I haven't written any fanfic in probably 8 or 9 years. Here's a go..It's based on a character I created + Gibbs and the rest of the crew. I have a lot more in my head, so if anyone likes, I will keep writing. :) I promise, I will get better as I go along! Thanks so much for reading.

******** PS: I've only been watching NCIS for a few months now and I've watched a ton but I may not have everything straight. I appreciate any helpful tips on getting my facts straight. Still learning! Thanks all :) *******************

The elevator seemed to move in slow motion. Percy had never had such a bad case of new job anxiety before. Of course, she had never moved across the country to work for one of the sector's most infamous agents either. The previous night had been spent awake remembering all the things her former coworkers had said about her new job, and her new boss. The elevator ground to a halt. This was it.

Percy followed the director out of the elevator, her eyes moving rapidly around the office.

"Gibbs!" the director called. Gibbs looked up and pushed back his chair. Percy could see him address her with critical eyes, and felt her heart beat even harder.

"Gibbs, this is special agent Percy Williams, from Los Angeles. I've got a meeting, so I will let you introduce her to the rest of the team. Agent Williams, welcome aboard," the director said in a rush. He nodded at Gibbs, gave Percy a polite smile and headed back to the elevator.

"DiNozzo, David, McGee," Gibbs fired off as he motioned toward each agent. "Your desk is right there," he said, pointing to the desk behind his own, "Welcome to the team." With that, Gibbs sat back down at his desk. DiNozzo stepped up and stuck out his hand, "Anthony DiNozzo, but you can call me Tony," he said, with a wide smile. Somebody considers themselves a ladies' man, Percy thought to herself with a smile as she shook his outstretched hand. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see a smirk on the face of Agent David. "This is Ziva," Tony said, motioning to his still smirking counterpart. She nodded at Percy and sat back down.

"So, why did you leave the Los Angeles office?" McGee asked. Before Percy could answer, she was interrupted by Gibb's voice. "This isn't a party. Get to work." Tony and McGee quickly retreated to their desks, and Percy followed suit. She sat for a minute, unsure of what to do first. She pulled open an empty drawer and unclipped her gun, placing it inside.

"Gear up. We've got a missing Marine," Gibbs announced, as he rose from his desk. The rest of the team immediately jumped up. Gibbs whipped around and gave Percy a look. "Coming, agent Williams?" he asked with a tone of annoyance. "Yes, sir! Sorry, sir," Percy responded, nervously. She grabbed her gun and followed Gibbs and the rest of the group to the elevator. She could see Tony and Ziva exchange amused looks as she stepped on. She took a deep breath to calm her stomach. There was no reason to feel regret yet, she told herself, things had only just begun.

Percy rubbed her eyes and rolled her head from side to side. When you get ready for your first stakeout as a new agent, you're excited. Then you actually participate in one and realize that ninety-five percent of what happens at a stakeout is boring and tedious. This one was no exception. Percy turned around and glanced at Gibbs, who sat at the window monitoring the apartment building across the street. Even after almost twelve hours, he was just as intense as he had been when they started. Of course, as Percy had learned in her nine months working with him, Gibbs was always intense. At least he was when it came to his job. Percy let her mind wander, wondering if he brought the same level of intensity to the rest of his life. What was a man like Gibbs like in the…

"Yes?" Gibbs asked, raising an eyebrow at Percy. She could feel her face burning hot. Does he know what I'm thinking? "Just giving my eyes a quick break from the uh, computer screen," Percy mumbled as she turned back to her post. Stupid, stupid, stupid. "Tony and Ziva are on their wa –," Gibbs was interrupted by the familiar sound of Tony and Ziva arguing as they entered the room. "Who do you not undress with your eyes, Tony?" Ziva asked in a mocking tone. Tony opened his mouth to respond, but stopped when he noticed Gibbs giving him the stare. Tony and Ziva were quickly brought up to speed on the current situation, which hadn't changed much, and ready to take over for the night. Gibbs opened the door, and motioned Percy to go ahead of him. He followed her out, and shut the door, locking it behind him. They walked down the apartment corridor in silence. As they rode down the elevator, Gibbs looked over at Percy. "Hungry?" he asked. Percy could feel her heart in her throat, which seemed totally unnecessary. What the hell is wrong with me? "Yeah," she said, nodding. "My treat," Gibbs said, giving Percy a relaxed smile. She forced herself to smile back, despite the fact she felt like she might vomit.

Percy's thoughts raced at a break neck speed, as they headed toward the place Gibbs had in mind. He's your boss, stupid, you're not supposed to find your boss attractive. Not to mention, he's got to be close to twice your age. He is not interested in you. He is way too professional to ever get involved with one of his agents. Don't read into things that don't exist. Deep breath, relax, you're just tired after a long day and you're not thinking clearly. They parked, and Gibbs turned off the engine and opened his door. Percy brought herself back to reality and exited the car, following Gibbs to the door.

The restaurant was nearly empty. There was one other couple sitting on the opposite side of the small room, looking very into one another. The atmosphere was dark, lit by a few soft low lying bar lights. There was jazz quietly playing in the background. A waiter approached the table. Gibbs motioned for Percy to order first, and then ordered himself a shot of whiskey. The waiter departed and they were left alone in silence again.

"Gibbs, can I ask you something?" Percy asked quietly.

"Go ahead," he said. She swallowed a little too loudly.

"Uhm, well, I just wanted to know, honestly, how I was doing? Like, at my job," Percy stumbled over the words, "I just want to know if I am doing what you want, or if I should change something. I want to do a good job."

"If you weren't doing a good job, you wouldn't have a job," Gibbs replied in a serious tone. Percy could feel the heat creeping into her face. Gibbs' face relaxed and he smiled at her. "Percy, you're doing a good job. Relax a little," he said. Percy gave him a nervous smile and nodded.

"Thank you, sir. Just tell me if that ever changes," she said.

"Trust me, I will," he said, giving her an amused look.

While at the restaurant, Percy had managed to relax and carry on relatively normal conversation with Gibbs. Now that they were back in the car, driving in silence, she could feel her heart start to beat faster. Since they were going to be doing a stakeout all day, Percy had taken the train to work and ridden with Gibbs to the stakeout. Now he was taking her home. They pulled into the apartment complex and Gibbs parked the car.

"It's late; I'll walk you to your door." He said, in response to what Percy assumed was a surprised look on her face. "Thanks," she said. Gibbs followed her through the complex, up the stairs, down the hall to her apartment door. Percy unlocked her door and pushed it open, stepping inside. She turned around to face Gibbs.

"Thanks for dinner and the escort," she said, trying to give a natural smile. He gave a slight nod and smiled back.

"Thank you for a job well done," he said, "Have a good night."

"You too," Percy gave a wave, and Gibbs turned toward the hall. Percy shut her door and exhaled loudly. She felt a wave of loneliness wash over her. She wondered if Gibbs had already made it to the stairs. For some inexplicable reason, she just wanted one more look. Percy quietly turned the door knob and pulled the door open.

"Looking for something?" Gibbs asked, in a soft tone. He was standing against the wall across from Percy's door. Percy just looked at him, her mouth parted but no words came out. He stepped slowly across the hall. Percy could feel her heart beating violently in her ears and throat. She could see the intensity she had pondered earlier alive and well in his eyes. Gibbs now stood just inches from Percy, one hand resting on the door frame.

"What do you want, Percy?" he asked, huskily. His voice sent a chill down Percy's spine. She took a deep breath.

"Would you be here if you didn't already know?" She replied, surprised at the seductive tone of her own voice. Gibbs smiled and slipped his free hand around her waist, pulling her body to his. He kissed her, softly at first, and then harder. Percy put her hands on his face and kissed him with a heat she hadn't experienced before. They moved back into Percy's apartment, and Gibbs pushed the door closed behind them. He now had both hands on Percy's waist, and moved them down over her hips and around to her ass, pulling her against him. She could feel his erection, and moved her hips back and forth against it. She heard him exhale sharply and he began quickly unbuttoning her shirt. In a few seconds, they were both in their underwear, kissing roughly. Gibbs grabbed the underside of Percy's thighs and lifted her up. She wrapped his legs around him, and they made their way to her bedroom, their hungry kisses never ceasing.

They tumbled together onto the bed, quickly removing the last of their clothing. Percy pushed Gibbs onto his back and straddled him. She kissed him on the mouth and then traveled down his neck, across his collar bone and onto his chest. As she explored his body with her mouth, she took it all in. He was firm with just the right amount of definition and smelled intoxicating. The near helpless sounds of enjoyment coming from him made her smile. She made her way back up to the head of the bed and kissed him on the forehead. He smiled at her, before quickly throwing her on her back and sliding himself inside of her. She called out his name with a gasp. Not the name she called him at work, but the name a lover should use.

Jethro sank down beside her, her body still quivering. The lovers she had in the past seemed like inexperienced boys compared to him.

"Wow," Percy whispered. Jethro chuckled slightly and rolled onto his side to face her. He smiled and ran his fingers lightly down her chest, between her breasts, down to the lower part of her belly. Percy slid closer to him and pressed her body against his. He held her, and kissed her head. It's all too perfect, she thought to herself.A lump started to rise in Percy's throat. What would happen now? Out of all the work rules you're not supposed to break, this was number one.

"Jethro, what…" she started.

"Shh. Let's go to sleep," he said. He kissed her shoulder, and closed his eyes.