"THAT NO GOOD INCOMPETENT BASTARD!! I STICK MY NECK OUT FOR HIM AND THIS IS HOW HE REPAYS ME??" The sound of glass breaking echoed throughout the small space. Jason had chosen that particular moment to walk through the front door.

"What did Vinnie do this time?" Connie and Lula were playing cards at one of the desks, completely unfazed by the storm that was brewing. They looked up when the man entered and simply smiled at his question

"How do ya know it was Vin? Maybe it's you" Jason just shrugged his shoulders as he made his way towards the inner office where all of the screaming was coming from. Once he passed the two other women, he felt their eyes fixated on him

"I don't think you want Sam catching you staring at my ass. She's already informed me that it belongs to her and seeing as she's not in the best of moods…." He let his voice trail off and then no longer felt like someone was picturing him naked. Smiling in triumph he made his way to the door and stood casually against the frame, watching her

She was dressed in her usual attire. She had on a basic black t-shirt that clung tightly to her upper body, her standard black leather jacket draped over the back of her chair. Her dark wash jeans hugged every curve of her hips, legs, and perfect ass. Her hair, which had been piled high on top of her head, just begged to be pulled free. The only difference was that she had traded her leather stiletto boots for a pair of steel-toed combat boots. Yep, Vinnie was in trouble.

Pushing away from the door he closed in on her. With her back to him along with the rage taking over her senses, Sam hadn't felt his presence until it was too late. He stopped only when the front of body was flush against her back. He placed his strong hands on her shoulders, ran them down her arms, and rested them on her hips. Bringing his mouth next to her ear, his voice was low and his breath was hot

"Ya know, seeing you like this wound up is definitely a turn on"

Sam had tensed the moment she felt another body touch hers. Damn her emotions for letting somebody get that close without her knowledge. Yet another thing to kill Vinnie for. When she felt his fingers brush her arms and his breath on her ear she relaxed slightly, leaning into him and closing her eyes

"Ya know, it's not nice to sneak up on people. I could have mistaken you for Vinnie and shot you dead" Resting her head on his chest she let out a sigh, one that was a cross between frustration at Vinnie and contentment for being in his arms

"What did he do this time to deserve your wrath?" She brought her hands to her face and used her fingers to rub her temples

"Everything. I've given him so many chances, Jason. This was his last one and what does he do with it? He withdraws almost a million dollars from the business account and high-tails it out of here." She pulls away from him, picks up a vase and throws it against the far wall of the office. They watched the shards of glass fall to the floor.

"What are you going to do about it?" He stuck his hands in his pocket to keep from reaching for her. Whenever she got angry, even when it was with him, it turned him on but now was not the time for flirting. One of her employees just stole a substantial amount of money from the company and disappeared. Now was the time to offer his assistance

"I am going to hunt the dickwad down… and when I find him I'm gonna kill him" She walked behind her desk and picked up a duffle bag. Setting it on the piece of furniture, Sam opened unzipped it and carefully placed her utility belt on the top of her clothes. Closing the bag, she grabbed the handles and walked to stand in front of Jason

"Can't you leave in the morning?" He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her to him

"He's already had too much of a head start, Jason. If I'm gonna catch him I have to leave now" She placed a light kiss to his lips and tried to step away. Instead Jason squeezed her to him, preventing her from going anywhere. Lowering his head, he touched his lips to hers and didn't hesitate thrusting his tongue in her mouth

The kiss was pure passion and desire. He wanted her and she could feel just how much pressing against her stomach. His hands traveled to her ass and proceeded to grind against her, causing Sam to moan with pleasure. The duffle bag was forgotten as it fell to the floor and landed at their feet with a thud.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and reluctantly pulled away. Resting her forehead against his, Sam saw the confusion in his eyes

"We can't, Jason…. Not until…" Touching a finger to her lips, Jason gave her an understanding smile

"Not until you get Sonny… I know that, but it doesn't mean I have to like it" After many interrupted sexual encounters with Jason, Sam had got it in her head that it must be some sort of sign. She decided that until she got Sonny back into custody, then there would be too much conflict of interest if she became intimate with the man's second in command.

Every day that Sam saw Jason, however, it became harder and harder for her not to lock them in her bedroom. Jason was being the perfect gentleman about it, though. She knew that it was just as hard for him as it was for her. She could see the conflicting emotions that were constantly present in his eyes.

He had a loyalty to protect his boss. He also felt like there was a loyalty to help Sam any way that he could, even if it was for totally selfish reasons. Stepping away from her, he grabbed the bag off the floor and held it out to her. She smiled her thanks and took the bag from his grip. Letting her arm fall to her side, she started making her way out of the office. Before she could cross the threshold he called to her

"He's in the Dominican Republic. Les Cayes" She stopped and turned to face him

"You're choosing to give me the location of your boss so I can put him in prison? Why would you do that?"

"Because Sonny needs to learn that he can't always run away from his mistakes. I am sick and tired of having to clean up his messes, much like you are with Vinnie. I think it's time Sonny realizes he just can't go around doing things without thinking them through. That's what got him in this situation in the first place." He sighed and rubbed a hand across the back of his neck

"I warned him that something was up with Dominic, or Dante, whatever the hell his name is. I knew the kid was hiding something, but Sonny just wouldn't listen. He made the mistake of trusting this kid, letting him into the deeper aspects of the business." He let out a short laugh and then continued

"It took the kid showing up with a badge and an arrest warrant to open his eyes. And then when he finally decides to something about the little rat, by shooting him, Olivia shows up and starts screaming about how Sonny had just shot his own son." Jason paused and saw Sam simply listening

"Is that why he called 911?" She couldn't believe just how complicated this whole case was. Nothing about any of this was documented in the files she had received. Then again she didn't expect it to be.

"Cop or no cop, he was Sonny's son and Sonny is a very family oriented man. I just wish he would have listened to me from the beginning. This whole situation could have been avoided if he had paid attention and kept it in his pants…" Shaking his head, he didn't bother finishing the sentence.

"So you're sure this isn't just about getting into my pants?" Her attempt to lighten the mood worked as a smile played across Jason's face. He walked up to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulder

"That's just an added bonus" They walked into the main lobby together before stopping at the door

"Oh, by the way Jason, you get to run this place while I'm gone. Just watch out for Connie and Lula. Have fun" He looked away from Sam and over to where the other two women were once again ogling his ass. Running a hand down his face, he returned his gaze to Sam

"Why me?"

"It was never a choice. My Jason is going to need a job once I haul his boss' ass off to jail. Best to get a hang of the ropes now" He had said something along the same lines when he rescued her from Michaels after knowing her for a mere couple of days. She laughed at the look on his face. She was mocking him. Plain and simple.

Continuing with her laughter she turned and started walking out the door, but she not before she received a smack on her ass. Laughing even harder now, she made her way to her Bugatti and sped off down the street

"Not one word" Jason didn't even look at Connie and Lula when he spoke. He simply made his way to the inner office, shutting and locking the door.