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Silly Drabble 65

Hinata inadvertantly discovers the way to regain Naruto's attention after the war with Akatsuki.

Note: This assumes that Nagato was actually the leader, and that Akatsuki would be most likely to disband without him.


One has to learn to take the good with the bad. This was a sentiment that Hinata Hyuuga knew very well, from mounds of personal experience. Even after her confession, Naruto's mind had still been focused on Akatsuki, and the threat it posed to the world. For what seemed like months, her confession had therefore been practically pushed to the back of his mind, and seemingly forgotten. The war with Akatsuki had ended with a rather large bang, courtesy of Naruto and Sasuke, and what had to be the absolute most ridiculously overpowered ninjutsu/fuinjutsu hybrid ever created. It was only after defeating their enemy, that Sasuke had shown his true colors, and Naruto had been forced to end his friend's life.

That, however, had been more than a year ago. While Hinata could understand that Naruto needed some time to come to terms with what he'd had to do, she was starting to become just a little impatient with him. Her confession, and how he felt about it had yet to be addressed, and the uncertainty it caused was starting to become a distraction. This was something that she couldn't afford, especially now. She'd just been given her first solo mission, a dual C/B rank. The C-rank portion was simply to deliver a supply scroll to Sakura, who'd just been extracted by Naruto from an undercover mission as a member of a brothel's hospital staff. The B-rank portion of the mission was to stick with the slightly beat up team as they made their way home.

While the extraction had been a success, the brothel had been run by several highly skilled Missing nin, and they'd had to fight their way out upon it being discovered that Naruto was not a normal client, and had used a very specific set of chakra coated massaging techniques to turn one of their girls into a comatose, orgasmic mess.

While Naruto was virtually fine by now- the mission having taken place days ago, and his recovery time being what it was- Sakura had suffered chakra exhaustion, and they'd been forced to lay low in a nearby town for awhile. Sakura, having not been able to take any of her shinobi supplies not dealing with healing, was also without much of her equipment. Hinata had been given a scroll that held weapons, equpiment pouches, medical supplies, and two changes of clothes.

Sadly, luck wasn't with Hinata at the start of this mission.

On the way, while she took a small break in a clearing, the Chuunin was ambushed by a group of bandits, lead by a Chuunin ranked Nukenin, thinking to cash in on the decent sized bounty she'd acquired as both a Hyuuga, and the small fame she'd earned for herself during the war with Akatsuki. After easily dispatching of the bandits, except the one who she'd had to knock away to avoid a sword swipe, the Chuunin attacked. The assailant was an accomplished Kenjutsu specialist, one of the few with an advantage against a Hyuuga, and by the time she'd been able to eventually dispatch of him, her clothes had been sliced to near ribbons. The nasty leer that he'd kept giving her had given her a feeling of utter wrongness, and brought her full attention to the state of her clothing. No one was supposed to see her in such a state of near undress except for Naruto, and that fueled her desire to hurt this man. It was a feeling the normally kind hearted young woman wasn't familiar with, and left her feeling uncomfortable.

After stripping the bandits of their equipment, which wasn't much use for her, and using one of the Site Sanitation Tags that Naruto had created, Hinata found herself in quite the predicament. Her clothes were practically useless, and she needed to change before continuing. She'd also noticed that her pack had been stolen- likely by the bandit she hadn't had the chance to take out. Luckily, the supply scroll for Sakura had been in her own supply pouch. It was also fortunate that nothing of value or danger to Konoha had been in there, or she'd have been in big trouble.

The problem was, the storage scroll that contained her spending money for the mission, her own change of clothes, as well as her rations and extra supplies had been in her pack. This left her with no food, no money, and only the equipment she'd recovered from the fight as well as her ID pouch. She also had absolutely nothing else to wear. Sure she could have taken the dead shinobi's clothes, or even one of the bandits', but her small frame would not have been able to fit into them, and given their filthy state of being, there was no telling what she could have caught had she done so. Weapons could easily be sterilized in the field, clothing could not.

If she was going to continue, she would need something to wear, and that left one option; borrowing one of the outfits in Sakura's scroll. She didn't think Sakura would mind too much, given the circumstances, and once she met up with Naruto and Sakura, she could borrow some money to get some suitable replacements. Unrolling the scroll, and unsealing one of the tags labeled clothes, she glanced down at the garments that appeared. Her cheeks went red at the risque undergarments that were on top, and thanked her lucky stars that she didn't need those. The panties didn't have much fabric in back, and looked very uncomfortable. Resealing everything that she wouldn't need, as well as the confiscated weapons into the weapons storage on the scroll, Hinata turned back to the top and shorts.

Picking up the red shirt underneath, Hinata was suddenly reminded of the incredible difference in bust sizes between herself and Sakura. Sure the young woman had done some significant growing in the last 2 years (about a large B, maybe very small C), but Hinata was a solid D pushing a double, and was on pace to possibly match the Hokage by the time she finished growing.

You see, most people knew about the Byakugan, but what they don't know of is the secondary Hyuuga bloodline that was passed through the matrilineal portion. This bloodline gave the majority of Hyuuga women rather curvy figures. Most had long toned legs, rounded hips and plump round bottoms, slim but not overly so waists, and busts that have yet to fall below a C-cup; the average between upper C and lower D. Hinata just so happened to be blessed with this bloodline even moreso than most of her kin. She'd already reached the upper average by sixteen, and even now was still growing, though thankfully not as fast as she'd been before.

The realization of how tight a fit the top was going to be caused Hinata to frown. Hinata realized that in order to fit into the top, she was going to have to bind her breasts, something the eighteen year old hadn't done in almost four years; not since she'd gotten too big to bother searching stores for properly fitting cloth shirts, and had settled on the more flexible mesh and her jacket to cover her. Even then, it was going to be a tight fit.

Using a kunai, Hinata cut apart her jacket, and what was left of her pants, in order to fashion a set of crude bindings. Then, using the incredible water affinity that Naruto had helped her develop, Hinata cleaned her wounds, applied some of her special salve- which she carried in the now, mandatory, first aid pouch on her hip- wrapped the wounds, and began to dress. First up were the bindings, which she hoped would be enough.

Once the girls were as smothered as they could comfortably be, she slipped the red top on, and again frowned. The zipper to the vest-like shirt only came up so far. The amount of cleavage she was now sporting was almost embarrassing. Kami, what would Naruto think if he saw her like this. Shaking away the thoughts, Hinata quickly slipped the shorts on- which despite her and Sakura's similar heights, were still somewhat short on her, and especially snug around the hips- and did a few stretches to better acquaint herself with the foreign wear.

Finally, after getting past the annoying setback, Hinata was ready to go. She used a very weak fire jutsu, torching the remaining scraps that were formerly her clothes, before leaping away to her original destination.


In the hotel room that had been designated as their extraction point, Naruto and Sakura were sitting and playing the waiting game. While it was only early afternoon, and Naruto was desperately hoping their relief would arrive before sundown so that they would have time to make proper preparations before leaving under the cover of darkness. He was also hoping to get a nap, considering he'd been up for most of two days watching over his friend/teammate. Sakura was laying on the room's only bed, while Naruto was sitting in a chair twirling a kunai around his finger. A knock at the door had him on his feet; the kunai handle slapping into his palm in a backwards grip ready to deal with whomever it might be if they were a threat. Moving to the door, Naruto disguised his voice and called.

"Who's there."

"Ano, it's me, Naruto-kun."

Now while Hinata may have had a very distinctive voice, Naruto also had a long memory, and remembered the Kedōin Clan who could mimic people down to even their voices. "Password?"

Not that he could see her, but a blushing Hinata said the codephrase that only Naruto could have come up with. While the phrase was innocent enough, the fact that Hinata knew where it came from, and that an heiress as supposedly sheltered and innocent as she was supposed to be knew, well, it was a little embarrassing; even if she was the only one who knew. Sighing in relief, Naruto opened the door to the room...only to freeze and gape wide eyed at what he saw on the other side.

"H-Hinata?!" He finally exclaimed as the mildly embarrassed kunoichi did her usual blush and twiddle. While she was very happy that Naruto was noticing her that way, considering what she was wearing, and the fit was quite a bit more alluring than she was confortable with, well, it was no wonder her face lit up.

Seeing Naruto freeze in the doorway, and Hinata's face turning red, Sakura groaned as she threw a pillow at the back of Naruto's head. "Let her in and close the door baka."

"Oh, right, sorry Hinata-chan." Naruto said, doing as he'd been told.

Sakura's eyes widened when the blond moved, and she actually saw what had him gaping. "Are those my clothes?"

Sakura stood from the bed, and made her way over to where Hinata was standing just in front of the door.

"Gomen, Sakura-san, I had a bit of an incident on the way here, and my clothes got shredded."

"Wow, you look really hot in that." Naruto started, his mind picturing Hinata in shredded clothes. "Even better than Sakura-chan.

"HEY!" Sakura growled, bashing him in the skull. While she'd never admit it out loud, Hinata really did wear her outfit better than her. The fact that Hinata was quite a bit more well endowed, and her inability to zip it all the way up resulted in a very generous display of cleavage, only accented that more.

"Ow!" Naruto complained, rubbing his sore head. "Well, she does."

"R-really?" Hinata asked shyly.

Naruto nodded again vigorously, and again got hit for his trouble, causing him to grumble. "I thought you were supposed to be suffering from chakra exhaustion. You don't seem all that exhausted to me."

"I was, and thanks to your mouth I've lost what little I was able to recover." Sakura growled right back.

"It's not my fault you're jealous that Hinata looks better in your clothes than you do." Naruto protested.

"I AM NOT JEAL-whoa." Sakura swooned, before passing out. Luckily Naruto was standing next to her, and had very fast reflexes.

"Oops." Naruto said, catching Sakura and blushing. "Well, I guess since Sakura's out we don't have to wait for her to change. You ready to head out?"

"I-I think we should wait." Hinata suggested. "It might be better to have a third person alert...just in case."

Naruto tilted his head as he pondered the merits of that. "Good point. Wow, you're smart and pretty, I like that."

"N-N-Naruto-kun." Hinata stammered out flustered.


Considering she was the freshest of the trio, Hinata decided to take watch, while Naruto shared the bed with the sleeping Sakura for the evening. Settling into a chair, Hinata noticed Naruto's equipment scroll, and blushing, crossed the room to retrieve it. While she felt a little guilty no asking Naruto's permission first, she knew he wouldn't mind, and she really needed to get out of Sakura's uncomfortably tight top. Popping two seals, Hinata borrowed two items, and put them on, before resealing the other contents. Unzipping and stripping off the red top, Hinata easily slid one of Naruto's wire mesh tops over her head, sighing as the semi-snug material slid easily over her bosom. This was followed by placing one of his normal teeshirts over top of that.

Hopping to her feet to replace the scroll, Hinata's face lit up with a blush as she realized just how much give Naruto's tops had, when she did a fair amount of bouncing in the chest area. While Hinata was no stranger to such a phenomenon, it had never been in clothing that couldn't easily hide it, and not in anything that wasn't overly formal. This could turn out to be a problem if not dealt with; not only for the fact that it might distract Naruto-kun, even if she wouldn't much mind him looking, it would also make travelling through the treetops difficult if her bosom was all over the place throwing off her balance.

Pulling the hem of the teeshirt to just under her bosom, she pulled it tight, and tied it off to create a tighter seal, giving less room for her chest to move in. While it was still a little loose, it would serve its purpose of preventing too much bouncing, and it offered leagues more modesty than Sakura's top did. And the full covering offered a lot more protection for her chest than Sakura's top did. While Sakura's the tops were lined with protective mesh, the fact that she wasn't capable of zipping it all the way made that area particularly vulnerable.

Clothes changed, Hinata finally replaced Naruto's scroll, and retook her seat, and watched Naruto sleep.


Unbeknownst to the dark blue haired kunoichi, Naruto was having some very pleasant dreams. In said dreams, he and Hinata were on a date at a clothing store, where Hinata was trying on, and modeling for him the clothes of other kunoichi of their axquaintance. The duds modeled ranged from the more conservative to the deliciously risque, including but limited to Shizune, Tenten, Ino, Tsunade (and boy did the idea of all of Hinata's cleavage in her top cause a reaction), Anko, amd even Hinata's former teacher Kurenai. This one had even given him a proper nosebleed, what with seeing Hinata's much more pronounced curves being barely hidden by the straps that Kurenai tried to pass off as shinobi attire. One thing was for certain, though, and that was that Naruto would be spending a lot of time thinking about Hinata in the future.


As the alarm Naruto had set went off, Hinata turned to the bed as a pair of simultaneous groans echoed in the room. She sighed at Sakura's enviable position of snuggle spooned, and wrapped in Naruto's arms. She had to admit though, they looked rather comfortable, and oddly couple like. It was very lucky that she was well aware Sakura's romantic interests lay elsewhere.

"Naruto, you're poking me again." Sakura grumbled, as she woke.

"Sorry, Sakura-chan." Came the reply as Naruto released her and rolled to his back.

It was amazing to Hinata how close those two had become in the past couple years. Heck, even last year, just the implication that Naruto would pressed into her that way would have seen him flying through a wall by way of Sakura's fist. Then again, considering the number of off-grid, zero privacy missions the pair had worked together- a couple she'd been assigned to with them- and how often they only warmth they had was whatever they could gain by sharing body heat in a tent, it wasn't surprising they'd gotten to the point where Sakura wouldn't be bothered by Naruto's morning issue poking at her. It certainly didn't hurt when you had a teammate who didn't try to take advantage of such situations to try and press against you harder.

Hinata blushed at the rather noticable tent in his pants, before he sat up, and the shift in position caused it to disappear. it was after naruto had adorably rubbed his eyes, and got his bearings that she noticed his eyes were suddenly and intently fixed on her.

"I-I hope you don't mind." Hinata said, bowing in apology. "-but Sakura-san's shirt was very uncomfortable."

"No, of course not." Naruto started, his voice in awe. "It's just...you look...wow. Like, yesterday you were smoking hot, but now, you're really beautiful."

Sakura, who'd finally registerd what Hinata was wearing, couldn't help agree. If there was one thing that had been taught to them in their kunoichi classes, it was that men seemed to really enjoy the sight of women wearing their clothes. It certainly didn't hurt that her friend wore it so well. Sakura was even amused at the fact that while the way she'd tied the tee off was entirely practical, especially given how loose she knew Naruto's shirts tended to be on all of the girls their age except Temari- and she would never forgive the blonde for stealing Naruto's first time from Hinata- the expanse of toned belly it showed still managed to look incredibly sexy on her.

"Y-you r-really think so?" Cue an eyeroll at the over the top shy cuteness Hinata just seemed to project naturally.

"Uh huh." Naruto quickly agreed. "Ne, Hinata, you wanna get some ramen with me when we get back to the village?"

Despite the thudding of her heart in her chest, and the swarm of butterflies that had just taken flight in her stomach, Hinata contained her happines enough to answer. "I-I'd love to."

Well, it wasn't totally a date, but Sakura would take what she could get for now. "It's about damn time, geez."

"Aww, come on, Sakura-chan."

"I thought I was going to have to take some drastic measures, like actually accepting a date with you to get her to do something. " The pinkette teased at Naruto & Hinata's monumental blushes.

"Huh?" Naruto said, his brows almost meeting his hairline...

To Sakura's shock, and great amusement, Hinata grasped Naruto's arm, and clung to him, giving the pinkette a look that plainly said, "MINE!"

...before, of course, he registered what his friend had said. "Come on, you didn't have to say it like it would have been such a bad thing."

"It would have been like dating my brother." Sakura protested. "Would you date your sister if you had one, Naruto?"

Naruto gave her one of those foxy grins that never failed to cause girls to react; though thankfully most of the Rookie Nine were now immune to it...mostly. "Hmm. Well, if she looked like you or Hinata, I could probably ignore that part."

Both Sakura and Hinata found themselves blushing furiously. It wasn't an occurence that happened often, but Sakura could readily admit that sometimes, Naruto could be a real smooth talker, and could make just about any woman turn red as a tomato. "Baka."

"And considering the closest thing I have to a sister is a Kage Bunshin in my Sexy Jutsu, dating my sister isn't exactly an undesirable idea territory."


Well, now that I've appease my guilty conscience, it's back to the real story.