If any of you have read the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich, this story is was inspired by those. I can't write Sam as weak and scared as Stephanie, so think of her as a female version of Ranger.

Summary: Samantha McCall, known to most as Kujo, works for Vincent Plum's Bail Bond agency among other things. She's known for her mysteriousness and bad ass attitude. When Sonny Corinthos, a high profile client of Vinnie's, skips on his bail he has no choice but to put his best on the case. But what happens when Sam pays a visit to Sonny's right hand man Jason Morgan? Will the hunter become the hunted?

Vincent Plum successfully owned and operated Port Charles' largest bail bonds agency. If there is one thing to know about Port Charles its that there is never a shortage of criminals in need of bail. Just last week he posted a one million dollar bond to none other that Sonny Corinthos.

Looking through the file sitting on his desk, it was no surprise to him that man skipped out and was now a high risk FTA. The alleged mob boss failed to appear for his court date and now it was Vinnie's job to hunt the bastard down in order to get his money back. Well, he had to assign someone to hunt him down anyway.

Thinking through his list of bounty hunters, there was only one who he could trust to get the job done right. Only problem with is that he is scared to death of her. Sighing in resignation, he picked up the phone and called her pager. A couple minutes later his phone rang.

"Yo" It was her classic opening line

"I've got a case for you" Before Vinnie could elaborate, the line went dead. No shock there.

Ten minutes later and a black Porche Carrera pulled up in front of the office. Everybody knew exactly who it was before she even exited the vehicle. You see, Sam's cars were always the same in the way that every one of them were black, new, expensive, and of questionable origin. The clicking of heels could be heard on the sidewalk and the whole office looked up when she walked through the door. She was dressed head to foot in black.

A baseball cap held her dark locks of hair out of her face. The thin long sleeve top she wore, which showed ample cleavage, was visible under the open Kevlar vest with BOND ENFORCEMENT printed in white along the back. Her tight, low rise jeans ended just under her knees, where they disappeared into her leather boots with a good 4 inch heel. Finishing out the outfit was a pair of leather gloves along with her waist utility belt. It held everything ranging from pepper spray and handcuffs to her 8mm Baretta.

Moving swiftly into the small room, she casually dropped a body receipt on the receptionists desk before going to stand in front of Vinnie's office door.

"Vinnie, you slime-ball pervert. Get whatever piece of ass you have in there decent. I'm on a time restraint here" Her voice was oddly cool and collective. Not many people spoke like that when the subject was Vincent Plum. Ask anybody and they will tell you that Vinnie is a man of only two needs, money and kinky sex. It has even been speculated that he fornicates with barnyard animals.

The door opened and Vinnie stepped out, straightening his tie.

"Cool it Kujo. I'm giving you Sonny Corinthos…"

"Mob Boss. Harbor View Towers. Arrested for the murder of wife Claudia Corinthos and shooting Detective Dante Falconeri Corinthos." She finished for him before grabbing the file from his hand, collecting her check for her earlier returned FTA, and walked out the door.

Her first stop…. The penthouse of Jason Morgan.


He was working out with his punching bag in the living room. He had just helped his boss flee the country after making bail for one crime he did commit and one he didn't. Stopping for a moment, he chugged a bottle of water and started to wipe some of the sweat from his face. He was shirtless, and barefoot. All he wore was a simple pair of sweatpants riding low on his hips. Sweat glistened all over his hard body, dripping to the floor.

Just as he was about to go back to working out, there were two swift knocks at his door

"Bond Enforcement." the voice sounded cold, calculated, fearless, and definitely female.

"Not interested" He walked into his kitchen, grabbed a beer, and when he returned there was a petite woman dressed like the SWAT team standing in his living room. Before he could say anything, there was another knock on his door. Throwing his hands up, he looked out his peep hole and groaned at who was standing there.

"Jaaassssoooooooooonnnnnn" The voice was whiney and high pitched. It made Sam inwardly cringe

Jason turned from door and walked back over to Sam with purpose

"Help me and I'll help you" it was a mere whisper and Sam almost didn't hear him

5… He looked to the door one more time before swiftly pulling the Kevlar vest from her body. Shoving it under the couch, there was another knock

"Are you home????"

…4… Next he worked on her belt, looking frantically for somewhere to put it

"Come on Jaaaasssseee" Yet another knock. Sam now stood, hands on hips, impatience written on her face.

…3… Quickly, but gently, the belt was stashed on the top shelf of the coat closet.

"Its important!!"

…2… He went to pull off her shirt and she gave him an incredulous look. His eyes were pleading with her so she reluctantly allowed it to be haphazardly thrown to the floor

"That's it! I'm coming in!"

…1… Jason pushed Sam to the couch, laid on top of her, and pressed his lips to hers just as the penthouse door opened.

"OH MY GOD!!!" Elizabeth Webber stood shocked in the doorway. Jason looked to the door and feigned surprise, while Sam feigned embarrassment.

"Care to explain what is going on here?"