Title: Romantico
Author: Tezzino
Fandom: Delicious Gakuin
Pairing: HijikataRin (+KodouRouma?)
Rating: K
Prompt: Romantic dinner
Disclaimer: Luckily for them... I don't own. Or it wouldn't be just fantasies that Shugo was gay.

Private lessons? Why that, all of a sudden, Rin wondered.
"I thought we were going to make Rouma and Kodou-sensei confess their feelings, not have some random lessons.." he murmured. He knew his boyfriend was strange, but what could he possibly have come up with this time?

He slid the door to the classroom open, meeting the sight of the italian teacher pushing tables to the walls.
"Ano.. Naniga ittai.."
Oh! bellezza, right on time!" Hijikata latched an arm around the boys shoulders. "we're making a Cena Romantica!"
"Huh?" Rin looked up at the raven with confusion evident in his eyes.
"To treat Kodou and Kitasaka, so they can see the amore, of course!" He led over the redhear to the kitchen-part, showing his creation. "It's magnificent!"
Rin looked at his lover, dumbstruck. "It's.. pasta."

And it was.

Given who had prepared the dinner, he really shouldn't be surprised, it was so typical for him.
"It's pasta bolognese, bellezza. Don't underestimate it, love."
"Hai hai. But why am I here?"
"You want to see this, right? Now, all that's left is to put everything on the table." Hijikata motioned towards a table in the middle of the classroom, dressed in a red-and-white checkered tablecloth, two chairs placed opposite of each other by the table.
"Hai hai, wakatta. Let's finish this then."

As the door slid open, Hijikata and Rin hid behind the counter, having finished everything just in time. Kodou and Rouma entered the classroom, looking at the table in the center with the same amount of confusion as Rin had had earlier, before Kodou spoke one word. "Hijikata." And promptly, the samurai left, Rouma leaving the room seconds later with a shrug, but not before eating the cabbage that colored the plates.

Hijikata and Rin sweatdropped, the italians plan had failed.

"Did he think you were going to treat a woman to dinner, or something?" the young student asked with a deadpan voice.
"Ah- tabun." He looked at the boy next to him, who flung an end of his white muffler over his shoulder, as it was falling off.
The teen spoke. "After all, you're a hentai-kyoshi who loves girls."
Hijikata frowned, leaning over his lover. "Don't sulk. You know we agreed not to tell them. Shikatanai, desho?"

"Come on, bellezza, that expression may look cute on your face, but it doesn't suit you." Hijikata touched him by his chin, much like the first time they met.
One side of Rins mouth quirked a bit upwards, as he found the phrasing amusing. "That doesn't make sense, you know."
"I know, but it's the truth." Hijikata said as he kissed the teenage boy as passionately as only someone with an italian spirit could.

"Let's make them keep thinking I prepared a date and indulge in that pasta, shan't we?"
"Sou ne. Let's not make it go to waste."



Cena romantica – romantic dinner

bellezza – beauty

amore - love