My heart of the keyblade

Ok here is my first attempt at a kingdom hearts fic. I know part of the story of birth by sleep but I don't know about certain things like the graveyard of keyblades.

On that same note I'm almost done with chapter four of My drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens. If you haven't read it pleas give it a look. I'd like everyone's opinion, the good, bad, and indifferent.

Well here we go enjoy!

Starts Now

One thing could be said about the goddess of destiny. Sometimes she could be a real bitch and other times a miracle worker. At this very moment our hero's couldn't decide whether to thank her or curse her for they're part in her game of life.

You would think when the goddess of destiny selected a so called chosen one, they're would only be one. Turns out her favorite number was three, and her choices came in threes.

Currently two of our hero's were sitting on a beach shrouded in darkness. Their names were Sora and Riku. Again by destinies cruel design these two friends had endured hardship that transcended through everything. Light the element that illuminated the darkness and darkness the element that drowned the light was no obstacle for theses two.

They were sore, beaten, and tired as they sat on the dark beach. They're final battle with Xemnas was epic and didn't come without a cost. Riku was the worst off, his broken leg and several bruised ribs prevented him from walking on his own.

Sora wasn't too hurt, he could walk just fine. As he stared at the twilight encased sunset his thoughts went to Kairi. He believed he would never get to see her smiling face ever again. And his mom, he hadn't seen her since the heartless destroyed Destiny Island.

Sure he could went back after defeating Xehanort's heartless that had taken over Riku setting the worlds right again. But his conscious wouldn't let him without Riku with him.

They had no way of returning home now. Moreover, in the perpetual night in the Realm of Darkness, seamed even more depressing. Little did they know a figure in the darkness had been watching them from a far.

The figure was draped in the same signature black cloaks that Organization XIII had been know for. As time lingered on two figures appeared next to the black cladode entity. The one to his left was what looked to be an odd suit of armor, and to his right what looked to be a transparent version of Sora's nobody Roxas.

The cloaked figure removed his cloaks hood to reveal the face of a beautiful young girl with short hair that looked like water. She seamed to smile at the two figures next to her.

"It's been a long time, Ventus, Terra." She said as tears began to fall from her eyes.

"That it has Aqua, but Ventus doesn't exist anymore its Roxas now!" Roxas replied.

"Yes it's been ages, I thought I would never see you again my friends." The suit of armor dubbed Terra replied.

The three stared at the two friends that lay exhausted upon the beach. It was almost nostalgic for them. Almost like a memory from a distant dream.

"They remind me so much of you two ten years ago." Aqua stifled out between her sobs.

"Yeah they do, but at least they didn't make the same mistakes I did." Replied Terra.

"They are good kids, with a bright future and without Vanitas I can never truly be whole the darkness will only hold me for so long!" Roxas stated.

"I guess we all have our problems now that Xehanort's nobody has been defeated I can finally rest." Terra said almost at peace with himself.

"My heart has been in the darkness for so long that I don't know how too live in the light anymore." Aqua started off staring at the sky. Her eyes were bright as if she had found something she had lost years ago.

"If you guys weren't with me I couldn't live with myself, if there is a heaven I hope we are able to be together again." She said as her body fell backwards leaving a transparent version of herself. Within her image was what to be believed to be her chest was her heart.

"What about your body, a nobody of you is the last thing the worlds need now!" Roxas stated.

"I guess that sending it to Castle Oblivion will do, I am sure that someone will find a good use for it." Aqua replied as the image of a certain blond haired nobody crossed her mind.

"I guess I can't stop you, my memories will fade away shortly as is, but we can't condone those two to an eternity of darkness can we?" Roxas asked his best friends.

"No, I don't suppose we can how about we open one last door for old time's sake?" Terra asked turning to his two friends.

"Yes, I believe we owe them that much wouldn't you?" Aqua replied as a keyblade which tip resembled that of a two dimensional crown.

And on cue a keyblade appeared in Roxas and Terra's hands. Roxas's keyblade resembled a metallic bird like wing. And Terra's was massive the top created an arrow like top and the groves between them jutting down to the sword like blade began in different proportions.

All three keyblade masters held their keyblades together in unison. A stream of light shot forward right above the water in front of Sora and Riku. And then a large keyhole made of light ripped open the realm. The three keyblade masters began to fade away with the light giving they're successors a ticket home as a final gift.

Sora and Riku felt the power from the light as it calmed their minds. It gave a new glint of happiness soar from their hearts as they looked at the newly formed door. They unknowingly would never be able to thank they're savored.

"Hey Riku I bet I can beat you to the light!" Sora mocked.

"Oh your on, I can't let you break my wining streak again!" Replied Riku. He had been worried that Sora had changed over the past three years.

'He hasn't changed a bit!' Riku thought to himself as he pushed himself off the ground.

Riku forced himself in to a dull run trying to pick up as much momentum as possible running towards the radiant gateway. Sora was not going to let Riku win, but he did not want to leave him too far behind in the shape he was now. The two friends dashed forward as fast as they could not caring what may lie ahead.

Kairi stood on the Beach of Destiny Island looking at the tangerine horizon. Goofy, Donald Duck, and their illusive leader King Mickey stood along side her. Her eyes burned from tears that she refused to shed.

King Mickey had told her the door to the Realm of Darkness,had been closed. That was not what had her heart aching. The door had closed with no hope of being open again. Her heart as felt like it was being ripped out by Maleficent again. After two years of waiting to see Sora again hurt, but her memory of him erased once before hurt even worse.

Her cerulean eyes mimicked the ocean as thoughts of loosing both her best friends again. She did not think she could live with it, especially if she lost Sora again. She had deep feelings for Sora and she hoped he had felt the same about her. She had given him her heart once before while she was being held captive by Maleficent's.

'A girl does not give her heart to just anyone' She admitted to herself. She had fallen for the goofball and fallen hard.

Goofy looked over to Kairi to see a tear fall down her left cheek. He let his shield fall to the ground as he pulled a handkerchief from his vest. Goofy had always been a big softy and he hated to see tears on anyone's face. With a gentle press of the handkerchief, he wiped away Kairi's tears.

"Don't worry Miss Kairi, ah-hyuck I'm sure Sora and Riku will find a way back!" Goofy stated rubbing the back of his neck with a big fatherly grin plastered on his face.

"Aaaaaaaah phooey!" Donald quacked as he folded his arms to his chest "We don't know he'll be back, you shouldn't tell people things like that!"

"Gawrsh Donald, I didn't mean to offend nobody; I just know that as long as we have faith they'll find a way back!" Goofy said as he pulled Kairi and Donald to his side like the lovable lug he was.

"Heeeyyy what's the big idea!" Donald quacked to Goofy's actions.

"Goofy's right Donald!" Mickey stated with a warm smile "As long as we keep believing our hearts will light they're way back home!" Mickey finished holding his hand towards his heart.

At that very moment, a large gateway of light opened a few yards away in the water. It was as if the goddess of destiny was smiling down on Kairi as two figures immerged from the radiant void face first into the water.

Sora and Riku pulled their heads up form the water to see the Beach of Destiny Island. If they were not soaked to the core. At that moment, you would say they were crying at the sight. The two friends hunched backwards into the water, they began laughing.

They were home, and nothing was going to change that now. Riku personally missed his mom and dad. Living in the darkness had its quirk, but he had not had a home cooked meal in three years.

"So what do we do now Sora?"

"We go home of course. Crap I haven't cleaned my room in three years moms going to kill me!" Riku could help but laugh at Sora's antic.

"It's been so long I don't know how to even face my parents now." Riku stated a bit sad.

"Like this!" Sora replied holding the sides of his lips with his index fingers and his eyelids with his thumbs.

That was it for Riku he was officially in pain as he laughed straining his bruised ribs. The setting sun and calm of the ocean calm their minds. It was almost too quiet, but nothing else could possibly surprise the now could it?

"YAAAAA-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOOEY!" Rang Goofy's signature scream as he and Donald descended upon the two unexpecting keyblade wielders.

"GOOFY, DONALD!" Sora shouted as he pulled both his friends into a hug.

Riku could not help but smile for Sora. He had made two great friends during his adventure. Riku felt a bit sad, he kept everyone at a distance, constantly walking in the darkness.

"You come here too Yaw big Palooka!" Donald said pulling Riku into a hug.

"Ah-hyuck we're all friends now and forever!" Goofy stated pulling everybody into a hug.

Kairi believed she was seeing things as she stared at them from the beach. It was Sora and Riku they were back. The tears she had been fighting back flooded from her eyes like a fountain.

"SORA, RIKU!" She shouted starting a sprint for her friends.

Sora and Riku looked over to see the brunet running at them as fast as her legs could take her. Her pink dress was soaked before she even reached them, as the water was now knee deep.

The three friends fell backwards into the water as Kairi's hug momentous force hit them. It was a true reunion for these three children of destiny. Ironic that destiny seemed to follow them everywhere. I guess growing up on an island named Destiny Island was not all superstition.

At least that is what Riku believed. Sora who had pretty much spent puberty in suspended animation was experiencing an entirely new sensation. Sora could make out the scent of strawberries and paupou juice coming from Kairi's hair.

'God she smells wonderful, wait why do I think that?' Sora was thoroughly confused.

Kairi loosened her grip on the two teenaged boys allowing then to stand up. Riku was in a world of pain. Anyone looking at his could tell, and all this hugging was just making the pain from his ribcage worse. He was leveling himself on Sora's shoulder as it was. This was the first true reunion in three years.

"Oh my god! Riku are you ok?" Kairi asked seeing his pained expression.

"Don't worry about me Kairi; I'll be fine as soon as I can muster the strength for a Curaga." Riku replied to the worried girl.

Riku did care for Kairi, but not in a romantic manner. He had come to terms with his feelings back when Maleficent had lied to him about returning Kairi's heart. If they had a relationship in any kind, it would be that a brother and sister.

"Gosh fella's I was worried about you for a moment!" Stated King Mickey appearing out of nowhere.

"We thought we were trapped there for good your majesty!" Sora replied.

"Well we should get you guys out of those wet clothes now shouldn't we?" Mickey stated. "It's already going to be difficult to explain the situation to your families."

Sora deadpanned at that moment. He had not seen his mother in so long and he did not know what he would even say. After his father died when he was seven, he was all his mother had. Sora was heart broken as well, but that is when Kairi had become a major influence in his life.

"I will escort Princess Kairi home before Mr. Riku." Mickey stated. "Goofy, Donald would you assist Sora home I'm sure he could use your help."

"Hey whats the big idea volunteering us!" Donald quacked.

"Gawrsh Donald, I think he means he'll need us as his friends for moral support."

Donald could not argue with that logic. He knew Goofy was not the sharpest tool in the shed, but when it came to matters of the heart, he was uncontested. All Donald really could do was mutter. "Ahhh-phooey!"

Sora who had handed over Riku's support to the king could not help but look over at his friends. They had proven to two of the best friends anyone could ever make. He had lost everything to Riku trying to return Kairi's heart.

With Riku who had taken supremacy over the keyblade. Goofy and Donald chose to follow the king's order and follow the Key bearer. In addition, after Beast had help Sora regain his confidence, he confronted Riku again. It looked like the end for Sora who had taken on Riku with nothing more than a wooden sword. That is when Goofy came too his rescue.


"Quit while you can!" Riku stated as Goofy and Donald stood to his right.

"No, not without Kairi!" Sora replied.

"The darkness will destroy you!" Riku stated as his clothes morphed into Xehanort's heartless uniform.

"Your wrong Riku, the darkness may destroy my body but it can't touch my heart, it will stay with my friends, IT'LL NEVER DIE!"

"Really?" Riku asked nonchalantly. "Well, we'll just have to see about that!" Riku stated as he fired a dark burst at Sora.

"Ahhhhh!" Sora yelled waiting for pain but was greeted by the sight of Goofy standing in front of him.

"Sora ain't gonna go anywhere!" Goofy stated.

"You'd betray your king?" Riku asked skeptically.

"Not on your life! But I'm not going to betray Sora either, cause he'd become one of my best buddies after all we've been through together!" Goofy stated looking over to Sora giving him thumbs up.

Sora felt unbelievably happy that Goofy had not only came to his aide, but also chose their friendship over a task set to them by the king. Goofy looked back at Donald and began to wave.

"See ya later, Donald! Could ya tell the king I'm really sorry?"

"Hold on Goofy! We'll tell him together!" Donald said running over to Sora and Goofy. "Well you know…all for one and one for all." Donald said to Sora apologetically.

"I guess you're stuck with us, Sora!"

End Flashback

Sora could help but reflect on that memory. It was one of the many he cherished from their friendship. The smile on his face was warm and gracious for his friend help. If he were going to do this, it would not be the same without their help.

"Thanks guys you're the greatest."

Sora then looked over to Kairi who was staring at him with her sparkling azure eyes. Her presence was basked in twilight, making her smiling face even more appealing.

'God she's beautiful, but she probably likes Riku more than me' Sora thought to himself as he looked to her feet.

"Sora." Kairi said making his eyes meet hers. "Promise to come meet me over by the paupou tree later ok?" She asked as she pulled the boy into a hug.

Sora was stunned at her actions and all he could do was to wrap his arms around her waist returning her hug.

"I promise Kairi!" Sora said as he unwantingly let her go. She sadly waved goodbye as she ran to catch up with the king and Riku.

Sora reluctantly brought his arm up the stopped before it could even resemble a wave. This was not a goodbye it was I will see you later. Moreover, he would fight Ansem and Xemnas ten times over for it.

"Well guys shall we go?" Sora asked reluctant on going whatsoever.

"What's the matter, Sora you don't sound happy to be home?" Goofy asked.

"Yeah, your parents must be worries sick about you!" Donald stated.

"I really don't know, I'm all my mom has left, and because I spaced and didn't even think of letting her know I was ok…!" Sora could not even finish his sentence with his tears flooding the like a dam had burst.

Goofy gave Sora the handkerchief from his pocket. Donald did not know what to do; sure, he did have some experience where Sora stood. Since his brother died leaving Huey, Dewey, and Louie in the care of both him and his uncle Scrooge. However, he could not even begin to know how Sora felt about what his mother may have felt or done with Sora gone.

"Come on pale you won't know until you go and see her now will you?" Donald said putting the best serious face he could given he had no teeth.

Sora looked at Donald, his sobs had now calmed down to sniffles. Sora once again was in dept to Goofy and Donald. How could he ever repay them for being such good friends? They always knew how to bring a smile back to his face.

After walking over a large bridge that seemed to connect several large trees together, they arrived at a red basil wood door. The houses had gotten a great deal more modern along with the outside of his house as well. Nevertheless, for Sora the door to his house was all he needed to know it was still his door.

In addition, 'Sora was here!' scratched into the wood was a deed giveaway. Sora reached over to a near by branch and pulled a coconut from it. With one glance, it looked like a regular coconut, but he had simply pulled the coconut apart revealing a hidden key.

'Good old mom, always leave the spare key for me when I'm out late' Sora smiled at his thoughts as he slipped the key into the door lock.

He could not help but chuckle at himself as he turned the key. He had been traveling to different worlds locking and unlocking cosmic locks with a giant key or keyblade. It was all a little too bit ironic.

Fear swarmed through Sora's throat as he opened the door. The place was dark and you could hardly see anything in front of him. Donald finally had been fed up with waiting on Sora and pushed Sora forward to put him inside.

The house had changed a bit from what he could see. Him mom had gotten new furniture, and the living room was now a tangerine color instead of a light blue. In addition, the walls had picture of him from years on back. There were a few of him and Kairi and Riku as well as some of him with his mom.

'She hasn't forgotten me; I am such a fucking idiot!' Sora screamed in his head.

The lights flickered on making Sora, Goofy, and Donald cover they are eyes from the rapid change in illumination. A chocolate brown haired woman with bright blue eyes, wearing a silk lavender nightgown stood in at the base of the stairs. In addition, it did not make the trio feel better that she had a shotgun in her hand.

Gale had been nervous wreck for the past two years. The ever so Haynes creatures called heartless had confronted her. Moreover, with her son missing she had o be strong for him. He had always bragged about leaving the Island to travel and see other worlds as Sora called them. However, he had always said he would come back wherever he was and take her with him when could. That word of his was what had kept her from falling apart.

"Who are you and are you doing in my house?" Gale asked not wanting to take any chances. (A/N: a little wind pun for ya, Gale and Sora)

Sora looked at the woman to see it was his mother with awe. She had not changed a bit since he had last seen her. Age wise at least, he wanted to leave it at that. The last thing he wanted to do was piss his mom off after being away for three years.

"Mom it's me, Sora!" He said and not even a millisecond later, he found himself in a bone-crushing hug.


"Mom…ch…choking…not…br…breathing!" Sora staggered out before his face began to turn blue.

"I'm sorry honey I just am so happy to see you, I been worried sick everyday you have been gone." She sobbed into his shoulder. "I always pictured you off in the middle of the ocean starving or out in some uncharted place being mulled by those disgusting black creatures!" her cry's grew harder and louder with that.

Sora had tears roll down his eye as he pulled his mother for a close loving embrace. He could not stand having made her worry this much and not even once before now checking in. He would not make that mistake twice, no he dare not dream of letting it happen again.

"Its okay mom I'm here now and I'm not leaving you anytime soon!" Sora said as he hugged her even tighter.

After a short time, they released each other from their embrace. Gale looked at how much her son had matured since she last seen him. He was the spitting image of his father. Before she could get anymore sentimental, her eyes noticed Donald and Goofy. A giant duck and what looked to be a humanoid dog standing in her kitchen.

Sora and his mother being reunited with each other had touched Goofy and Donald. It made them think of the loved ones they had left at home waiting for them. In addition, honestly it made them homesick.

"Ummm, Sora honey who or what are they?" Gale asked making Donald deadpan and Goofy giggle.

"Mom let me introduce you to my best buddies..."

"Gawrsh its offolly nice to make your acquaintance malady, my name is Goofy." Goofy said removing his hat and tacking a bow. Only to hit his nose on the side of the kitchen table, in which he laughed it off.

"Very nice to meet you, my names Donald Duck." Donald announced taking his sailor hat off bowing as well.

"It very nice to meet the both you as well, Sora you have a lot of explaining to do!"

"Mom you have no idea." Replied the nervous key bearer.

An hour of explaining to his mother what heartless and nobodies were, he had finally been able to complete the long tale of his adventures with Goofy and Donald. His mother warmed up to Goofy and Donald better than he had thought she would have.

Goofy and Donald left shortly after a small offering of leftover fish stir-fry and fresh fruit. They said they wanted to assist the king if he needed any help so they were off. Sora had been talked into washing up in the bath.

He stared at the ceiling as the steam circled around him. He had just one thing on his mind, Kairi. He did not know why but ever since their last three encounters he could not get her out of his mind. I guess that what you get when you sleep through puberty, raging hormones.

Kairi was a mystery to him; sure, she had been his best friend since they were six years old. Bur why were things different now. She was a goddess in human skin. Moreover, that what perplexed him, what was this fluttering feeling coming from his stomach.

'Your in love man admit to it your in love with Kairi!'

"Roxas is that you?" Sora asked looking around for the source of the voice.

'No I'm just another nobody that lives in your heart, of course it's me!' replied Roxas sarcastically.

"Are you sure its love, or am I just getting sick?"

"God! I wish Axel was here, I can't explain the damn emotion, I can tell what it is when I see it and your in love my friend!" Roxas stated leaving Sora speechless.

Shortly after his bath, Sora borrowed a pair of old jeans that had belonged to his father that were still a little baggie on him. He also borrowed an old black dress shirt that seemed to suit the look.

He told his mother that he was supposed to meet Kairi and he was not going anywhere but the paupou tree on the beach. Funny a boy who saves the fabric of reality twice had to disclose his whereabouts to his mother. Nevertheless, hey could you blame him.

Sora made his way to the Paupou tree to find Riku had beaten him to it. Sora decided to take seat next to his friend and stare at the full moon over the placid ocean waves.


"Hey yourself." Riku replied messing up Sora's hair.

"Where are Goofy Donald and the king?"

"They had to leave right away on urgent business; they said they'd be back in a few days."

"So how'd things with your parents go?" Sora asked Riku.

"Other than my dad almost killing, pretty good and how was seeing your mom?"

"I promised her I would never let myself go anywhere without telling her first." Sora replied with a smile on his face. Riku landed a playful punch on Sora's shoulder in approval. "Hey Riku can I tell you something no matter how ridicules it may sound?"

"Go right on ahead; it wouldn't anything worse than Pete has ever done?"

"I think I'm in love…with Kairi!"

Mickey was not too happy now. A totally stranger had forced his way through Disney Palaces walls and demanded a conference with the king. Apparently, he kept his name anonymous so his conference with the king was assured.

As Mickey entered his throne room there stood a skinny man with bright red spiky hair tied back in a pony tail, his eyes were hazel green he had to red marks trail down his eye lines and black insignias on his cheeks. His manner of dress pertained to be an expensive looking bissness suit, mines the tie and the vest, his jacket slung open lazily as if he did not care on how he looked.

"I have come as to your request, may I asked who you are." Mickey asked the man.

"Back in Organization XIII they called me Axel, my real name is Reno Lea Fair."


Ok I hope you have enjoyed my first attempt of a kingdom hearts fic. Note I do not know what a chaser or Xehanort's plans for kingdom hearts is. I am just going with what I can. And to be official I'll have Sora/Kairi fluff in the next chapter. Do not expect too much now I am not a total stranger to romance but intimacy does not happen right away in a relationship.