A/N: Written for the "Ready" theme at iyissekiwa on LJ. Word count limit was 250 words.




Miroku gave Shippo a knowing glare.

"Ohhhh..." Shippo said, jumping up eagerly. "Ready!"


They lay in wait on opposite sides of the field, either end of a string in their hands.

Soon a figure emerged from the well.

Ready? Miroku mouthed silently to Shippo.

One foot from the figure was placed on the ground, the other halfway out of the well.

Ready! Shippo nodded.

They pulled the string taut.

"Whooooooaa!!!" Inuyasha crashed face first to the ground.

Miroku and Shippo fell over in guffaws. This must have been what it felt like to make Inuyasha "Sit!"

Inuyasha looked at them on either side of him, and growled. "Okay, you idiots. Get ready..."

Miroku sat up, wiping the tears from his eyes. "Ready?"

Shippo got up, holding his belly, aching from laughter. "Ready."