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Chapter 1

Six months. Six months is how long she's been gone, and now here she is, back to Princeton, in a restaurant waiting for Wilson. Everything looks the same, the streets look the same. She sees the people sitting in the restaurant talking, eating; even they look the same. And yet they don't, nothing is the same, and Cameron knows it.

Her divorce with Chase was finalized three months ago, Cameron hasn't seen him since their last meeting with the lawyers. She hasn't seen or talk to anyone from PPTH for that matter. No one except Wilson. They've kept in touch, have an occasional lunch, and talks on the phone, he's really been a good friend, always supportive. No one knows the two have not only kept their friendship, but that this friendship is grown over these past few months.

When Cameron left House was trying to get his team back together, and as far as she knows he has succeeded, Forman, Taub, Thirteen and Chase are all back to being his underlings. House. She tried to keep her thoughts away from him, she always assumed Chase would be the one on her mind, after all they were married and happy for a while. But no, House was the one that kept haunting her. Yes, haunting was the right word. According to Wilson he was now in a relationship with Cuddy, she didn't know any more details, she could ask Wilson and he would tell her. Cameron did not want to know.

She went to Boston, to try to build a new life, where no one knew her past, and she could start from zero. That seemed like a good idea…, it didn't work. Her thoughts always drag her back to Princeton, she didn't really like her job, and was unable to move on. So when a job offer from Princeton General Hospital came, Cameron decided to take it. She would be back to Princeton, she loved the city, but not back to her old life. Her new hospital was close to PPTH but not that close, so she thought she was safe. Yes, Princeton had become her home over the years, and now she was back.

Wilson stepped inside the restaurant looking for Cameron, he spotted her sitting at a table on the far end of the restaurant, she had an expression that told him she was far away in her own thoughts. House isn't the only one who can read people, Wilson is just more subtle.

He approached Cameron, stood in front of her, she looked up, an instant smile on her lips, she really was happy to see him. Cameron stood up from her chair and Wilson immediately put his arm around her. Sitting down he saw the strange expression on her face, was she nervous?

"So what's this news, you couldn't tell over the phone? It must be big for you to come back here."

"Good to see you too!"

"Sorry, sorry! I'm just curious, you didn't give me any clues. How are you doing?" Wilson asked with a smile on his face.

"I'm good." Cameron smiled at him.

The waitress came and asked for their order, they both ordered just coffee.

"So, hum…, what's the news?" He really couldn't hide his excitement. And she couldn't blame him, every time he asked about it she changed the conversation.

Wilson noted she had that expression again, whatever it was she was nervous to tell him.

"I got a job offer, a really good one."

"That's great! Is it in Boston? Don't tell me you're leaving the country?! Not that it wouldn't be good but…" Cameron cut him off.

"It's here in Princeton. The board of Princeton General wants me to run their hospital."

The look on Wilson's face was priceless, his mouth was stuck open, definitely not what he expected.

"Uau, Uau! That's amazing!" Ok. Wilson thought, that explains why she was nervous, moving back to Princeton wouldn't be easy.

The waitress came back with their coffee and settled it front of them, Wilson nodded, and Cameron said thanks.

"How did that happen? And I assume you said yes."

"They have several administrators because it's a big hospital, but none of them are doctors, they want someone young with fresh ideas, but also with experience. They think because I used to work with House, and everyone knows how difficult he is, that I'm perfect for the job."

Wilson took a good look at Cameron, she was clearly glad to be back, but definitely not at ease. Feeling she wasn't done he nodded for her to continue.

"It's a really good offer, their giving me complete freedom to do what I want."

"And I bet the paycheck is nice too. Can't wait to see the look on House's face when he finds out!"

Cameron immediately stiffed at the mention on House's name. Wilson regretted his words.

"I didn't mean like that. He's going to be proud of you."

With a self imposed coldness Cameron responded to him.

"I don't care what he thinks, eventually everyone will know, it's not a secret."

Changing the topic Wilson asked

"So where are you staying? Have you found a place yet?"

"I'm staying at a hotel. I don't start working for another two weeks. I was actually hoping you could help me to find a place. You always had good connections with real estate brokers." She teased.

Wilson chuckled. She was right.

"I think I can manage that." Wilson looked at his watch and said

"Coffee break is over. I need to get back" He paid for both their coffees and turn to her.

"I'll call you to talk about house hunting."

Cameron reached for him to give him a hug, and when they broke apart he said to her

"Welcome back." Cameron smiled.

"Thank you." They both knew she wasn't just thanking him for coffee, but for everything, for being there for her.

On his away to the hospital Wilson's mind was at full speed. Cameron was back. She was back. How was this going to affect the people he works with? And what about Chase, he seemed to be doing well but the divorce was still pretty recent. And then there was House, if he reacted the wrong way, not only Wilson would be dealing with his humor at work but also at home, since they were still living together.

Opening the door to his office he was faced with none other than House sitting on the chair behind his desk, going through his drawers.

"What are you doing?" Wilson asked.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" House said annoyed.

"Looks like you're snooping trough my stuff."

"If you already know, than why are you asking? It's wasting my time!"

Rolling his eyes Wilson sat in front of House, in the chair usually used by his patients.

"You know, I could help you if I knew what you're looking for. For time saving purposes of course."

Shutting the drawer House locked eyes with Wilson.

"You've been mysterious all week, secret phone calls, and now secrets coffee breaks. Is it a new girlfriend, wait it's a nurse right? Always so original Wilson!"

"I was with a woman but she's my friend, nothing more. Not that it's your business."

"A woman but not a girlfriend. Hum. Interesting…"

"Gonna leave my office? Some of us actually see their patients."

"Gonna tell me the truth? Or do I have to keep snooping?" House said smirking.

"You don't always have to know everything. We already live together, I'd like for some things to be private."

"Have to know everything, no. But want to know everything, yes."

Rolling his eyes again Wilson gestured with his hand for House to get up, he did.

"I'm not telling you, and I don't have time for this right now. I've got a patient coming in."

"Wilson boy, haven't you learn anything? Sooner or later I always get the information out of you, might as well be sooner, don't you think? Wouldn't want to keep the dying patients waiting." House said continuing to smirk.

Wilson opened his mouth to respond, but House's pager started beeping. House took the pager and sighted.

"You're lucky my patient is dying, again. Otherwise we would finish this right now." House said while moving to the door opening it. Wilson was about to sight in relief when House turned back.

"Instead we'll finish this at home."

Wilson herd the door close, and the relief he was hoping to feel didn't came, instead he thought how he would resist not telling House about Cameron. Wilson actually wanted to tell him Cameron was back, he was curious to what House's reaction would be. He stopped thinking when he heard a knock on his door. His patient was here.

House sat in the couch watching TV waiting for Wilson. Cuddy asked him if he wanted to spend the night, but he was too curious. Also he wasn't in the mood to hear Cuddy talk about hospital problems, or to hear baby talk for that matter. He chased Cuddy for so long, he actually believed she was his last chance at love. Love. Was it love? He wanted to believe so.

Shaking these thought out of his mind he focused on Wilson. He needed to know what he was hiding. Usually he told him everything, so that fact that he wasn't caving meant that it was something big. He was curious.

Wilson was feeling tired, his patient had no hope for cure the cancer was far too advanced, it was just a matter of time. He walked into his home and sat next to House. House saw the look on his friend face and this was his shot. Getting up he grabbed two beers and sat on the couch handing one to Wilson. He was exhausted, this was going to be easier than he thought.

"Ready for round two?"

"No." Wilson answered. He knew he was going to spill everything.

"You didn't actually think I was gonna leave it, did you?"

"No, but like they say, hope is the last thing to lose." He said drinking his beer.

"Ah, isn't he cute! Just tell me, or I won't let you rest, and by the look on your face you definitely need it. You look like crap!"

"Thanks! You're such a good friend!" Wilson said with sarcasm.

"That's why you love me! Now tell me." House demanded.

This is it! Wilson thought. Besides it's not like Cameron said not to tell him. In fact she said it wasn't a secret.

"I went to have coffee with a friend. She had some news to tell me." Wilson started.

"Oh please! Just get to the juicy part, so I can get off your back!"

"Right! The juicy part." He sighted.

Here it goes.

"I was with Cameron. She got a job offer here. She's moving back to Princeton."

Wilson search for any reaction, any expression on House's face. He saw none. The man was in shock . His expression went blank at the mere mention of Cameron's name.

"Now you know." He took another sip at his beer.

Gathering himself House put his sarcastic face.

"So you and Cameron huh? I guess you did get tired of the nurses."

"What? No! We're just friends. You know that."

"She was an idiot to leave in the first place. She could have stayed and work with me, like Chase did."

Wilson put his beer down on the coffee table and turned to House.

"Please! You knew she wouldn't stay, but you had to go and do your thing anyway."

"Still it was an idiot thing to do." House took his empty bottle to the kitchen and said to Wilson

"I'm going to sleep, you should go too. Like I said you look like crap."

House left to his room, but Wilson stayed for a few more minutes. When he was done with the beer he went to his room for some much needed rest.

House was rolling around in his bed, he was tired but sleep just wouldn't come. Why is this affecting him? He doesn't care about Cameron, she left and now is back, so what? He's not Chase, he wasn't married to her, and he wasn't in love with her. So why couldn't he sleep? He had to admit, he felt bad for how things turn out to be, but he wasn't the reason she left, he had nothing to be sorry for.

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