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Chapter 5

The rest of the day passed fairly uneventful for Peter, his mind still in raptures with the beautiful blonde Claire, making it virtually impossible to concentrate on anything! He did see Claire at lunch, getting up and walking away from the cheerleader table, followed by clapping and cheering. Before she exited she looked over her shoulder quickly at his table, and then walked away! He was beyond perplexed by this girl.

At the end of the day Peter walked slowly over to his bike. It was sleek, shiny and black and his pride and joy. Much to his mothers disappointment and Nathan's disgust he rode it everywhere, apparently according to his mother 'Motorcycles are extremely dangerous and you shouldn't even think about riding one' he mimicked in his best mother accent. Bullshit! I haven't crashed once... not even close. The bike was Peter emotional outlet, seeing as he had always come second to Nathan and his success, he really needed something to spend time on and care about. Plus it made him seem so much cooler than he actually was!

He looked over to Nathan, watching as he pulled Claire over to his car, much to her obvious dismay. Peter could see that look on Claire's face, a look of disgust and irritation. A look that frequently took residence on his face in Nathans presence and Peter smiled at her resistance. As if sensing that Peter was looking at her, Claire turned her body around to face him, her frown shifting slightly into a small smile at seeing his face. Peter smiled back before placing his helmet over his scruffy hair, watching through his visor as Claire's mouth fell open in shock, obviously not expecting Peter to be the owner of the motorcycle. Give it up for cool points!! I knew the bike was cool! He threw his leg over the side of the bike and hopped on, before revving the engine and driving off like a bat out of hell.


Peter sat alone in his room, 30 Seconds to Mars blasting out of his speakers filling the house with his 'noise' as his brother kindly referred to it. Speaking of brothers Nathan was sat in the kitchen with his jock friend Matt Parkman. Peter didn't have anything against Matt apart from the fact he was friends with Nathan. He was the typical jock, muscled, fit, and tall, like a larger version of Nathan.

"So do you like her then?" Intrigued, Peter turned down the music slightly, not enough to be noticeable and opened the door a crack so he could peer into the kitchen unnoticed.

"Nah, I like her body. Did you see her? That ass... mmm!" Peter rolled his eyes. Typical, pervy behaviour from Nathan there, He is such a creep!

"Well you'd better act fast, she's hot and she's fresh meat. God knows how many fellas will be after her." Fresh meat? Claire! Anger filled Peter at Matt's words. There was no way he was going to let Nathan anywhere near his Claire. His Claire?? She isn't mine... yet!

"I know, I know! I want to take her first." Peter growled with fury. Growled? I actually growled?! "How are things going with Daphne?" Nathan asked, feigning interest.

"Urm... it's good. Going good!" (Apart from the lack of sex) Peter heard Matt's voice speaking those last few words yet his lips did not move. You're losing it now Petey boy! The conversation between the lads carried on for a good half an hour, moving on to topics like girlfriends, sex and rating the girls in the school.

"Claire is definitely first!" Nathan chimed in and Peter found himself growing furious once again. (What I wouldn't give for that ass?!) The same thing that happened earlier with Matt happened again with Nathan. Peter was completely confused; it was almost as if he read their minds?? Okay, you've officially lost it now! Mind reading? Really? As crazy as the idea sounded, he couldn't stop himself from thinking it. There was really no other explanation, he heard things in other peoples voices that they didn't express out loud. Suddenly all of his daydreams made more sense. Ever since he was a little boy, Peter had always dreamed about being special, having ability, and feeling like he was meant to do something extraordinary. To save the world.

Meanwhile in the Bennett household Claire sat alone in her room, just thinking about her day. As far as days go it was rather uneventful, not at all like her old life back in Odessa. Don't think about it Claire. Leave those memories dead and buried where they belong! She was once again feeling isolated, but there was something else stirring inside her. Not a familiar emotion for Claire, it wasn't jealousy as she discovered today, it was more of a longing, an ache in her chest a feeling that something was missing. You've finally lost it! As her mind skimmed over the events of the day, her thoughts ultimately led back to Peter. Claire didn't know why but as soon as she saw him she felt some sort of strange connection to him. Almost like an invisible rope constantly pulling her closer to him. Bloody hell, you sound like some sort of love-sick fool! He was intriguing... different from other people, even from those at his own table. They were all separated off into small groups or pairs, rapt in conversations but Peter seemed to be all alone, except for that blonde girl who, Claire was glad to say, Peter didn't seem to have much interest in.

Then there was Nathan. He seemed like such an asshole, especially the way he was picking on peter. Does everything have to come back to peter? Plus, Nathan wasn't even really interested in Claire, just how she looked. She'd met people like that before in her old school and she wasn't going back there again, stupid Brody! The nightmares still won't stop, every night the screaming terrified her. Her first nightmare was the time she learnt about her 'gift'.


Claire was curled up in a foetal position in her bathtub, trying, with no avail, to protect herself from the harsh reality that is the outside world. Brody Mitchell. Her jock boyfriend, her worst nightmare.

It was after the championship game at her old school in Odessa. Her school team had just won the championship all thanks to Brody, and she couldn't have been more proud if her boyfriend as she stood cheering him with the squad as well as the rest of the people present. The atmosphere was bubbling, everyone shouting, chapping, jeering, so of course it wasn't a shock for people to see the star of the football team grab his cheerleader girlfriend and begin to make their way out of the park.

The bleachers were a typical make-out spot for any couple, popular or not and Claire had been there many a time where she herself had visited there. As they sat side by side on the bleachers the air around them suddenly became extremely awkward, neither knowing what to say to each other, this was a common thing to happen in their relationship. Brody sidled closer to Claire rubbing the hem of her shirt where a small sliver of bronze skin was showing.

"Aren't you going to congratulate me?" Brody asked Claire, his hand still trailing across her stomach, a shiver of unease ran through Claire's petite frame.

"Congratulations." Replied Claire hesitantly.

"You know that's not what I mean..." His slid impossibly closer, hands now moving down towards the edge of her skirt. This move sent alarm bells ringing in Claire's head, warning her to stay away, that this wasn't going to end well. "Let's go back to mine... and you can congratulate me properly!" Brody winked at her and Claire's insides suddenly shook with revulsion and fear.

"Brody, I'm not ready." She stated firmly, no hesitating but a slight quiver in her voice due to apprehension. Still, his hands didn't stop their movements up her thighs, Claire swatted his arms. "No!" This attempt proved to be futile as his fingers found the pink satin of her panties. Forcefully, she grabbed his hands and yanked them out from under her skirt; standing up shakily she began to walk away.

A sharp tug on her elbow made her fall back sharply, hitting the ground at an odd angle, screaming in pain. What is he doing?!? She looked up, and there Brody stood, towering above her, looking down at her with lust filled eyes. "Do you see what you do to me?" He indicted towards the not so subtle bulge in his jeans, "I know you want me too."

Fear rippled through Claire's body as she stood helpless in the grasp of a deranged football player. There's no way I can get out of this! Her thoughts became slowly just as hopeless as her stance; she was in all sense of the word, trapped. One final attempt at a plea of "NO!" caused the jock to throw her forcefully on the ground once again, the impact spinning Claire's world into complete blackness.

Claire had awoken hours later, alone in a field, stripped bare of all clothes. She had felt scared, isolated and more vulnerable than she had ever felt before. Sat in the bathtub Claire scrubbed harshly at her body, the course bristles on the brush irritating her skin, enflaming it. She didn't know exactly what had happened due to passing out but Claire was relieved she did, she had a pretty good idea about what he did to her and she was glad she couldn't bring up those surely haunting memories. Even though Claire didn't know for definite what had happened she still felt dirty, tainted as she tried and tried to scrub the feeling of his hands off her delicate skin.

Hours passed and the pain kept piling on, crushing her into oblivion. No matter how much of her skin she scratched away with the bristles, the feeling of impurity wouldn't leave her. After four strenuous hours of continuous pain Claire gave up, she lay curled up in the bathtub and inspected her now red raw arms. They were pretty much beyond repair; the thin outer shell of skin had been completely scratched away, leaving a red, swollen layer underneath with little trickles of blood running over her arm like tiny scarlet rivers. Her skin began to tingle slightly, making Claire stare at her arm in wonder; the edges of her torn skin began to stretch, covering the sore. She could literally feel her skin stretching and it was excruciatingly painful, reattaching itself to her muscles and knitting together, to form a new layer of skin. Of course, Claire screamed out, freaking about what she'd just witnessed, what had just happened to her.

Claire's mum had of course come running into the room at the sound of her daughters scream, only to see her curled up in her bathtub, looking at her arm in terrified wonder. As a good mother should, she didn't ask questions, she just pulled Claire up out of the bath and cradled her in her arms, where Claire stayed for the night.


She hadn't cried, and she wouldn't. It was a while ago, and she was strong now... it wouldn't affect her current life. No matter what happened.

A tall and dark man sat alone at a large oak desk, surrounded by papers and photographs. At first glance, he would seem to be a business man, engrossed in all his sheets of crisp white paper, that couldn't be further from the truth. If you looked closer, what you would notice is that all the sheets of paper contain information about people; they were profiles with the pictures to accompany each one. In his hand he held a picture, a teenager with long, blonde, wavy hair, stunning green eyes and at the top of the picture were two words: Claire Bennett.

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