AN: Hey! I have mentioned all about how much I love heroes on my profile and stuff so I randomly decided to write some form of fanfiction for my favourite TV show! Before you begin this story I want to point out that it is a Paire (Peter/Claire) story... BUT it is not incestuous!! In this they are not related in any way whatsoever, they just happen to go to the same school! This story is going to be mainly Peter and Claire but i'll throw a few other minor characters in there aswell! :)

Full Summary: Claire is the new girl, starting at Costa Verde High. This school is not normal however, it is full of special people, people with abilities, most don't even know about their abilities yet. It is here that Claire meets Peter, the outcast, less popular brother of jock Nathan Petrelli. They share a strong friendship from the start... will it turn into something more? Or will Mr Gabriel Gray, resident biology professor, get in the way? Join our heroes on a quest to find friendship, love and discover themselves.

Enjoy... :)

Chapter 1

Claire had been dreading this very day for weeks on end. Ever since she convinced her mother to let her live with her dad in Costa Verde. Everything was all set up, her dad was the Principal at Costa Verde High, and so school placement wasn't a problem. Even with her starting so late in the year...

BUUUZZZZZZ!! The buzzing of her alarm clock sounded through the silence of her room. Monday mornings, definitely the bane of her existence or any other high school students no doubt. The green lettering on the clock shone out into the darkness, 7.10, time to get up and at start her new life away from Odessa. Claire finally managed to crawl out of bed and stumble towards the bathroom still in a sleep induced haze, after a quick shower she pulled off her typical sleep attire, boxer short and a tank top, and struggled into some very tight black skinny jeans and a short grey top, leaving a sliver of skin from her stomach still able to be seen. She let her blonde hair fall in loose curls down her shoulders. Claire quickly glanced back at the alarm clock, 7.40! Crap... I'm going to be late and dad goes in early!!She suddenly bounded down the stairs, threw her back over her shoulders and began her run to school.

Nathan Petrelli was always the model student... always on time, polite to teachers, never misses a homework, perfect A grades in every single subject, quarterback of the league winning football team, class president, most likely to succeed, the list is endless. In his life there is no room for any slip ups, for any tarnish to his perfect record... however, this morning his brother Peter had apparently decided to act like the fool he is and turn off Nathans alarm clock. To say Nathan was furious would be a gigantic understatement. It was all a petty act of revenge, lately Peter had been having strange dreams, in which he could fly. One more flying dream and I swear I will kick his ass into the next century! Nathan grumbled to himself as he dragged himself into his car ready to race to school and somehow maintain his utter perfection.

Nathan drove speedily towards the school, at least 30 or 40 miles over the speed limit, an unusual occurrence but he was desperate, when he came across a young girl running along the pavement, her blonde hair flowing behind her. She must have been at least 17 judging by her toned body and noticeable curves, a body which was definitely enhanced by the tight jeans and short top she wore, it was hard for Nathan to drag his eyes off her an keep his head out of the gutter. Despite his rush to get to school, he found himself pulling over to the pavement just in front of the running girl and waiting for her to catch up. The girl slowed down and halted by his passenger door. Well... fuck me if she's not gorgeous. He caught sight of her blonde hair and sparkling green eyes, and stole a glance at her toned body close up and let's just say... he wasn't disappointed.

"Where are you running to?"

In Claire's rush to get to school, she was in a full on sprint down the pavement when a blue Mercedes pulled up in front of her against the pavement. It was a convertible... typical, probably a high school jock. She slowed down cautiously, Strange car, pulling over in front of me... oh well, as if I could ever get hurt anyway. She shook those particular thoughts out of her head, Fresh start; this is a fresh start... new me! She reached the car and looked inside. It was a youngish boy, not much older than her, perhaps seventeen. There was a short silence before he spoke.

"Where are you running to?" his voice had a slightly husky tone to it and she could practically see his thoughts as he examined my face, hair and body. The lust in his eyes was evident. Claire internally shuddered under his gaze.

"School..." She trailed off, hoping he'd get the message and leave her alone, but unfortunately he just continued staring. How dense can you get? "...Erm... I'm kinda late!" She shuffled on her feet, spreading her weight between her feet; still half hoping that he'd manage to get the message and leave her continue her run.

"Verde High?" He asked curiously with a glint of hope in his eyes, lost behind the lust. Claire nodded. "Hop on in then." The boy gestured towards the front seat of the car, a look of confusion and fear spread across her face. "I'm going there too." He continued, still not explaining much. What to do? I know stranger danger and all that shit but I'm so late... Dad will kill me...? Against her better judgement she hopped into the front seat, desperation makes a person do extremely stupid things. "I'm Petrelli, Nathan Petrelli..." What was that?? James Bond...? "By the way, you might want to remember that." He smirked and winked... Really? Cocky much? Claire just rolled her eyes and fake smiled back...

"Claire, Claire Bennett" She replied still half smiling whilst turning to look out the window awkwardly.

"Oh my god! Bennet...?" He trailed off, as if waiting for a response which she really couldn't give, "As in Principal Bennet?" Claire nodded slightly still avoiding eye contact with the strange cocky boy "I know who you are now..." Oh yes, because that's not freaky at all... plus I just told you who I was, dumbass! "I knew his daughter was starting today but I probably should've clicked on, I mean I've never seen you and believe me if you'd been around for a while I'd have noticed you." He looked her up and down, so Claire just smiled and nodded, letting him continue his monologue. "I suppose I should have been a bit more observant..." Oh, you were very 'observant' of me. "I am the class president" Is that meant to impress me? When he noted that his plan of impressing wasn't working he moved onto some more of his numerous achievements. "Oh and quarterback of the football team of course" He smiled a boasting smile and winked. Claire internally cringed but still managed a slight smile, joyous that her disgusted glance didn't show through. "But erm... you don't look anything like him" I should hope not, he's a 40 something year old male!! "I mean, you're gorgeous!" The one thing about Claire that was odd was she couldn't take compliments; Claire blushed and looked at her converse trainers, which suddenly became extremely interesting. All she could manage was a muffled 'thanks.' which she highly doubted that he actually heard. The rest of the journey to school was silent and kind of awkward on Claire's side; however Nathan didn't seem to mind, he just grinned and now and then sent a sideways glance towards her almost like analysing her. Claire pretended not to notice. She was sure most high school girls would jump up and down and squeal at the attention she was currently getting from the star quarterback. Nathan was a fairly good looking guy, in the all American boy kinda way... toned, tall, short black spiky hair, crystal blue eyes... but that wasn't Claire's type at all. She was more into individuality in lads, a bit more 'imperfection', some sort of slight difference between them; it was something she was never able to explain. She was extremely flattered by his obvious interest in her, or her body anyway, but it just didn't do anything for her, no sparks, no electricity, there was just no chemistry between them whatsoever.