to the two second years as well.

Daisuke grunted, averting his gaze from Takigawa and turned his complete attention to Kimeru. "We're heading home. I suggest you guys don't stay out any longer than necessary." With that, he took Furukawa by the wrist and pulled him away.

Takigawa took a moment to subconsciously reach up to his cheek as he watched them leave. "I'll never understand why he and I can't get along."

Kimeru slid down the lamp post and got off with a frown. "He's just too uptight, that's all. One of these days he's going to end up looking back and wondering why he hates you."

"Well, Watanabe-senpai is right, though...we should head home," Aiba said as he looked at his watch.

"Yes, and when that time comes I doubt I'd be surprised," Takigawa admitted before nodding to Aiba. "Let's head home then," he announced, taking Kimeru's hand. "See you two tomorrow."

Shirota nodded. "I'll walk you home, Hiroki," he said with a grin to the other boy.

"Alright. See you tomorrow, senpai-tachi!" Aiba said before walking with Shirota.

"See you tomorrow Eiji-kun. Kimeru-senpai," Shirota added before heading off with Aiba.


Kimeru sighed before pulling out his handkerchief from his pocket. "Well, that was-" He was cut off when he noticed something fall to the ground and immediately snatched it and jammed it back in his pocket.

Takigawa slightly raised an eyebrow in suspicion as he and Kimeru walked off in the direction of his house. "What was that?" he asked slowly.

"Nothing," Kimeru answered quickly as he started walking ahead of the other, keeping his hands in his pockets.

Takigawa furrowed his brows and grabbed Kimeru's arm to stop him. "Apparently not," he said. "Now what is it?"

"I told you it's nothing..." Kimeru said as he attempted to pull his hand away.

Takigawa took a step closer as the light from the street lamp overhead lit up. "It's not nothing, Kime..."

Kimeru looked at the ground before hesitantly pulling his hand from his pocket, revealing three packed cigarette sticks he had and a lighter.

Takigawa looked at it for a long moment. "I thought you said you were quitting..." he muttered.

"I know...my usage has been gradually receding…" Kimeru admitted. "But..." he trailed off as he looked down.

Takigawa grabbed Kimeru by the wrist with one hand and tipped his chin up with the other. "First and foremost, it's bad for your health. You need to take care of yourself more... You plan to be a famous singer in the future, don't you?"

"Yes but..." Kimeru tried to argue.

Takigawa silenced him with a kiss before pulling away slightly and pressing his forehead to Kimeru's. "Just... please stop, Kime... Try stopping... For me..." he whispered.

Kimeru looked at the pack in his hands before sighing and chucking it to the trashcan near him. "Alright...for you," he said with a small smile.

Takigawa's lips curled into a smile as he wordlessly pulled Kimeru into an embrace.


Meanwhile, Shirota and Aiba were approaching the vicinity of Aiba's house.

"Yuu...are you sure it's alright that I stay over for a week? I don't really want to be a burden..." Aiba started quietly.

Shirota nodded in reassurance. "Of course, I have the house to myself most of the time anyway. So I'd appreciate the company," he explained with a grin.

Aiba nodded as a small smile formed on his lips. "Alright...I guess that's a good way to look at it."

"I'll make arrangements so my siblings don't come over next week too if you're uncomfortable with them," Shirota added.

"No it's alright," Aiba said. "It's kind of interesting to see you interact with them, after all," he added with a grin.

They stopped in front of Aiba's house as Shirota frowned. "You just had to bring that up!" he complained, scratching the back of his head.

"Eh?" Aiba said in confusion. "All I meant by saying that is that you guys are lively..."

Shirota sighed. 'Oh, if only you knew how they really are...' he thought to himself, averting his gaze momentarily.

"Did I...say something wrong?" Aiba asked in concern as he placed a hand on Shirota's elbow.

Shirota looked back to Aiba and shook his head. "No, no. It's nothing," he said in reassurance, smiling. "You should head inside now. I don't want your dad yelling at me or anything," he added.

"He wouldn't dare," he said. "See you tomorrow, Yuu~" he said before kissing the boy on the cheek and heading inside.

Aiba Daisuke, who was at the second floor of the house, saw this and merely drew the curtains.

Shirota nodded. "See you, Hiroki," he said with a smile and a wave before heading off to his own place.


"Let's head home, shall we?" Takigawa said, finally pulling back.

"Sure," Kimeru said as he stepped back and took Takigawa's hand.

Takigawa firmly took Kimeru's and led the way back to his place.


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