Chocolate Kisses 2:

Happy Last Year

M x M2

Disclaimer: I don't own these lovely gentlemen or the manga series/anime/story/whathaveyou that they hail from.

But if I did, there would be porn of it. Or something like that.


Author's Note: Okay... so, since writing Chocolate Kisses, my Matty has long beaten me out of the habit of spelling "Mat" rather than "Matt." (I still think it's cute. XD) ~So now I do spell it correctly, for all of you out there going "wtf Mello, you loser. You're not a genius, you can't even spell your lover's name haw haw haw." I CAN TOO. XD

HOWEVER. For the sake of format and consistency, I will continue to spell it as Mat throughout this story. (And for those I've converted into spelling Mat Muahahaha.)

Also: I apologize for not having this up sooner. Much sooner. You all know what that means, don't you? x3



Part 1: Mat

I yawned, stretching unneccessarily wide to give Mel a slight nudge with my hand. He was getting annoyed with me, but I didn't care. Christmas... well, to be perfectly honest, Christmas had sucked. For the most part, anyway. I mean, there were some good parts, but really... I could have done without the eggnog war and the fighting between Mello and I. That's what really ruined it. And today hadn't been too bad so far... just Mello getting annoyed with me because I was bugging the hell out of him (on purpose) while he was trying to write in the journal I'd gotten him.

See, Mr. Bookworm over here just wanted to stay home and chill out. But me? Hahaha. For once, I wanted to do something. And it's kind of funny where my inspiration for this came from, but let me try to place you in my shoes for a minute here.

What would you do if you finally, after soooo long, finally paired up with the person of your dreams? I bet you can think of so much, right? Go on romantic dates, get married, move in together, all the good stuff. You wouldn't think about dying with the person at that time, though, I tell you that. When you first start "going" together, I'm pretty sure the thought that you could be killed any day wouldn't be on your mind. But really... it really is something everyone should think about. I got a fortune cookie slip once that said, "Before you leave your home, tell the ones close to you that you love them. You never know if it could be your last chance."

Well, anyway, that's what was weighing on my mind today. Mello was pretty hot on Kira's trail. It was getting harder and harder to predict what sorts of turns this case would take, but one thing was way sure. One thing we both knew.

We most likely weren't coming out of this alive.

How much does that suck? You finally pair up with your soulmate and among all the lovey-ness, there's that nag in the pit of your stomach, the wrenching pain of knowing that something horrible is going to happen and that you're powerless to stop it because you've already accepted the task, and the good of the world is lying on your shoulders. Like Batman or something. Every superhero has to make sacrifices... every superhero would give up their lives in an instant for the good of the world... (What the hell am I talking about?)

The point is, Mello had long ago taken on this task, to bring the mass murderer Kira to justice. It was a good thing that I understood Mello better than anyone, or I'd have been really pissed off about this whole situation. I mean, I wasn't raging pissed off about it, but I was pretty mad that Mello had decided the only way to bring Kira to justice was to... well, I won't get into it. I don't want to think about it.

What I want to think about is where we should go and what we should do before that God forsaken time comes. I let my eyes flicker to Mello, watching him for a long, silent moment. He was deep in concentration, writing in that journal as if he didn't think he'd have enough time to fill it out before...

Okay, yeah, the plan pissed me off. I hated seeing him getting so on edge every once in a while as he planned for it, checking his presicion, checking sources and such to make sure that no factors had changed. I hated the way I could feel his eyes watching me like he was afraid it would be the last time he'd be able to see me. I hated the way it felt like our days were drawing to a close, because I'll tell you what. Even if he does die... even if it's certain that he won't make it out alive...


Now you see why I wanted to go out and do shit for Christmas or New Year's or whatever? There was no way I was going to let our last holidays go without doing something special. No way I was going to let the fact that our li- er his life- Oh, fuck it. Our lives, were drawing to the end of their threads... (What the hell am I rambling about?) ...... Er, yeah. Anyway, ....

This is what happens when I think too much.

With a deep sigh of frustration that was directed more at myself than anything, I pulled myself up to stand. A yawn and a stretch as I headed to my room helped me to wake up a bit more, but a shower would really do the trick. I needed one, anyway.

I yawned again as I stumbled into the bathroom, running the water to my desired temperature as I stripped down. Water ready, I stepped into the shower and let the lukewarm drops slip over my skin. Generally, I'd do more thinking in the shower. It was a nice quiet place to think, especially showering alone. But I didn''t want to think anymore. Not about the Plan, anyway. I started to think of places to go, things to do, the little blob of pink on the shower floor....-??

Wait, what the fuck-?! Blinking in confusion, I knelt down to examine the small pink glob in the shower. Where the fuck had that come from?! I immediately looked up and around the shower. At least it didn't appear to be the fungus from the Super Mario Bros. movie, or anything out of Ghostbusters. (Thank God, that shit's just weird.)

I ran a finger through the slimy pink substance, bringing it to my nose to sniff. There hadn't been any girls in our apartment in a very very long time... since Mello chased away my last girlfriend. Two years ago. (Bastard. He's lucky I know his reason now.)

It smelled... feminine. Strawberries 'n' Creme shampoo? But it smelled familiar, too. I stood again, continuing to wash myself and my hair as I tried to think where I'd smelled it befo-

Oh. Oh hohoho. Of course. How could I not recognize that?

Mello. His hair... He used strawberries 'n' creme shampoo?! I had to bite my lip to keep from snickering at the thought as I finally hopped out of the shower and opened the closet to grab a towel. If he was using it, where was he hiding it? He had to be hiding it. The bottles weren't in the shower... not on the floor, not in the trash... Under the sink? Nope... Not in the medicine cabinet...

I began to sift through the closet a bit, looking behind stuff.

Muahahaha. Bingo.

"Ooooohhhhhhh, Melllllloooooo~..."