Oh man. It's been quite some time since I've even posted anything to this site! You can blame me all ya want, doesn't change anything. Anyhow, a couple of things to address… Honestly, we all know Keitaro wanted his promise girl. What's wrong with wanting to be with her like he was in my story? You got a problem with it? Don't read! Write your own damn fics, you bastards! Yeesh! Another thing is the name of the sequel, and when I went back to my reviews, I noticed one that stood out, and sounds good. It'll be called Facing Reality: Love Hina Style. Also, as much as I'd like to take credit for the name, I'm not. NarutoHarem123 came up with the name, and I'll be using. Third thing… Since I don't have a notebook, and that's how I do my fics, it'll take me at the most, two weeks to get one. I despise being broke all the time… Ugh! And the final thing, I think, is the harem. As it stands, the Harem is Kei/Mutsu/Tsu/Haru. As such, any lemons involving them will be a separate story. So look out for those as well. Also, a final piece of advice. Stop hating on authors! Seriously! You don't like their story! WRITE YOUR OWN GADDAMN FUCKING FANFICTION! IS THAT HARD TO UNDERSTAND! Ugh! That's it for now! I might as make a fuckin' story about me ranting! Whatever. Review to let me know what you think about these changes that are coming up.