Ludwig's arms were wrapped tightly around the brunettes small waist now. Toris's fingers running along his skin, upward until they entangled in the blond locks. Their lips and bodies pressed firmly together, tongues entwined in what was not a battle for dominance, but a passionate fight to feel more of everything the other had to offer.

Germany broke away from the kiss with some difficulty and held Toris away from him at arms length. He sighed and hung his head, his eyes squeezing shut as he felt a tremor run though him at the effort it took to resist. The blond swallowed hard and lifted his head back up to look into the Lithuania's eyes. Toris blinked and stared back at him, filled with confusion and some fear.

"I don't want you to do this because of him..." Ludwig said, his expression wrought with steely determination as he spoke. Toris huffed in frustration and glared down at the floor with such rage as Ludwig didn't think him capable of. When he finally spoke the seething hatred came though his words like an acid, though he kept his voice calm and controlled.

"That man has taken away everything good in my life. The things he has done to me and my people... " Here he paused and looked up at Ludwig, locking eyes with him to make certain that he was understood. "I will not allow him to ruin this for me." The brunette's expression softened as he ran a hand over Ludwig's face, down his neck and chest. "I won't let him..."

There were tears in the corners of Toris' eyes as Ludwig took him in his arms again, their lips meeting in a much more gentle kiss. They slowly explored one another's mouths, hands moving over clothed bodies, buttons being loosened... They paused only long enough for Ludwig to lead the smaller man to a bedroom. Each took their time undressing the other. Slowly and carefully each article of clothing was discarded as the newly revealed skin was properly worshiped, kissed and caressed as it trembled, the muscles underneath tensing and relaxing in anticipation.

Toris stepped back, sitting on the bed now as Germany kissed down his chest. The strong hands ran over the scars on the brunette's back and Ludwig grimaced. He would never ask. He would never bring up such terrible memories for the other man. For an instance though the blond was filled with unrelenting anger as he thought of all the terrible things he might do to the man who had caused Toris such pain. He huffed and took a deep breath, exhaling slowly, pushing the anger away for now as he kissed lower down the brunette's abdomen.

"Hnn..." Toris' head tilted back and he whimpered needily before giving in and laying back onto the bed. Ludwig kissed down the throbbing member before taking it in his hand. Toris clenched the sheets in his fists, sighing and chewing at his lip, his eyes screwed shut. The blonde's tongue flicked out and he swirled it along the tip and around the head eliciting a shaky moan from the other. He finally took the cock in his mouth, sucking gently and bobbing his head up and down slowly. Toris sighed and moaned, squirming under the German's motions, his hands moving to grasp at the blond locks again, pulling at them gently in desperation.

Germany pulled his mouth away and smiled, standing and walking over to the other side of the bed where he retrieved a vat of lube. He placed on the nightstand before climbing onto the bed. He sat there running his hands over Toris' face and neck for a moment before the smaller man shifted, turning to pounce on the larger blond in his impatience. Toris grounded into him, sucking and biting at the neck of the man beneath him and it was all Ludwig could do to keep from switching their positions and taking him right then.

The blond moaned and bucked up at the brunette causing Toris to gasp and moan into his shoulder. Ludwig reached over and quickly coated three fingers in the slick substance. Toris cooperated, lifting himself onto his hands and nees. He shivered and bit his lip as the first digit was inserted. Ludwig worked slowly and steadily, stretching and teasing the entrance with his first finger before inserting the next and then the last. Toris blushed and rocked slightly in response to the German's diligent work and then he gasped, letting out a half strangled moan as his spot was brushed against teasingly.

Ludwig tested the hole with another stretch before removing his fingers. Toris let out a quiet whimper but was not left to want for long. Ludwig pulled at him gently, silently directing him so that he was positioned properly. The swollen head of his own member pressing against the opening now. Ludwig held Toris' hips firmly as he slowly pushed upward into him. Toris called out and squirmed slightly, digging his nails into the other's hands as he was determined to stay still. Ludwig was fully inside him now and the blond reached up, pulling him down for a deep kiss as he waited for the brunette to adjust to the new intrusion.

"Hn...mmm..." Toris pulled his hips up, feeling the shaft and head move against his inner walls as he moved, still not breaking the kiss. He then shifted his hips back down, slowly impaling himself onto the throbbing member again. Ludiwg whimpered pitifully at the teasing but didn't move to stop it himself. Toris sped up the pace steadily riding him now, both gasping and hissing at the pleasure. Ludwig sighed and panted rubbing at the smaller mans thighs as he started bucking up into the other's motions. Toris gasped at the added friction and moved faster, biting his lip before sucking and nibbling at his partner's nipples.

"Gah--" Germany gasped and shivered, matching his thrusts to the actions of the smaller man above him. He felt as though he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. The blond carefully wrapped his hand around the neglected member of the brunette and pumped it once slowly, running his fingers over the swollen head and leaking tip. Toris whimpered and rocked against him faster, pushing himself down onto the other's cock with increasing force.

"Ah-hah...Ahhh!" Germany exclaimed and started pumping Lithuania's member roughly, matching every motion with the desperate rocking of the other. They both tensed, holding their breath as the intense rutting continued for a moment longer, pushing them both over their climax. They each called out something incomprehensible and Toris collapsed onto the larger man. He lay there, weak and panting for a long moment, before finding the strength to pull out and roll off him. Germany turned and took the smaller man in his arms, nuzzling his head against the other's, both their bodies damp with sweat from their exertion.


Ah, very sorry it took so long...