Summary: Russia "lends" Lithuania to Germany as a show of his commitment to their agreement and to torture Toris in a new way. Rated M for kinky man sex, yay!

I accidentally looked up Germany and Lithuania fanfics and found there were none. :C So I decided to make one. :D There's some stuff here and there with the other characters (I can't help it, I love Russia and Prussia. T - T) but I'll focus on dear Liet und Deutschland for the most part once we get underway.

Also, the title is lame, no? I'll try to think of something better. XD

* * * * *

"Nein." Germany said firmly before letting out a growl and pushing his brother back. The Prussian was only slightly put off but exaggerated his pouting anyway.

"Aw, bruderchen, why so mean hm?" Germany was walking away. He didn't have time for this right now. Russia was coming later in the evening and he needed to triple check that everything was in order. Unfortunately for the blond, his silverette brother wasn't too keen on the idea of being ignored.

"Hn~ liebes Brüderchen, bitte..." Prussia whined as he wrapped his arms around the larger mans waist letting his plea fall from his lips softly. Germany stopped dead in his tracks. Had Prussia ever sounded so desperate and vulnerable? His heart fluttered with excitement and he blushed at the images that ran through his mind.

"Surely you have just a little time to spend with your big brother?" Gilbert continued to plea softly, nuzzling his face against the small of his younger brothers back. This wasn't his usual approach, but he figured if it worked it'd be worth it.

Germany Kneaded his eyebrows together and swallowed hard. This was probably just an act Prussia was pulling but... That voice, that sorrowful hint of pain that made him wonder. His dear older brother was always ranting about how awesome he was that he didn't need anyone and loved being alone with his "awesome self," but Ludwig had known for some time that it simply wasn't so. Prussia was likely a very lonely person at heart, but lonely enough to actually admit it to another living soul? How unlike him...

"Bitte... Ich brauche dich, weil ich dich liebe... Bruder..." Ludwig felt his face and then the rest of his body heat up, a small tremble going though his hand. Verdammt! The taller sibling cursed his own weakness. How the hell was it that his brother could do this to him? The face of the taller man softened as he sighed in defeat. Ludwig turned, his brothers grip loosening enough so that he wouldn't impede him, his face now pressed against his younger brothers abdomen as he continued to stay awkwardly bent over. Germany's rested his hands on the top of his brother's head looking down at him as the older man continued to nuzzle against him. Germany let out another sigh, resigning himself to allowing the disruption of his schedule for the day.

"Wie du möchtest..." He spoke quietly and as the words left his mouth a maniacal grin grew on his older sibling's face. Ludwig realized a second too late that he'd made a grave mistake.

"Ja!" Gilbert let go of his dear, sweet little brother long enough to punch his fist into the air and shout in victory. He cackled and grabbed Germany's arm in a vice grip, dragging him back toward a bedroom. Ludwig cringed at how stupid he was for falling for the act but walked along side him without protest.

Cackling again the Prussian's eyes glinted, he grinned up at the tall, muscular blond beside him.

"You're such a push over Westen~" He cooed and erupted in laughter again as his dear West lett out a huff of frustration.

***Meanwhile, In the Soviet Union...***

Lithuania sighed heavily looking over the things in his suit case. Well it can't be worse than being shipped off to Siberia... He thought chewing at his bottom lip and zipping up his luggage. Russia couldn't leave him alone for a few days? No, no, of course not, the brunette continued bitterly on his train of thought, he had to torture him and his brothers ever chance he got, even making them go with him to Germany with him. Toris frowned deeply. What little of Germany he had seen only made him think he was intimidating and frightening. Always so fierce looking, barking orders... What if he was just as bad as Russia? Toris groaned not wanting to think about it. He hoped Belarus would forgive him for having to miss their date...

* * * * *

AN: This should get moving along better in the next chapter, plus we'll get to some smut lol.

I usually don't use enough German to warrant translation but I felt like it this time. Correct me if I'm wrong!

liebes Brüderchen, bitte = dear little brother, please

Bitte... Ich brauche dich, weil ich dich liebe... Bruder... = Please...I need you because I love

Verdammt! = Damn it!

Wie du möchtest... = As you wish...