Pairings: Kenpachi x Ichigo

Warnings: 1) not like, don't have to read. 2) English is not my mother language: beware for the grammar mistakes, even I always do my best.

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A/N: I once said I won't write anymore than just one yaoi story (Kenpachi x Ikkaku). But this idea is torturing me. So I decided to be brave and publish it even I fear what people will say about this...

This story is two chapters long: I tried to make it one chapter long but... It was too long! Sorry. This is the first chapter. :)

Hope you like, I really do!

Chapter one - Strawberry Maiden

Ichigo ran. He tried to get away but seriously – the 11th Division's barrack were like a maze. No wonder Kenpachi had such a bad sense of direction. Plus, with alcohol in his veins it was not easy to try finding a way out… Another plus: it was dark.

But he still had to get away. This whole situation was far way too… stupid? Which could be better word for this – this…? Insanity!

Ichigo found a door. Actually it was not just a door: it was the front door which led to the front yard of the barracks. But it was locked. There had to be some way to burst it open before -!

A shadow cast over him. Ichigo shivered. His hands were still on the lock. He tried to open it with his bare hands.

"No… No, no, no, no…" his hands were trembling. "Let me out… Let me go, Kenpachi!"

The shadow of the larger man disappeared when he came so close behind Ichigo that their shadow literally became one. Large, strong and long arms wrapped amazingly gently around Ichigo's chest. Kenpachi pressed his jaw against his shoulder. His breath smelled alcohol and was very hot...

"No", Kenpachi said with his low voice.

"I don't want!" Ichigo screamed and tried to get away from Kenpachi. "Let me go! I wan to go home!"

"No", Kenpachi shook his head. "Don't be so scared. What did I do to make you run away like that?"

"What did you -? You can't be serious, you retard!" Ichigo still tried to get away. "You freaking psychopath pervert! You kissed me!"

Kenpachi chuckled: "So?"

"So!" Ichigo could not believe this was really happening to him. "I don't like you! I didn't like that what you did! With your tongue, you sick pervert!"

"But I like you, Ichi… go", Kenpachi pulled Ichigo closer. Ichigo was frantically struggling against it. "Come on, let's have some fun together, Ichi… go…"

"Let go…"

"I want to fuck you."

"Let go!"

"Come on, come on", Kenpachi chuckled. "What's so bad about it? Are you afraid of it?"


"If you're a virgin I promise to be gentle, Ichi…"

"No! No! No! I rather die and rot in the hell! No! Let go!"

Ichigo now finally managed to pull himself off from Kenpachi's arms. He ran away from him before he stopped and turned around. He panted heavily and looked at Kenpachi. The taller man looked at him. He did not actually look very drunk but… Ichigo shivered and took a few steps away from him…

"Let me go, Kenpachi", Ichigo was now starting to panic. "I… I mean… Please… Please, let me go."

Kenpachi smirked and shook his head. With a flash he was right front of Ichigo and grabbed him in his arms again.

"No!" Ichigo screamed when he felt how his legs were lifted from the ground. "I don't want to!"

He fought the whole way to the bedroom. Kenpachi threw him on the bed without any hesitation. Before Ichigo could get up Kenpachi had turned around and locked the door. Ichigo did not see where he put the key.

Ichigo stood up, trying to find a window or something…

Kenpachi came closer and Ichigo sprinted right over the bed in order to get away from him. For his bad luck Kenpachi seemed to enjoy chasing him around the room. Finally Kenpachi managed to grab Ichigo who had to admit that he really did not had any way to get away.

With a desperate scream Ichigo fell on his knees when Kenpachi wrapped arms around his chest: "No!"

Kenpachi knelt down behind him and kissed his neck.

"No!" Ichigo was actually crying now: tears were falling down on his cheeks. "Kenpachi!"

"Ichi", Kenpachi wiped tears away with his thumb and pulled Ichigo on his lap, like he would be a baby. "Hush, now…"

Ichigo still cried when Kenpachi kissed him on the mouth. Ichigo tired to turn his head away but Kenpachi hold him still. Kissing, licking, devouring his mouth with his tongue… Ichigo coughed and cried.

I took him several minutes before he realised that Kenpachi petted his belly with his hand. When the hand started to draw downer Ichigo grabbed it with both of his hands: "No!"


"I don't want you! I'm scared, okay? I'm so fucking scared and you're -!" Ichigo struggled but Kenpachi hold him firmly on his laps. "Let me go, please, please, Kenpachi. I'm scared, okay? Are you happy now? Let me go, please!"

Kenpachi sighed. But still he did not let go of Ichigo. But he did not kiss or pet him any longer, he just hold him on his lap, like a baby: on his back, left arm supporting Ichigo's position under him.

"I won't", Kenpachi looked Ichigo straight into eyes. "I won't let you go before I fuck with you even once…"

Ichigo had this sickening cold feeling in his tummy. He sniffled.

"Why?" he had to ask.

"Because I love you, Ichigo", Kenpachi said. "I love you but I know you don't love me. You'll never love me and I know after this night you'll hate me… So, when we're this far… I have no choice. You'll never come back after this so I can't let you go now…"

Ichigo had strange feeling inside his heart. He looked Kenpachi's eyes. They were brown, like Ichigo's, but lighter. Ichigo's eyes were like a chocolate. Kenpachi's were strange greyish brown but that's why they were so… so…

Ichigo gulped. He did not cry anymore.

"But I don't want to hurt you, Ichi", Kenpachi added. "I want to make you feel nice…"

"Ken… pachi", Ichigo quickly added the "pachi", cursing himself: since when he wanted to call this psychopath by his nickname? "Why you're saying that?"


"You said you love me…" Ichigo looked Kenpachi eyes. "Why?"

"Because it's true", Kenpachi said. "I love you, Ichi. Why do you think I've been chasing you around so many times?"

"You…" Ichigo blushed and gulped. "You mean… You've been trying to… Oh, shit!"

Kenpachi grinned and pressed a kiss on Ichigo's cheek. Ichigo winced and put a hand between their bodies. Kenpachi did not even notice it: he grinned and kissed Ichigo's ear next.

"Come", Kenpachi whispered huskily. "To the bed. With me."

Ichigo did not really have any choice. Kenpachi carried him to his bed. This time he did not throw him on it, he just gently lowered him there, staying close to him all the time.

"Oh, God…" Ichigo could feel that he was all red.

"Oh, yes…" Kenpachi whispered and kissed him. Deep kiss. Ichigo had to breath trough his nose but he needed more air. He broke the kiss and panted. He was all sweaty: "God…"

Kenpachi kissed Ichigo neck. He kept Ichigo still with his strong hands: they were on Ichigo's wrist, keeping him down and still. Ichigo panted. He moaned when he felt Kenpachi tongue licking his throat.

"Ken…" Ichigo moaned. "Pachi…"

"Ichigo", Kenpachi said his name.

"Wait…" Ichigo closed his eyes.

"Ichigo, I said I would – "

"– fuck with me, I know. I won't stop you. But…" Ichigo knew he had to tell Kenpachi this now because he did not know how lust blinded he would be a few minutes later. "I have to… I want to tell you something…"

Kenpachi obviously could hear the worry in Ichigo's voice because he spotted kissing him for a moment. He raised his head so they could see each others eyes.


"I'm virgin", Ichigo blushed.

Kenpachi blinked. The he grinned. Ichigo blushed even more.

"Okay", Kenpachi whispered. "I'll be gentle with you…"

"Okay…" Ichigo nodded, his jaw was shaking and tears dropped down from the corners of his eyes. Kenpachi bowed downer and kissed them away: "Don't be so scared."


"You'll like it, I promise", Kenpachi whispered.