My mate chapter 1

Ncalkins dose not own Percy Jackson; ooc; slash; might be au

Nico reached the underworld shivering, having said goodbye to Percy after talking to Bianca. He know it was not the last time he would see Percy or Bianca but something was changing with in him, he could feel it. As he thought of what was going on he stumbled into his room, pure black with a brown bed. Nico looked around thinking:

Man this is depressing…ouch my stomach maybe I should lay down.

Nico griping his stomach made his way to his bed and fell onto it. Clutching his stomach he curled into a fetal position, his eyes squeezing shut as a fiery hot pain spread from his abdomen to the rest of his body. A tear slid down his cheek as he clenched his teeth against the pain, suddenly he felt another presents in his room.

"Nico what's wrong?" asked Hades as he stepped out of shadows. Nico opened one of his eyes grimacing against the pain.

"H-hey dad. Wrong? Nothings wrong I- I probably just have a stomach ach that all."

Nico answered trying and failing to pass it off as nothing, he winched as another wave of pain passed throw him. Hades glared at Nico in disbelief and snapped:

"That's it I'm calling a medic."

Bianca came throw the door, taking everything in and as Hades was about to call a paramedic, she shouted:

"No! Father you must not."

He turned to face Bianca as she hovered over Nico. She tried to place her hand on his head, but it dissolved before she could touch him.

"I know what going on. Mom always thought it would be me, never in our wildest dreams did we think that Nico would be the one to get the gene."

Nico opened his eyes at his sister's words, hissing:

"What the hell are you talking about?!"

Bianca smiled at Nico and whispered:

"Our mother is a part of a race of cat-angles. I can't really remember the real name of them, but they have black wings, cat ears and tail. They also have designed mates for life, the gene though skipped mom. By the looks of you, you have the gene and you're a dominant."

Just as Bianca finished Nico gave a agonized scream, the pain had grown by ten. Right before his sister's and dad's eyes he grew until he was in the body of a sixteen year old.

"Dad you can't witness this it's very secret and he'll attack you when its all over. If he sees you as a threat, besides it could take days."

Distress was clear in Bianca's voice as she showed her father to the door. Hades left without complaint as Nico gave another scream.

Three days passed and finally the screams that echoed throw the castles desist until only silence remand. Hades got up from his thrown, shadow traveling to Nico's room and stepped back in shock. The thing on this bed could not be his son. His son was small and weak with short hair. The being on Nico's bed was a tall figure, lethal muscle and black shoulder length hair falling into it's eyes as it slept.

Black wings emerged from his back draping off the side of his bed almost touching the floor. A tail was entangled around it's leg and when Hades stepped forward ears on its head twitched. An eye opened reviling Hades own black eyes, the figure sat up and swinging its legs over the side until it was sitting facing Hades. A voice rasped out of the figure's mouth:

"Were….Were is he?"

Hades having never encounter anything like this before proceeded with caution, as he asked:

"Nico? What are you talking about?"

Nico lifted his head and rasped out:

"My mate were is he?" His eyes narrowed, his nostrils flared.

"You don't have him… I must find him."

Nico stood up and at his full height he came to Hades's shoulder. In a flash Nico was gone the shadows swelling and swallowing him up. Hades was about to block him and force him to come back, when a voice called:

"Father don't! He has to find his mate. If he dose not he'll go crazy."

Hades turned toward the voice to find Bianca floating in the door way. Hades sighed and nodded letting Nico pass throw the underworld. He turned to leave and just as he was in the door way, Bianca called out:

"You have to understand, Nico well come back but the first week he will be protective of his mate. He went to check if he was okay….Father I have a request of you. Could you tell Nico what mom told me."

Hades nodded and let Bianca explain everything about being a cat-angle.

"Cat-angle's are kind of possessive creatures, they are protective and affectionate of their mate. They have one mate in their whole life and if their mate is made immortal then they are immortal. Nico will not want to leave his mate's side at first and he'll be really affectionate." Bianca paused to let it all sink in.

"If he thinks someone is trying to steal his mate, well only his mate could stop him from killing them. Or if they knew the person is important to their mate."