Chapter Three: My name is Amasu…are we playing poker or something.

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Mickey could not believe his eyes. He had not seen Ventus in years yet he looked as if he had not age at all. Aqua said she had hidden his body after Vanitas had separated from Ventus's heart.

"I don't quite understand your Majesty!" Axel said confused. "Who's Ventus…and why are you calling Roxas, Ventus anyway?"

"You miss understand, this man was a keyblade master in training…over ten years ago!" Mickey stated as he looked over at Axel.

"How can that be, Roxas was created from Sora after he lost his heart!" Axel said surprising Mickey.

Mickey was unaware that Sora had lost his heart once before. He was not aware on quite a few things, but this was a major issue. This meant that Ventus had become one with Sora's heart.

"So this is what Aqua has done for you my friend, it's a shame…a shell that's heart will never return." Mickey said sadly, as he placed his hand on the glass of the egg shaped pod.

"If that's this Ventus then who is that?" Axel said catching Mickey's attention.

There further down the row of pods floated the body of Aqua. She had a peaceful look on her face almost as if she had finally been at terms with herself. Mickey could no longer fight the tears of pain as he looked at his young friend. She had gone off searching for Ventus's heart. Now that she was here, she must have come to the same conclusion he had.

"Aqua you deserve to sleep…Axel let us leave this place we will return at a later with Sora!" Mickey stated not allowing his eyes to be seen by Axel.

Axel looked back at Ventus. Was his friendship with Roxas a complete lie fabricated from the past? On the other hand, could it have meant that all the events until now had played up too a play writes within the pages of destiny.

Xxxxxxx-Sora and Kairi

Sora awoke to the cry of seagulls flying overhead. His chest felt heavy for some reason as he looked down. There lay Kairi, his love and passion. She was sleeping peacefully with a small smile gracing her lips. Sora had not the heart to disturb her.

'You're a bit of a dumb ass you know that right?' Roxas told Sora.

'Yeah I know, I don't understand love, but with her I don't have to.' Sora said looking at the morning sky.

He had to thank Roxas for yelling at him last night. If he had not Sora probably would have never chased after Kairi. He loved looking at Kairi's beautiful face, her rosy cheeks; her hair tickled his chest like silk. Her every essence that made Kairi, well Kairi teased and prodded Sora.

He would never regret last night, why would he. One he had the girl of his dreams, and two he swore nothing would pry her from his arms. He could not wash the grin from his face as he watched Kairi sleep.

It was not long before Kairi began to stir. Her deep Azure eyes fluttered open to meet Sora's. Her smile warmed Sora's body in a braised sensation. They looked happy to the sight of Sora's smile, yet they looked uncomfortable for some reason.

"Good morning beautiful." Sora said as he leaned in and kissed her. "Is something the matter?"

"I'm just a bit cold that's all." Kairi replied with a smile.

It was true that the tropical mornings here were always a bit frigid, but Sora could handle it. He undid the dress shirt he had borrowed and rapped it around Kairi's shoulders. He would not feel right if he could do anything to make her feel comfortable. The morning air did feel brisk on his bare skin, and yet he liked the feeling.

"Sora you didn't…"

"No I wanted to, what kind of boyfriend I would be if I didn't put your needs before mine." Sora stated before Kairi cold finish.

"Oh so now you're my boyfriend, last night I was your best friend." Kairi replied sarcastically.

Sora acted hurt as he looked to the ground. "I thought last night meant something, I guess it really didn't."

"Sora you big goofball, we can still be best friends, but our relationship is much more than friendship now." Kairi said as he nuzzled against his cheek.

"So we are boyfriend and girlfriend, I call dibs on being the boyfriend!" Sora stated making Kairi laugh at the childish yet effective joke.

"Ok, but I get to be your girlfriend!" She said as she kissed him. Just then, a noticeable sound coming from her stomach, in which she could only blush in embarrassment

Sora could only chuckle as he pulled out the paupou fruit from his pants pocket. He noticed it was a bit bruised but still edible by any means. Without hesitation split the fruit in two equal pieces and handed the other to Kairi.

"Would you like to share this with me?" Sora asked sweetly.

"I would be delighted!" Kairi replied taking the piece of fruit gratefully.

They ate the star shaped fruit sparingly enjoying the serine and vibrant, Island on which they lived. Kairi enjoyed more than anything else did then being held in Sora's arms.

"So you know, now that we share a paupou fruit our destinies are intertwined for good now!" Sora said nibbling on the piece of fruit her had.

"They could not possibly be anymore intertwined than they already are!" Kairi replied happily, as she continuously nibbled on her piece of fruit.


Riku awoke soar and disoriented, but he was aware enough to realize he was not on a street ally floor. Instead, his body had been placed on a bed in an odd room. This was not the clenched though, something had his lower body in a vice grip and it felt like it was getting tighter. His ribcage was already soar and this was just making matters worse for him with each passing second.

He lifted up the blanket to find the very girl he had risked his life to save earlier. Her silver locks were spread everywhere along her side of the bed. He could feel the presence of her feminine assets pressed against him. He was by no means a pervert, but even he had to fight his bodies hormones every once and a while.

However, he did have to admit she was one beautiful young girl. He was curious to why she was hugging him so tight, and why they are in the same bed.

"So…I see that you're awake!" said a voice. Riku looked over to the side of the bedroom door to see Leon Leonhart.

Leon was leaning against the wall next to the door with a large smirk on his face. His eyes were closed, but Riku could tell that Leon was silently mocking him. Riku did not like to be mocked; unless it was by Sora then he could get back at him without much of a challenge. Nevertheless, this was a situation that he did not know how to handle himself.

"Leon, I don't mean to be rude but can you give me a hand?"

"And what kind of fun would that be?" Leon asked.

"Come on you owe me for the heartless incident in Hollow Bastion a year ago!" Riku retorted.

"Sorry, I wish I could help you, but Aerith told me not to under any circumstances disturbed either of you!" Riku knew he was screwed now.

A moment later a young woman wearing a light pink dress, with a dark pink shall walked into the room carrying a first aid kit. Riku knew Aerith was a good medic, but she was scarier than Maleficent when it came down to it. If there was ever a girl you never truly wished to piss off it was she. The fact was, he had personally seen her beat the crap out of Cid when he and Yuffie got into one of they are insult matches.

"Squall, I told you not to wake him up!" She started as Leon slowly began to walk away.

"The kid woke up on his own, but the girl is still asleep so I didn't disobey you at all!" Leon said in his offence.

"Okay Squall, you're forgiven for now." She said before turning her attention to Riku. "You gave us quite a scare back there, and it doesn't help that you're all banged up either."

"Yeah I know, but I didn't have much choice in the matter!" Riku replied. "Ansem was going nuts about this girl's safety, so it had to be important."

"I'll give you that one; you're a good man coming to a girl's defense." She said with a smile. "It reminds me of Zack coming to my defense."

"….yeah…can I get some help here…she's kind of starting to crush my ribs!" Riku asked wheezing.

"I wish I could, the poor girl didn't want to leave your side when we brought you back here, and not too long afterwards she fell asleep next to you!" Aerith told the silver haired boy.

"I want to help you I really do, but I don't want to make Aerith mad!" Squall stated fearfully. "Last time Zack nearly killed me!"

"Oh Zack's not that bad." Aerith said childishly.

"The bastard hurled a three story statue at me after I got caught with you under the mistletoe at our Christmas party!" Leon said franticly.

"Oh he wasn't mad, he was probably trying to get to train some more."

"If that's his definition of training I'd rather be felt up by Maleficent!" Leon said as he and Riku both shuddered ferociously at the thought.

"Who's Maleficent?" Escaped the sleeping girl who had Riku in a vice grip lips. "I want more…pudding!" She said still asleep.

"Wow, she's a sleep talker too, let's hope she doesn't gets a craving for pork or your screwed kid!" Leon said trying not to laugh.

Leon was the loaner type, but everybody needs a good laugh every occasionally. Then again today just was not Riku's day what so ever. In any event, this was a scene right out of Sora's book. Riku silently cursed his best friend for his childish nature.

Then he felt the death grip on his waist loosen. He immediately looked down at the sleeping girl, who was staring back at him now. Her deep amethyst eyes seemed to see right through Riku as if she was looking into his soul. It was creepy, but in a good way. What he could not grasp was what she could be thinking with that deep soul searching stair that she was giving him.

"Excuse me…why am I in the same bed as you?" she asked with a tone similar to a naïve child.

"Sorry that's my fault, you fell asleep so I just set you in the same bed as Riku." Aerith replied.

Riku as quickly as he could bolted out of bed to his feet. He was now free from the girls grip but his ribs ached even more. The silver haired beauty did the same, as she quickly made eye contact with Riku.

"Thank you for saving me…my name is Amasu." She stated giving a small curtsy. (A/N: Once again, shout out to The Autumn Alchemist for Amasu's character design!)

"Your welcome…I couldn't have let a damsel in distress left in a dangerous situation like you had been in." Riku replied scratching his head nervously. "My name is Riku."

Then a chorus of stomach growls echoed through the room. Riku and Amasu were left blushing like tomatoes. Aerith began laughing at the kids antics. It reminded her of her and Zack back in the day.

"Ok guys, I'll treat you to something to eat at the café!" Leon said walking out the door.

Neither Riku nor Amasu were not about to pass up a free meal. They followed him to a small building a few blocks away. They took a seat at a round table as they looked to each other. Riku as curious to what Amasu's origins could well be, and why Ansem was distraught to find her in danger.

"So Amasu may I as a question?" Riku asked him politely.

"You just did, but sure shoot."

"Why were those things chasing you last night?" He asked trying to understand why Xehanort was after her.

"I don't know, I don't even know where I am now but I am grateful for the kindness your showing me!" She said with small beads of tears evident in her eyes.

Riku felt a bit sad for allowing more pain flow through the traumatized girl's heart. It pained him more and more, but the feeling was new to him as if he had known her from a past life. Alternatively, someone knew her from a past life meaning his heartless counterpart Ansem. He wanted to know the connection if there was any, between the two.

"You're quite welcome, you don't have to tell us any more if you don't wish to, but I would like if you could tell me more about yourself?" Riku replied to the distraught teenager.

"No it's fine; I want to tell you, I was born on a farm during a very harsh winter." She began.

Amasu being a newborn child had the odds placed against her at birth. The winter lasted three agonizing months and unfortunately for her eldest sister and two of her older brothers did not make it. She was the youngest out of six children was a very loving and kind to her family. Her father had nicknamed her 'The Blooming Lotus' which she hated being called. She had learned to play a koto a rather difficult instrument to master Farley well given she had no teacher. Her life was happy and she asked for nothing from it until she reached the age of thirteen.

At thirteen, she watched as her family had been devoured by heartless and dragged into the darkness. She spent the next four years cold and alone, to this day she did not know how she survived other than the memory of a brave man who had risked his life to save her. However, all that time alone made her heart close and her personality bitter. A week after her seventeenth birthday she was attacked by heartless. She had woken up in an ally in Transverse Town and had been pursued by the strange creatures not too long afterwards.

"If it's any conciliation Amasu I'm sorry." Riku said looking down. He had never even dreamed that something so horrible could ever happen to one person.

"I don't want your pity!" She scouted as her eyes darkened. "Pity doses nothing but make matters worse, if I want anything from you its friendship! You're the first person in a long time to ever be nice to me."

Riku was astounded by her display of emotions; she had gone from angry to sentimental in a matter of seconds. If anything, Riku was interested even more about this girl. She was different from any girl he had ever met before.

"That's more than reasonable, if you don't have anywhere to go you can stay with me I won't ask you for anything in return." Riku offered.

Amasu thought quietly to herself. By doing so she had nothing to loose so why not. She could feel a small connection to the man by just being near him. So giving a small nod as her reply, she had allowed a small genuine smile to cross her face.

"Great, but I need to tell you some things about me so you understand things are going to be more complicated than ever." Was Riku's rebuttal.

xxxxxx-Axel and Mickey

Mickey could not help his emotions from lowing out. He turned away from the crystal chamber in which held Aqua's resting body. He allowed a silent tear to escape his eye as he began to walk towards the door.

"Sir are you alright?" Axel asked Mickey.

"Yes, I am Axel, but can you make a portal out of here?" Mickey asked the pyromaniac next to him.

"Sure where to?"

"Destiny Island!"

Xxxxxxxx-Destiny Island

Sora had not been in a good mood at the moment. Kairi's father for her being out all night had just chewed him out. Nevertheless, he had to say it was all worth it in the end, he and Kairi was a couple now and he would not allow anyone to destroy it now.

He had made his way home to see his mother grinning like the Cheshire cat when he had a new riddle. Sora could tell this was not going to be good, the only time his mother smiled like this is when she had some blackmail material on him. Well at least that is how he remembered it.

"So where were you last night, it already after ten and your just getting in?" Gale asked her son as her grin grew even wider if it were possible.

"No where, I was on the beach and I guess I passed out!" Sora replied sheepishly.

"Was that before or after you courted dear sweet Kairi?" Gale asked as Sora turned fire engine red.

"Ha…how did you know about that?"

"Oh I saw you on the beach curled up in each others arms, so tell me how far did you get with her?" Gale asked wanting the juicy details of her son's love life.

"I'm not following you; just what are you asking me?" Sora asked not understanding what his mother was asking.

"Did you take a bite out of the forbidden fruit?"

"There's a forbidden fruit on this island? Is it poisonous?" Sora asked innocently.

"No, I'm asking did you answer Mother Nature's call?"


"Snatched her innocence?"

"You're not making scenes!"

"Gobbled her cupcakes?"

"She had cupcake? I knew she was holding out on me!" Sora said not getting the picture.

"Fondled her yumyums!"


'Sora you're an idiot!' stated Roxas.

'Yeah you're me so that make you one as well!' replied Sora.

"Exploring her tempting terrain?"


"Cut down her cherry tree?"


"God damn boy you're dense it's like you never went through puberty!" Gale shouted at her son's naivety.

"Yeah that's because I technically didn't!" Sora explained to his mother that he had been in a suspended animation like sleep for almost three years.

"Oh wow I had no idea, well I feel kind of embarrassed saying all those insinuating phrases to teas you with." Gale said as a light blush covered her face.

"Its ok mom, last night I told Kairi how I really felt if that's what you want to know, nothing more than that." Sora told his mother.

It was then a know echoed from the front door. Sora was the closest person to the door to find someone he did not expect. There before him stood King Mickey with his usual happy go lucky grin plastered on his face. The King was the last person that he ever expected to find at his front door let alone knock.

"Your majesty, this is unexpected is there something I can do for you?" Sora asked curelessly.

"Yes, my counterpart is fetching Princess Kairi, it seemed Riku turned up in Transverse Town last night but with or without him we have matters to discuss." Mickey said as Axel's voice roared into existence.

"Hey Roxas, it's been a while buddy!" Shouted the pyromaniac, who had been escorting a very nervous looking Kairi.

"Axel how are you alive!" Sora shouted as his Keyblade appeared in his hands.

"Sora calm yourself he's a friend not our enemy!" Mickey said taking the blade from Sora's hand as it faded from existence.

Sora had no choice but to listen now. He had not been awake fore more than two hours and today was already turning into a disaster. If today turned out any worse he swore he was not getting out of bed tomorrow.

Xxxxxxx-Riku and Amasu

Amasu was floored about what she was hearing. The whole thing almost sounded far-fetched if she had not witnessed the creatures called heartless before hand. The talk of different worlds was the talk of fools and lunatics. Now it all made sense as Riku explained it to her.

Riku was once again tired tremendously; he had no idea what was causing his fatigue. It just felt like something inside him was draining him of all his strength. He suspected Ansem was behind it, but he brushed the thought aside due to Ansem had not been the same sense they're encounter with Xehanort.

At that moment, Riku felt like he had been pulled out of reality as he now stood face to face with Ansem. His blood wanted to boil as if he had never met the heartless none of these events would have ever happened.

"Riku I know we are not on the best of terms at the moment, but I would like you to do me a favor?" asked the humanoid heartless.

"What go collect hearts for you to grow stronger, forget it?" Riku snapped.

"No I want you to return to The World That Never Was, so we may enlist an ally that will help us defeat our common enemy in the future!" Retorted Ansem.

"Why so you can double-cross me and take over my body!"

"You misunderstand, by enlist I mean revive and I won't be able to double-cross you due to it being the cost of my very being!"

Riku was speechless at this he did not know what to think of what Ansem had just told him. By at the cost of his person to revive an ally what could he possibly be insinuating.

"I don't believe I understand?"

"I wasn't always the evil tyrant that plagued your psyche, I was a keyblade wielder just as you are, one fatal mistake cost me control of my body and sense Xehanort has freed his power from my being I am free!"

"So you're saying your not evil, are you really expecting me to buy that?"

"That is your choice, you and I are a lot alike as when I was human I too had a very strong bond to the power of darkness, but I used it to protect not destroy."

"Me and you alike I find that hard to believe." Riku did not want to admit it but he believed Ansem's words.

"In order to beat Xehanort we need the power of the creatures he cannot control, the Nobodies!" Ansem said distraughtly.

"He can control heatless what to say he isn't controlling you now!" Riku stated bluntly.

"Because heartless and Nobodies share a type symbiosis, a heartless can revive a fallen nobody at the cost of becoming a shadow!" Ansem replied.

"Ok so you loose all your power and your sentient to revive a Nobody, why is it such a big deal?"

"Simple to defeat Xehanort we need Xemnas's help, only he won't have Xehanort's influence clouding his actions"

"Ok say I believe what you are saying, why should I trust you when you have ruined my home, attacked my friends, hurt innocent people for your own personal gain!" Riku shouted as anger seethed through his teeth.

"My body may have committed those crimes but not my spirit; I want to atone for those sins that plague my flesh." Ansem said looking at his hands in disgust.

"Alright I'll go along with it for now but I don't have a way to get there!" Riku said still skeptical on the heartless's intentions.

"You can call the darkness to aide you, just think of the location and the darkness will do the rest." Ansem replied as he faded from Riku's sight.

"Hello Mister Riku are you alive in there?" asked Amasu as she waved her hand in front of Riku's face.

"Sorry, I am fine I just have to take a small trip is all!" Riku sad as his grip on reality tightened.

Riku did not want to tell her that he was actually going through a deal with a heartless. The last thing he wanted to do was cause her to worry any more than she had already. He was contemplating whether to leave her here in Transverse Town, but Leon and Aerith were probably too busy to keep an eye on her until he returned.

Leon had bailed right after their meal had arrived leaving enough money for the tab. So due to the process of elimination Riku had concluded that he had to take her with him. His heart screamed not to take her due to the risk of danger, but he did not have a choice now. He slowly explained to her what was going to happen in a few moments, minus the heartless involvement.

In addition, just as Ansem had explained to Riku who had visualized the fallen door to Xemnas's Kingdom Hearts, a dark void appeared before him. Taking Amasu's had he led her through the vortex to his next destination.

Xxxxxxx-Mickey and the gang

Mickey, Sora, Kairi, Axel, and Gale sat a crossed one another at the dinning room table. Gale who had never been in the presence of royalty had no idea how to present her manners to such high in prestige. She felt rather fidgety as she sat with her hand upon her lap. She looked to her son who had not changed his apathy since Mickey had arrived. She wondered how he could seem so relaxed around the king.

Sora was a smidgen nervous, but he did not want to let it show. The only thing that was on his mind was when did royalty start making house calls. Parts of him wanted too make a pizza delivery joke but he let it slide. There was a perfect time to be a goofball but now was not the time.

"So your majesty, what brings you back to our neck of the universe?" Asked Sora.

"I have made my decision to tell you the Keyblade wielder of light and you one of the seven Princesses of Heart the full truth of our worlds!" Mickey replied pointing to Sora then to Kairi.

"The full truth, I thought we already knew about the worlds and their connection to Kingdom Hearts?" Kairi asked the king.

"Yes, but there is more than just those elements in play, only those who have taken the throne can be given this knowledge." Mickey replied as he retrieved a deck of cards from his jacket pocket.

"Sweet cards! Who's up for a game of Bullshit?" Sora asked jokingly.

Mickey himself was rather amused at the joke as well. Axel was the only one to actually laugh at the crude joke. Gale who wanted to show the utmost respect to their guest's tapped her son on the back of the head.

"Alright this knowledge is very exclusive, but Kingdom hearts is actually one of four kingdoms that hold our worlds in order. In conjunction to the one which represents light there are three more would anyone like to guess the other three?" Mickey asked.

"Lets see if kingdom hearts is light, then darkness has to be one of them as for the other two I have no idea." Sora said with a shrug.

Mickey picked up the deck of cards and retrieved all four kings placing the hearts, clubs and spades in a straight row and the diamond just below the first three. Then pulled out all four Jacks and placed them in a straight line in front of him.

"Ok the kings represent the four kingdoms Light, Twilight, Darkness, and Unity; the four Jacks represent the four champions that destiny had chosen to defend them. There is no way in knowing who is chosen until their mark has arisen. The king of diamonds is Unity of all worlds which makes me the Jack of diamonds." Mickey said as he lifted his sleeve to reveal a crystal color marking upon his left arm.

"Ok but what dose this have to do with us your majesty?" Sora asked confused.

"Yes well, previous kings have for many generations gathered those who may use the Keyblade to their command. These keyblade wielders were used to gather and train with other potential keyblade wielders to locate the chosen. For all those who have been to the Hall of Awakening have the knowledge that a special keyblade can be constructed to unlock all three kingdoms." Mickey said as he placed an ace next to each king.

"Alright I get it the past kings must have wanted to control the other kingdoms to expand their rule over the other worlds!" Kairi said putting her hands over her mouth.

"Really? I thought they just had a key fetish but whatever works for them!" Axel said with a light chuckle.

"That may have been the goal for some Princes, but not all. The king before me had fell ill and died of unnatural causes I was chosen to take over the throne but I did not do so for several years due to my training with Master Yen Sid. I had learned that some of the information that had been discovered to make this master keyblade or X-blade as Xehanort had called it, it could only be forged when light and darkness converge and unify as one. This sparked many wars among keyblade bearers to forge such weapon. Sadly they all ended in disaster on the land known now as the Keyblade Graveyard."

"So no one ever succeeded in making this keyblade?" Gale asked.

"Xehanort nearly succeeded at the cost of a young keyblade bearers life, I fought alongside those three brave worriers trying to stop his they're names were Aqua, Terra, and Ventus. Ventus lost his heart during the creation of the incomplete X-blade; Terra had a power connection to the darkness something Xehanort wanted. In a desperate struggle, Terra lost his body to Xehanort something I recently found out, as I was not there during that time. I had fled with Ventus's body, after the battle, I never saw either of the three again. But we soon discovered a new Princess of Hearts had made her presence known so in order to protect her we took her to a secluded world to hide her."

Kairi knew Mickey was talking about her, a part of her wanted to be mad but the other half was thankful to him. If she had never of came to Destiny Island she would have never met Riku or fallen in love with Sora.

"Sounds like too much trouble to me, if this keyblade is so powerfully hard to make then why make it known?" Axel asked as he leaned back in his chair.

"So this supper keyblade can it really control all four worlds?" Sora asked a bit worried.

"The truth is that what Xehanort did was a fluke something that wasn't supposed to happen. The way to create the X-blade was a lie as there is no way one keyblade would control four kingdoms of different origins. The real truth is that each kingdoms seven princesses will point the four chosen in the direction of six keyblades. The princesses will all be the purest of heart and will give a hint to where each keyblade can be found. When all six keyblades have been gathered they will form two keyblades each one to unlock the location of the kingdom's Queen that will be chosen from the seven individual princesses and finally the queen will lead the chosen bearers to the keyhole which will forge the keyblades that will unlock the power of each kingdom."

"Well that's a kick in the nuts!" Axel said, as everyone looked at him funny. "What? Was it something I said?"

"It is quite a task I will agree but we already know who the seven princesses of heart are so one task down the other princesses will be harder to find." Replied Gale.

"Yes which is why I will ask of your services Sora and Princess Kairi come the time I need your help. I will track down the other princesses for now so you may resume an ordinary life which has regrettably stolen from you until now." Mickey said standing up.

"No problem your majesty, I am used to it by now but at least now I can actually go to a school, I may be a lovable goofball but I'm not as smart as I'd like to be." Sora replied receiving a giggle from his newly courted girlfriend.

"Gawrsh fella's I may be a king but I still don't like being referred to as royalty especially from those I see as friends." Mickey said shaking his head.

"No problem so do we just call you Mickey or what?" Sora asked scratching the back of his head.

"Mickey is perfect, but there is one last thing I would like to show you guys before I head for home. Axel if you would please?" Mickey asked as Axel opened a void over the front door.

"So Mickey where are we going?" Sora asked.

"Castle Oblivion!"

Xxxxxxxx-Riku and Amasu

Riku and Amasu exited the dark abyss directly on the top of the nobody stronghold that they had worked so hard to overcome not even two days ago. His senses were screaming just go home. However, his body refused to listen to it.

"Riku I don't like this place, please let's leave its giving me the creeps!" Amasu said hiding behind Riku.

"Alright Ansem I'm here now what if you try anything funny I swear I'll find a way to destroy you!" Riku said aloud.

'Your fear is not needed I will not go back on my word, as of now I relinquish all of my powers over the darkness to you and I sacrifice my body to revive my Nobody!'

Darkness began to flood out of Riku's body and spin in the center of the balcony like structure creating a man sized vortex. Riku felt himself bursting with power; he did not know what to think as Ansem had not deceived him but gave him his powers over the darkness.

The black vortex slowly began to disperse revealing a man with dark brown hair dressed in the very same cloak worn by 'Organization XIII'. Riku felt as if his blood run cold as he looked at the mans face.

"X…Xemnas!" Riku uttered mindlessly.

"No I am not Xemnas call me Xarret."

"Oh my god its you!" screamed Amasu as she recognized the man immediately.


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