Dear gentle readers,

This is it. The final chapter. T_T You've all had to bear with me when it came to this story, and for that I am extremely grateful, but all good things must come to an end. Even though that end took a long, LONG time to get here (lol). So enjoy gentle readers, and rejoice in the knowledge that although this is the end of The Walls Of Jericho, JeriBourne lives on forever.

Okay... back to the story.

People don't touch Chris Jericho. In fact, they even went as far as not to breathe the same air as Chris Jericho. It was not as if Chris himself was the one who had asked for such 'special treatment'. If anything was to be blamed it would be the dark stay-the-fuck-away aura that constantly surrounded Chris Jericho. Nonetheless, such solitude did not reside on Jericho's ever-long hate list. Over time the blond had learned how to co-exist with the solitude that people chose to dish out. As of late, however, many people were beginning to notice a change in the older man. He was still very much unlikeable, unsociable, and arrogant; however those factors were no longer the dominant parts of Chris Jericho. For starters, Chris smiled more, and although he kept his distance, the man made an effort to socialize with the people he deemed to be "commoners". The change adversely brought on people – specifically co-workers – who wished to forge some sort of friendship with the man. In all truth not everyone had the purest of intentions, but they all knew exactly when to back off so as not to get on Jericho's bad side. The change in Jericho was not only recognized by the people he worked with. Fans noticed it too as the man would linger on a bit longer for a few more photographs and autographs when history always had the man checking his watch and leaving without a second to spare. Unlike Jericho's co-workers, his fans did not know of any limit when it came to antagonizing him. And due to their lack of knowledge of that limit, they would often push past it angering Chris to the point where he would leave mid-signing. In the end, Chris Jericho was changed for the better – one extra mile at a time.

After WrestleMainia 25, Chris had his suspension erased from record as an exchange for keeping silent about Shawn Michaels' dirty deeds. The latter man was handed an ultimate loss at WrestleMainia despite the fact that he had been so skilfully probed to win. Shawn's loss was Vince's pound of flesh in the hopes that Chris would take the bait and keep silent. He did. It wasn't a bargain that the older man liked, however when full protection of his new found lover –Evan Bourne – was granted, Jericho accepted the conditions in a heartbeat. Sadly, the older man was still stuck on Smack Down and until the annual draft several months ahead he would not be part of RAW roster for a while. Even though Chris had utmost trust in the fact that Orton would not allow anything to happen to Evan, having Bourne flanked with bodyguards and given other forms of protection for the younger brunette did not hurt in the least.

It had taken Bourne the entire week after WrestleMainia to heal completely, and as the doctor had said, the young man did not have a single scar from the ordeal. His skin held no tales of the event ever occurring. During that week, Chris had moved both himself and Bourne to another hotel. The older man felt it best to move to a more secluded location where familiar ears and eyes weren't lurking around every corner. That coupled with the fact that Hunter and Shawn had fully recovered and were currently booked in two rooms in the RAW hotel made Chris want to move all the more. Evan did not mind moving in the least, especially since it involved going away with Jericho. And the fact that the new hotel was above-and-beyond private in every sense of the word gave rise to Evan's creative side that he religiously practiced on Jericho. It was no skin off Jericho's back due to the fact that after WrestleMaina each superstar was given a mandatory short break. Utilizing his leverage in the company, Jericho was granted a longer break than most so as to spend ample time with Evan.

On a small note that held absolutely no importance to Jericho, friends were beginning to topple over with worry. Since the incident with Shawn and Hunter, no one had seen or heard from Evan Bourne. They soon learned that both he and Chris had moved elsewhere. It had taken them days to gather any information as to where Bourne was staying. Due to having such a tight lipped security set-up, the hotel did not give any form of information as to whether or not Jericho and Evan had even booked a room, let alone if they even existed. After choosing to stalk the hotel for that entire week, the guys were getting restless and desperate. Drawn out to their last straw, and about ready to materialize the idea of impersonating the cops so as to search the building for Evan, a ray of light shone on them. Bourne's friends had finally spotted him. He was seated ever so nicely in the open dining area. And most importantly it was accessible to non-guests.


The younger man looked up to see two all-too-happy men gunning towards him with a fire a lit under their heels.

"Hey Co -" Bourne had barely gotten the first name out before being pummeled off his chair into the floor below.

"Evvy! I'm so glad you're okay! I was so worried!"

"G-Good to see you too Cody." His voice squeaked out from beneath the pile up. "J-Jack, you're breaking my ribs."

"I can't help it!" Jack's voice boomed into Evan's ear. "Jericho kidnaps you for close to two weeks and we don't hear anything about your condition only to find out that you're staying in some random, fancy, faraway place!"

Despite the pain Evan could not resist the urge to laugh. The act pushed his slowly crushed ribs –courtesy of Jack and Cody – closer to his lungs. "All right! All right! Please... get off."

"Sorry." Both men responded in unison.

All three men took a seat around the table. Minutes later, a slow moving Orton and all-smiles Cena joined the merry-band-trio of men. The older blond landed a kiss on Swagger's cheek. Due to it being unexpected, Jack's face lit up. Not one to be outdone by anyone – least of all his best friend – Randy grabbed Cody's lips in a deep, surprise kiss. Near the end, he purposefully looked up at Cena –smirking at the shock splashed on the older man's face –before releasing Cody. It was the young brunette's turn to blush radiantly.

"Uh Randy, John, you guys are in public." Evan's shaky voice etched in as the older men took a seat beside their significant others.

"It's okay Evvy. It's more intense that way." Evan's eyes lit up with interest. John beamed his famous smile. "So, tell us what's up."

"What's up?" Evan parroted – a bit disappointed that John was not going to delve into any explanations about why intensity mattered. "Well, I'm all healed thanks to Chris' doctor. But then Chris got all mad at me because I wasn't healing fast enough."

"He did what?" Jack roared. Blue eyes pulsing with rage.

"Wait Jackie." Evan smiled brightly. "It was only because we slept together so many times that I wasn't healing properly. So he told me to ether get healed or we couldn't do it anymore. So I got healed."

From Randy to Cena and all the men in between, jaws were slammed to the floor. Due to Jericho's tight lipped attitude, no one knew what had happened in their hotel room after Evan was released from the hospital. That was until now. Randy burst out into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. The blue eyes of Cody and Jack were as wide as their gaping mouths. Speech failed them. John was the only sane one.

"Um...Evvy" He swallowed thickly. Evan turned his attention to Cena. " I think it's safe to say we all can assume that when you say that you slept with Jericho, you mean you two...uh...had sex. Am I right?"


His blatant response caught John off guard. "You're sure you understand what I'm talking about, right?"

"Of course I know. Chris said that because I'm so cute guys will try to hit on me using different phrases that I don't normally know the real meaning of. So he taught me the real meanings of a lot of those phrases and terms. It was kind of shocking to know that the first time he had talked to me, I was actually agreeing to having sex with him, and not just having some random sleepover."

"Okay. Good for you." Relief ate away at John's face.

Impatient, Randy intruded dryly. "Look just tell us what you and Chris have been up to since that night."

"Well, for starters Chris told me -"

"Hey guys." Everyone –except for Cody and Jack –looked up. "Can I join in?"

"Sure." Evan chirped. "Just sit next to John, Adam."

Copeland scrunched his nose at Cena before looking back at Evan. "But there's a seat next to you."

"It's for Chris."

"Okay then." The older blond took a seat in the directed spot. He glanced at the awkward cloud hanging over Cody's, Randy's, John's, and Jack's head. "Did I miss something?"

Randy smirked deviously at Edge. "Not yet." He slid his eyes to Evan. "Please. Continue."

"Okay." Evan drew in a deep breath. "As I was saying, Chris sat me down and told me about his past with Shawn. It was really sad, especially the last part. I can't begin to imagine how horrible that must have been for him. I don't even know how he managed to make it to Wrestlemaina after, and continue working with the same people who -" Evan broke off purposefully. Sorrow slid across his now curtained eyes. "He's a lot stronger than I will ever be. If he hadn't come for me, if I had gone through what he went through, I honestly don't think I would've made it out okay."

"To tell you the truth Evvy, Jericho was far from okay after his ordeal. He suppressed a lot of feelings determined not to let trauma get the best of him. But that was then." Evan looked up at Adam. "And this now. I'm pretty sure he no longer has to do that anymore. He's okay now." A small smile hit Adam's face, "Right?"

Evan smiled slightly. "You're right." A fresh, happy look instantly sat on his face. "Well, he told me everything about his past. Then he kissed me and we had sex. Then we talked some more, and then I asked him to do the vibrator thing. He then promised to do the vibrator thing only after I got used to sleeping with him. Oh but he actually doesn't want me to use a vibrator. He wants to -"

"Okay!" John pushed an open palm towards Evan silencing the man. "You two sealed the deal. I'm happy for you Evan, but please spare me the details."

"What's this vibrator thing?" Randy raised an eyebrow in suspicion.

Evan flung his attention to the older brunette. "Oh. It's when I get tied to a chair. Chris ties me up of course. Anyways, I get tied to a chair, although I'm not sure if he's okay with me being muffled, but whatever. So, yeah, I'm tied to a chair, muffled and sitting on a vibrator."

Randy's grin grew wider. "Kinky."

Cody –who had been frozen since the beginning –skated his cerulean eyes over to an unsuspecting Randy in dismay.

"I know!" Evan beamed in joy. "It sounds like it'd be a lot of fun, but Chris doesn't want the vibrator in the equation."

"Let me guess." Randy leaned back in his well-cushioned chair. "He wants to replace the vibrator."

Evan nodded in reply. "I don't really mind, but I'd like to do the idea with a vibrator because it would fit the name. I'd do the idea with Chris afterwords for sure."

By now Cena and Adam held the same utterly shocked-into-silence facial expressions as their counterparts Cody and Swagger. To friends, Evan being dense was completely normal. In fact, it was a trait more natural than breathing air. Evan having a hidden sex kitten side was one for the books in the eyes of those who knew the man ninety percent of his life. The only non-shocked person was Randy. Being the bonafide sadist he was, the brunette found absolute joy in Evan's secret side.

"Maybe we should have Evan come over sometime Cody." Randy spoke with eyes still locked on to Evan. "What do you say to that, Evvy?" He dragged on the word. "Me. You. Cody."

"But what about Chris?" Evan's voice held uncertainty. "I'm sure he'd like to hang out with you guys too. And besides I don't want to go anywhere without him."

"Oh he's whipped." John cut in dryly – his voice coming in from a distance.

"Jericho can't come." Randy let out a gravelly scoff almost sensing the impending "why not" coming from Evan . "I'm talking about us having a threesome Evan." Bourne's face sold confusion forcing a deep sigh from Randy. "Do you want to have sex with Cody and me?"

"Huh? Why would I -"

"What the hell are you doing Randy?" Cody's sharp tongue sliced through Evan's sentence. He shot Orton with a long, harsh glare before looking back to Evan. Apology housed in his deep cerulean eyes. "I'm sorry Evvy." He cooed softly. "Don't listen to Randy. He's just horny. No one plans to do that to you."

"That's okay, but I really think it'd be a great idea if Chris got involved." He beamed a smile at the blanched expressions of the two brunettes. "Then it could be four -"

"What is this? An AA meeting?" A dry voice ate away at the words Evan would have said.

Everyone – except for Jack who was still trying to comprehend everything and locate a way to get over his shock –turned their attention to the on comer. A large smile spread across Evan's face like butter on hot toast. In an instant he was to his feet and running past the men at the table.

"Chris!" He wrapped his arms tightly around the man's waist slamming into his torso. The impact staggered Jericho's gait momentarily. "You made it."

"Yeah. Sorry I'm late. I overslept." He gently ran his hand through Evan's short brunette bristles, before tearing his gentle gaze away, and glaring up at the five men seated around the table. "Who the hell invited you outcasts? And where do you get off suggesting ideas Orton?" He directed his piercing blues at the young brunette.

Randy slid a snide smile to the older blond. His eyes fixed coldly on Cody –scaring the man – as he looked for a reply, before dropping back on Jericho. "I thought Evan would be okay with it, because it looks like he's okay with a lot of things."

Jericho frowned slightly at the insinuation. //What a bunch of vultures. Evan must have been forced to tell them everything.// He quickly washed the thought away and, following Evan's lead, walked over to join the table. Bourne took a seat and Chris sat down on the empty chair beside him. His frown still heavy on his face.

"Why are you people here? Can't I go for one second without seeing your unwanted faces?"

"Jericho! You bastard I've got a few words for you!" All eyes landed on Jack who had finally been able to completely register reality.

"I don't talk to strangers." Chris responded bluntly.

Jack's expression contorted under the pressure of anger. "How dare you force Evvy to have sex with you only to get mad with him right after?" He roared.

"Force?" Chris' stare darkened. His voice downed in volume. "As if I'd stoop so low as to use tactics like that. Don't lump me in the same lowly class as your bed warmer Cena."

John's eyes lit up with silent rage. "That's uncalled for Jericho."

Chris stared deadpan at the younger blond. "Your existence is uncalled for Cena."

"And we're all going to get along." Adam cut in extinguishing the sparks that flew between the two men.

Cold blues lingered on John before turning to Evan. They immediately went warm. "Where were you this morning?"

"Oh." The younger man's mood brightened. He was glad for the attention. "I got hungry so I came down for some blue berry pancakes. They were so good. You have to try some tomorrow. Anyways, I ate breakfast, and I meant to come back right away, but then I was waiting on you to come down for your breakfast and then they came along so I didn't. Sorry."

Chris coughed up a small smile. He gently scrubbed Evan's hair finalizing the gesture by planting a gentle kiss on the younger man's forehead. Bourne's face lit up in liquid red. "Don't worry about it." He leaned back in his chair, slipping into his monotonic demeanor. "Now, because they're your friends Evan, I can understand why Rhodes and Mr-I-don't-know-who-he-is blond guy sitting over there are here." Swagger frowned heavily at Jericho. Chris patently ignored him. "I even get why you're here Orton being Cody's shadow and all. However you better maintain distance when it comes to Evan." He drew in a deep breath. "I don't understand, however, why Cena and his sidekick Edge are present."

Cena rolled his eyes. Adam forced a fake smile. "Funny. Real fucking funny Jericho."

"Don't worry about me Jericho," Randy smiled wickedly as he wrapped a muscular tattooed arm around an unsuspecting Cody pulling the man to his frame. "I've got all I need right here." He gazed down lovingly at Rhodes, "Right Cody?" Cody nodded his reply.

"Listen here you cocky bastard," Jack's harsh tone cut in deep– startling Evan and bringing attention to himself. "We're here because you kidnapped Evvy and refused to tell us what happened to him. Do you have any idea how worried we were? We're his friends, and you selfishly stored him away from us! You are not the only one who cares about him! We love him just as much as you do!" Jack's words touched Evan's heart. They did not have the same effect on Jericho. Noting that fact, Jack's disdain for the older blond heavily affected his fast-climbing temper. "Just tell me one thing, did you go hurting Evan? Is that why you clammed up when we asked about him? Is that why you hid him away for a whole week? You better hope to God you didn't hurt him Jericho!"

Evan – aiming to pacify – started to answer, but hadn't even gotten a single letter out before Chris stepped in. "What Evan and I do is none of yours, or anyone else's business." Swagger's hateful glare intensified. "And besides, you don't even trust me. So what is there to gain if I answer you with the truth?"

"He didn't hurt me Jackie." Jack turned to Evan with a bit of concern splashing onto his face. Bourne's soothing voice effectively calmed the blond down. "I already told you, Chris is nice by nature. He's completely incapable of hurting people. He's slow to anger. I mean, remember when he wouldn't even yell at the guy's back at the training camp even when they got on his nerves?"

Jericho gawked at Evan with the feeling of astonishment streaming over his expression. The younger man blushed hard from suddenly having Jericho looking straight at him a little bit surprised as to what was said. Everyone turned their full attention to Bourne.

"How did you know that?" Jericho's voice dropped the monotone and trailed in from a distance.

"" Evan twiddled his thumbs nervously. It was obvious he was not used to being the center of attention. "I -"

"He was one of those guys who got on your nerves." Both Jericho and Bourne looked over to Jack. "He did it on a dare even though he was scared you'd get mad at him. But you didn't. From then he's been convinced you're Mr. Nice Guy." He scoffed harshly at Jericho's confused expression. "What? Your over-rated mind can't recall something so easy?"

Chris purposely ignored the obvious crude tone in Jack's voice. His blue eyes searched the distance, "I honestly don't -"

"Training is for stiffs like you." Chris looked over at Evan. "What's the point when everyone knows that the only way to the top is by sucking balls, kissing ass, and taking it in the rear?"

Jericho's eyes widened slowly – at first – quickening with each passing second.

After the fall of WCW, and the subsequent transition of WWF into WWE only a few years afterwords, Vince sent out scouts to the two training camps – Ohio Valley Wrestling and Florida Championship Wrestling. On his scouting assignment at the Ohio Valley Wrestling camp, Chris Jericho was one many of the young wrestlers either admired or loathed. The latter often weighed more, and coupled along with the fact that Jericho was colder than ice itself but had skill and talent beyond their years, it was not uncommon for Chris to have guys disrespect him on a constant basis. At the time, unbeknown to everyone, Chris had separated himself so far from reality in a sole effort to suppress all signs of trauma sustained after Shawn. Hence was the reason that the constant childish pranks and taunts were deemed below insignificant in Jericho's eyes, and did not sway the man from doing his job. He scouted the young men, aided in their training and development, and when his tenor was up, he washed his hands clean of the rookies and left.

//He was part of that camp?// Jericho's face had been selling utter disbelief for a long while now. //Why didn't I recognize him all this time?// It was quite the shock to the older man that his famed steel-trap mind had failed him at such a critical juncture.

"Back then I honestly didn't think I had a future in wrestling even though I wanted one." Bourne's shy voice cut into Jericho's mindset bringing it back to the current situation. "I was small, weak, and I was often told that because I looked a lot like a girl I was not intimidating at all. Then you came along and taught us how to have a drive for success, and the dos and don'ts many of us overlooked. I wanted nothing else but to emulate you, but to me that was a dream within a dream." Everyone went dead silent. A tinge of hurt slithered across Evan's brown eyes. "I said that horrible thing to you out of a dare, but realistically it was the truth. I thought you'd get mad like the trainers would. Hit me like the other guys would. And shout at me like a parent would. And then you'd tell me to give up trying at all like everyone else did. Just go home to mom and keep dreaming. But you didn't do or say any of those things."

"What exactly did I say to you?" Chris strained the words cautiously out of his mouth.

The dash of hurt instantly vanished being replaced by sparkling glee instead. "You told me I was right. To get to the top I needed to do two things. One was to fuck and be fucked. The other was to keep thinking positive and good things would happen." Jericho's jaw unhinged instantaneously. A bright smile exploded onto Evan's face. "You said if I did those two things I'd be at the top in no time. And that you'd be there waiting to congratulate me."

"Wow. You said all of that Jericho?" Adam's dry tone cut in. Sarcasm heavily laid on his words. "I just told those runts to replicate me, because that was their only hope."

"That's just like you Jericho to say something so deceptively nice." Randy gave a dry laugh, "I told them not to even bother copying me, because you can't copy greatness."

Cena smirked slyly, scoffing loudly to garner attention. Chris didn't give it – much like he paid none to Edge or Orton. "I told them to have pride, be strong and don't ever take bullshit. And I meant it."

Copeland's mocking tone scored in. "And I shall be there waiting to congratulate you, and eventually fuck your brains out." He let out a scalding laugh. "Wow. That's poetic Jericho, and oh so smooth. I wonder how many people you said that-"

"All of you leave the table. Leave the building. Leave the state." Chris turned glaring daggers at them. His voice chomped on asphalt. "The longer you linger, the shorter your lifespan will be."

Adam drew in a deep, uncomfortable breath. "Well, that's our cue to leave boys."

"Thank you Captain Obvious." Adam frowned a bit as Randy smiled slightly. He turned, and gave Cody a playful pinch on the back of his neck. "Come on let's go."

"Always ruining our fun. That's good ol' Jericho for you." Cena gave a dimpled smile before standing to his feet.

Jack stood up with Cena. He gave Evan a quick wave before leaving. Cody ruffled Evan's mocha locks before exiting with Randy. Adam was the last to leave, opting to give Chris' shoulder a quick gentle pat before taking off. In just a few seconds the table was down to only two men.

Evan's smile dropped upon seeing the slight frown etched into Chris' forehead. "Um..." //Maybe he's mad at me for saying all that.// "I'm sorry about telling -"

Chris' hasty tone cut in. "You were shorter. Younger looking. Your hair was longer. Wasn't it?"

"Uh..." Evan paused to gather his thoughts. "No. I've always pretty much looked like this."

Chris chomped at his jaw – tightly clenching and unclenching in thought. "Then why didn't I recognize you when you visited me in that hospital? Why haven't I recognized you all this time?"

"It's okay Chris." Evan gave a nervous laugh. "It was long time ago. I'm sure anyone -"

"I'm not like your average anyone Evan." His cut-throat tone sliced into Evan's sentence with ease. "Did you recognize me?"

"Of course." Bourne beamed a smile. "I never forgot about you."

"I see." //You didn't but I did.// Jericho's baby blues raked the ground slightly to his left. //Is this a sign of old age?//

Noting the downed expression on his lover's face, Evan opted to cheer the man up. He leaned in closer to hm. "Chris," Jericho didn't respond. "You don't have to worry about it. It's not like I'm mad or anything. It's okay for people to forget things. I can forget things almost instantly if I'm not careful." His brown eyes curtained a bit. "So don't go thinking anything bad. The trait isn't exclusive to only mature people like you."

Chris shot his eyes up at Evan startling the younger man a bit. A devious smirk sat lopsidedly on his face. "You're right Evan. It's only natural, but it doesn't take away from the fact that I have to make up for lost time." The young brunette's face sold perplexity. "I didn't notice when I should have."

"Notice? Notice what?"

"That I always had you." Without giving a moment to thought process, Chris planted a light kiss on Evan's lips. The younger man blushed hard. "So now, as a token of my sincere apology, I'm going to take you back upstairs, put you back on that bed, and derive all those lost years from you." He idly traced Bourne's facial outline with a bent index finger. His gravelly voice lowered a bit to add to the intimacy of the mood. "I'm going to do what should have been done, could have been done, and would have been done had I noticed sooner." He smiled gently. "Are you ready?"

A small laugh escaped Evan without warning at the use of the DX catchphrase. "Yeah."