Title: Survival Instinct
Author: Shlane
Rating: 12A, PG-13, T
Spoliers: Sanctuary; season 1 and 2 up to Eulogy also hints for Sleepers and Haunted. Torchwood; seasons 1 and 2 up to Gwen's wedding.
Summary: AU, When Ashley Magnus teleported though the EM shield she instinctivly went to the one place she knew would be safe, her god-father Jack Harkness.
Disclaimner (Applies to all subsequent chapters): Not mine (though after season three RTD shouldn't be allowed Torchwood)

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Another day, another crime scene. Sometimes it seemed to Jack Harkness that Torchwood spent most of it's time at crime scenes, or what would shortly become crime scenes. This time it had been the police who had called Torchwood in on the triple homicide, at least they were assuming it was a triple. The bodies had been so badly butchered that it was hard to be sure but the initial estimate of three was based on the number of heads. But it wasn't the number of dead or even the brutality of their slaying that had got Torchwood called it. It was the long thing claw marks clearly visible on the remaining intact flesh.

Jack walked over to where Owen was still examining the remains, around them Tosh was taking reading to check if there was any residual energy that could account for the bodies, while Gwen talked to the police and Ianto checked the databases for any further information or possible IDs. "What have you got so far Owen?"

"Been dead about three to four days, but it wasn't a Weevil that did it Jack." The doctor told him, "See these claw marks here?" He pointed to what seemed to have once been a torso, "Defiantly too narrow to be a Weevil but they weren't made by an animal." Owen held his own hand over the slash marks and it was clear that they had been made by something with a human shaped hand.

Jack bent over for a closer examination of the wounds, "Tesla." He said quietly.

"That some sort of alien species?" Owen asked.

"Tesla's a man not a species, more or less." Jack added as an after thought, "He went into hiding more then six decades ago, no one's seen or heard from him since."

"Right." Owen said, ignoring the fact that Jack was suggesting that a guy, who had to be approaching a hundred years old, was responsible for a brutal triple homicide. "Well either this Tesla guy wasn't alone or he got bored of using his claws. Some of these cuts were made with a seriously sharp blade, with near surgical precision." Owen continued with grudging respect in his voice.

Owen's description of the wounds combined with the presence of someone who Jack very strongly suspected was Tesla brought only one person to the Captain's mind. "Druitt." They had never met in person, he'd disappeared before Jack had met the group of London friends who called themselves 'The Five'. His fiancée had attempted to kill him after she had found out what he had been doing to the whores of White Chapel.

"Another old friend?" Owen asked.

"We never met." Jack told him, "But I guess he's not as dead as we thought he was. The thing that I don't get is why would they be working together?" Jack wondered aloud, "From everything I've heard, from a very reliable source, they hated each other.

"Jack?" Ianto walked over to where the other two men were working, Tosh and Gwen trailing behind him.

"What have you got Ianto?" The Captain asked.

"There's a series of reports from all around the world of similar attacks, all aimed at businessmen and women." Ianto told him, "It's been going on for the past week but as far as I can tell no one else is putting the pieces together."

"There's a very slight increase in electrical energy in the soil." Tosh said, "But otherwise nothing to indicate that this was related to the Rift."

"No one saw anything or heard anything." Gwen said, checking her note pad. "But the police think that this wasn't a body bump, meaning they were killed here."

"Well that doesn't help much." Owen said, looking around the abandoned industrial complex. "Jack seems to think that this was the work of a pair of his old friends."

"Not friends," Jack said, "I've never met Druitt and I wouldn't exactly call Tesla a friend, I don't think he really has many friends. But I don't understand why they'd be working together, according to their friend Helen Magnus, they hated each other. I can't imagine what would make them work together."

Ianto's PDA beeped, "I set it up to alert me is another murder matching this one appeared." He pulled it out and read the screen. "Another body had be found, in Paris. Been dead approximately twenty four hours. Similar style to this one, but no claw marks." He scrolled down the screen. "But it was more brutal, she had her heart cut out and then diced. The police found it next to what was left of her body." Everyone looked more than a little sick at that, "There was another difference, her driving licence was left on top of her body, seems the killer or killers wanted everyone to know who she was."

"That's sick." Gwen gasped, "What type of psychopath are we dealing with?"

"The very dangerous kind." Jack told her, "Owen I want these body's taken back to the Hub and a full autopsy carried out. Tosh get Paris body sent to us as well, if it's who I think it is we need all the clues we can get."

"Who do you think it was Jack, those men you mentioned earlier? Tesla and Druitt?" Gwen asked

"They aren't just men Gwen. Nikola Tesla is part vampire and John Druitt is Jack the Ripper!"

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