My mate chapter 16

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You would think Percy would be relived that he did not have to fight in an open battlefield with Kronos, Nico was. Nope, Percy got mad and charged at the Hyperborean giant.

"Dam it, Percy! Every Fu***en time!" Nico roared as he followed Percy into a battle against what the Norse call a frost giant.

Hit by an idea, Nico grabbed Percy's shirt and lifted him off the ground. Percy shrieked as his feet left the ground, Riptide fell from his hand.

"Take care of that, will you?" Nico called as he sped pass Annabeth and shot into shadow.

Percy gasped as black liquid swallowed him, cold sunk into his very bones. Noises of wondering monsters echoed along with the screams of victims of the fields' punishment. A flash caught his eye, he turned to look, glowing red eyes, and what he presumed to be sharp teeth was gliding in an unrecognizable always-changing form. Percy blinked and the nightmare was gone, they were on mount Olympus.

"What is up with those shadows?"

"Their all connected."

Percy looked around at the buildings, once white were now charred black. Screams of wounded and dieing filled the air, but it was not coming from below. It was coming from ahead the sight was horrible. What made this so terrifying is that, Kronos was a one-man army.

The battle was in their sight, Kronos was slashing at almost completely still gods with his scythe. Muses with daggers suspended in midair cut across the chest, mouths open in a silent scream. Other gods welding clubs, swords, arrows and pans? Were charging slow motion towards the titan lord, who looked like he was enjoying himself as he slashed at them. The gods would then fall over in slow-motion blood spiriting from gapping mouths of their wounds.

A part of Nico thought, 'In a way this might have been funny, with all the weird faces their making….If it wasn't on Olympus, these weren't powerful beings and it wouldn't end the world.'

Percy about stupidly charged, once again in a battle with no regard for his own life. Nico grabbed him from behind and lifted him in the air.

"NICO, what the Hades!" Percy bit out as he felt riptide reappear in his pocket.

"Listen to me." Nico whispered in Percy's ear, ignoring the shiver it produced. "We should go to the throne room and wait there for him. If we do, we can surprise him."

Percy opened his mouth to object, "What about all those people?"

Nico sighed and said, "I don't mean to sound cruel, but their immortals your not. Who has the better chance of surviving after wounds like that?"

Percy deflated and let Nico shadow travel him to the throne room. All was silent like the dead in this white room, the gods thrones shimmered around them. Power poured off of them as Nico and Percy hid behind Poseidon's throne.

Percy turned to Nico and said, "Nico, I just want you to know that I love you."

Nico smiled in a knowing way, "I know Percy." He purred.

"So forgive me when I do this."

Nico looked at Percy with confusion, and then he began to notice he could not breathe. Percy made his throat swell up using his powers.

'Not this shit again!' Nico thought, as his vision grew dark.

Percy was concentrating hard on what he was doing, repeating a mantra in his head.

'This is for his own good.'

Percy let out a sigh of relief as Nico finally went limp. He made the swelling go down and prayed he had not give Nico any brain damage with all the times he unconscious.

Percy was about to drag Nico over to Hestia for safekeeping when the golden doors of the throne room busted open.

Luke with Kronos eyes strolled in whistling happily. He walked over to Dionysus chair, raising his scythe he prepared to strike down the center of the wine god's power.

"Now to strike down the gods and begin my new era as ruler of all!" Kronos hissed as he brought the scythe down.

"Not on my watch!" Percy screamed as he bolted from his dad's chair.

His legs ran faster then he thought possible as flashes of a hurt Mr. D went through his head.

Luke waved his hand and froze Percy a foot away from him. Planting his scythe on the ground, he studied the demigod in front of him.

"Why do you care so much if the gods fall? They are cruel beings, I have seen from Luke's memories that this one." He gestured to Mr.D's chair. "He doesn't care for demigods; he doesn't even remember our names. Not even his own sons are important enough to warrant his affections." Luke's bitter voice came from a pale face with eyes that was a mixer of the brightest blue and the most brilliant of gold.

Percy felt his head go back to normal speed, but the rest of him was in super slow mode. He thought about how broken Mr. D had been when his son died, how he asked Percy to protect his remaining son.

"You're wrong." Luke looked at Percy with confusion. "Mr. D loves his sons and does care for the campers in his own weird way. The gods love their children very much; they just can't show it in the usual way."

Luke's eyes turned cold and changed to full gold. "You know nothing Perseaus Jackson. You cannot know my pain, how they hurt me. He Left Me Scared and Shaking in a Closet Hiding From MY OWN MOTHER!"

Percy swallowed knowing he did not have much time. "Why don't you face me, after all it's foretold in the prophecy?"

Kronos smiled, it was cold and cruel but it was a smile. "I admire your courage Perseus, if you had joined me…We would have won so much faster, you would have been my body." Percy shuttered at the repulsive thought. Kronos ignoring it continued, "I would have kept you alive after I have full returned. You would have been my immortal general…It's not to late you know."

Percy sneered, "Thanks, but not thanks. Joining you would be worse then chocolate pickles in hot sauce, covered in ice-cream and sour fruit."

Kronos blinked his eyes turning blue. "Percy…That was sickening and humorous at the same time."

Percy smiled, Luke was still there, and he could be saved. Luke clutched his head in pain; he groaned and for a moment looked pleadingly at Percy. Then his eyes turned gold and Luke was lost.

"Let's finish this son of Poseidon." Kronos moved his scythe to the side, the blade gleamed wickedly. Kronos eyes flared as he swung, his powers holding Percy in place. The blade crept closer and closer, Percy closed his eyes preparing for the first painful cut before death.

When it did not come Percy cracked open sea green eyes. A water shield surrounded him, the water sprouting from his father's throne. Kronos scowled as the son of the sea was released from his hold.

Percy jumped back gaining as much distance from Kronos as possible. He pulled out riptide as the water pooled at his feet ripples pulsing in time with his heart.

"It seems your dear dad is protecting you, of course you know he'll throw you away as soon as you've done you job."

Percy swallowed and got in his stance, the water would help him threw this. It would protect him, give him strength and heal him. This he knew as some of the water sunk into his shoes and up his pants, leaving the close dry and Kronos none the wiser.

"Even if he dose I have others to fight and live for. Just like you do Luke."

Kronos winched and hissed, "No, I have complete control."

Percy smiled and said, "Luke I know you can fight him, think of who you wanted the world to change for! Think of who you fought for, not the gods…Your true family, the ones who are their for you through tick and thin. The demigods stand together, will you stand with us."

Luke's blue eyes stared at him. "This is why I'm doing this. In case you have not noticed, I am fighting for our sake and the sake of future demigods. So they won't be suppressed by thankless gods." Luke raised his scythe to chest level. "As of now we are not equal! We are horrible mistreated!" Luke rushed forward ready to strike. "THAT'S WHY I HAVE TO SEE THIS TO THE END!"

With a clang metal met. Percy grunted as he blocked Luke's swipe, pushing the scythe away Percy sprayed water in Luke's face. Luke sputtered and he roared blue eyes turned gold as he stabbed at Percy in blind rage. A shallow cut made itself known on Percy's left arm. Flames of pain burned through him, even as cooling waters healed him. Percy gasped and barely blocked the next attack, his arm weakened as Kronos put all of his weight onto the locked blades.

Once again, Percy tried to blind Kronos with water; Kronos glared and suspended the water. Freezing it in liquid state, Kronos tisked. "Getting sloppy Percy, using the same tricks."

Percy smirked, "I still have some tricks that you don't know about." With that, he turned the water at his feet into ice, Kronos's eyes widened and he slipped riptide glancing off of his shoulder leaving no mark. Luke landed on his back backbreaker skidded away from him, Percy quickly covered him in ice restricting his movements.

Knowing it would not hold him for long Percy darted over to Hephaestus's throne, he had a plan. 'Gods and Fates help us, Percy has a plan.' Thialia's voice resounded in his head.

Percy turned around; hearing ice shatter and saw Kronos rise form his crystal coffin. Golden eyes glared at him, the scythe was summoned and a blur rocketed toward him. Kronos was moving to fast; Percy in desperation did a very stupid move. A move that you should never do in battle, he throws his sword at Kronos. A clang range through the room as his sword stuck right in the middle of his forehead.

"Son of a-" Kronos cut off as Riptide was picked up by a trail of water and began to hit him repeatedly. Percy looked on in confusion; it was a strange sight. The trail was not being controlled by him, but by Poseidon's chair.

"Thanks, dad." Percy awkwardly said as he jumped into Hephaestus's chair.

"DEFENSES ACTIVATED!" The chair roared and several contraptions whorled into action.

Percy jumped out of the chair as several things distracted Kronos he prepared to run. Then a tiny hitch in his plan, a net catapulted out of Hephaestus's chair. Percy not noticing had no time to dodge, by the time he did notice it was to late. Small and strong wires wrapped around him trapping him. Percy gave a yelp as he fell forward, wincing as his head bounced off of the marble floor. Wires wrapped tighter around him. Closing him mouth, Percy felt panic set in as his mouth was covered.

'Shit I hope this isn't that rope that makes you disappear!' Percy thought as he wiggled like a worm.

Kronos froze all the objects in the air; he would have done so earlier if the annoying demigod did not distract him in his head. The fool kept trying take control, trying to stop Kronos's victory.

Golden eyes fell on the fallen demigod, a smirk made its way to his lips. He could taste victory; all he had to do was get ride of this little infuriating fool. He walked toward the demigod, relishing in his fear that shone like a beacon from his sea green eyes.

"See what I see young one is this. No matter how much they train these…pathetic children. They are still children, weak, scared, angry, unreliable children. Well enough talking it's time to take my victory." Kronos gloated as he raised his scythe.

The blade gleamed, shiny and sharp it started it is decent. In that instant all Percy could think was of all the people, he loved and how he failed them. Percy closed his eyes waiting for the undeniable, when a roar filled the air. Percy felt a foot hit him and turn him on his belly, Percy opened his eyes and tried to see what was going on, but he could not. That was okay he had a good idea Nico was awake and pissed. Kronos was in trouble and he was still lying on the floor tied up, thanks Hephaestus.

For a while, all he could hear was the clash of swords. Then a weak voice panting said, "Under my armpit, quickly we d-don't have m-much time."

Then all was silent, feet padded toward him and began to unravel the wires.

"Why dose everything happen to your?" Nico asked as he helped Percy to his feet, Percy rubbed his arms trying to get the circulation back.

"What happened?" Percy asked he eyes taking in Luke's prone figure.

Nico smiled bitterly, "I stabbed him in his weakest point."

Percy shot him a confused look, he thought he was the child of the prophesy.

"My blade is made of a cursed metal; I'm the son of Hades one of the big three and I are in the body of a sixteen year old." Nico explained as the rooms entrance doors opened.

Percy went for his pen as Nico stood watching, he had smelled them coming. Poseidon rushed to Percy's side, checking him for injuries much to his embarrassment and Nico's amusement.

Percy pulled away and called, "We need a shroud for a hero; a son of Hermes!"

Hermes shot him a grateful look. The shrouds of the dead was made, the room fixed, awards passed out and promises made.

When it was Percy's turn, he was offered immortality. He looked at the pale Annabeth and Nico who looked perfectly happy.

"I'll live as long as you do." Nico whispered into Percy's ear.

Percy turned his eyes to the Olympians, thankful eyes met his. Some had grudging respect and then their was his dad's. those eyes held so much strength, love and pride for him. His dad was proud of all that Percy had become. Percy smiled at him and thought back to what Chiron said when he first met him.

"Immortality is terribly sad."

"I'll have to decline." Shocked gasps echoed in the room. "Instead I have a request to ask."

The immortals raised their eyebrows and gave him the 'go ahead'.

"I want you to let us built a cabin for all the gods and goddesses that sired children." Angry looks flashed across some of the faces. "Maybe pay a little attention to the kids you sire. Make a phone call, give a present on their birthday; I'm not saying you have to visit…Just show you care in a roundabout way." Just as their was angry faces, their were those smiling and nodding to what he said. "All of this war could have been avoided if the demigods felt like you cared for us. Not as weapons, but as human beings, as your children."

Several demigods were nodding and the gods took note of that, shame filled some of those faces, had they really ignored their flesh and blood no matter how fleeting their lives may be?

"You ask a lot of us demigod." Hera said coolly, looking at Percy as if he was a bug.

Nico laughed loudly drawing all the attention to him. "A lot of you? Your gods! You can do anything in a split second and it won't take a minute off of your life!" Hera glared at Nico commanding him to be silent with her eyes. Hades glared at Hera telling her to back of his son with his eyes. Nico ignored them both and continued.

"We mortals have a limit time span; we still find time for important things. Wither important to ourselves or to others." Nico took a breath and said, "As Percy said this could have been avoided if the demigods knew you cared."

He turned to the captured Kronos demigod army. "How many of you would have joined Kronos if you knew they cared, if you knew your parent was being honored!"

The demigods realizing what Nico was doing did not raise their hands. One boy with purple hair and blue eyes stepped forward. He looked like he had been hit repeatedly with a paint gun. Apollo looked at him closely and realized he was one of his sons.

'But, how? I don't remember even seeing him.'

"In my family," The boy began. "We are very poor; our landlord threatens to kick us out every month." He swallowed, he never told anyone this especially not super powerful gods. "My mother can barely afford food, more then once she and I have starved us for my little sister. She told me my dad loved me that he had been away on a tour of the world." Bitterness filled his eyes. "The Luke came and explained it all to me. The gods don't care; they abandon us all the time and use us just to throw us away."

He turned to Percy, "You barking up the wrong tree. They will never change. No matter what you do for them."

Percy flinch feeling his darkest fears were being bared out for everyone to see. Poseidon saw this and fear froze his heart.

"All in favor of granting Percy his wish, if only because he fought against father so valiantly raise your hand."

The only god that did not raise her hand was Hera and even she looks unsure, family even extended family is important. The vote was past; demigods and their mothers/fathers lives would change being cared for from one so far away. Kronos's army went to camp half-blood, cabins were built, Olympus fixed and though this all Percy held Nico's hand.

In addition, he never ever plans to let him go.

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