A/N I'm trying to write a Lord of the Rings fanfiction in a style different from what I have tried until now. As mentioned in most of my stories English is not my native language therefore I may have mistakes here and there. I do try to correct them. Also I do not own anything. Enjoy and review; constructive criticism is always luff 3

Title: Forgotten Memories

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/ Drama

Summary: An elven child is found wounded on the banks of the river Bruinen by Glorfindel who takes her to Rivendell for healing. Nobody knows who she is or where she comes from; a blow she received to the head made her forget her past. As she comes of age she decides to join the most perilous voyage in her life in order to unlock her memories.

Prologue: The young elleth

As soon as the first rays of the sun fell over Imlandris, a fair elven lord left the shelter of his chambers, all clad for war and mounted his white stallion, Asfaloth. Behind him a dozen elven archers stood in their saddles ready for whatever they may encounter near the borders of their beloved city. Disturbing rumors reached Lord Elrond that orcs from the Misty Mountains had been patrolling near the North-Western borders of Imlandris; thus he sent a party led by the Lord Glorfindel to see whether the rumors were true or not.

The elven party left the city, galloping hard towards the banks of the river Bruinen, the place where the orcs had been spotted by rangers passing by through the wilderness. The river was faster than usual due to the heavy rains that had fallen over the land lately and the enemies would not have been able to cross it easily, thus forcing them to search for a different way westward, making an attack possible.

Soon enough the outlines of the river came to view… despite its rapid course it was still crystal clear. However a patch of color stained its waters.

"My lord." One of the elven archers called Thalion cried "Something lies in the waters of Bruinen."

Glorfindel nudged Asfaloth forward and approached the river banks. In the water, as if sleeping lay an elven child no older than 20 winters. [1] Her body stood motionless, her eyes closed, unaware of her surroundings. If not for her ragged breathing one could have considered her dead; an ugly gash , caused most likely by a fall, adorned her forehead, blood oozing from it freely, staining her long, raven hair spread all around her by the soft movement of the river. Although her emerald gown was untouched, the child looked as if she had been through a battle, her fragile arms full of dark bruises and her left leg cut deeply by what could have been a knife or a sword.

" 'tis not something, Thalion, 'tis someone." The elven lord said softly while checking the child's wounds. "A young elleth no older than 20 winters I'd dare say. She is wounded."

"Gravely, my lord?" Thalion asked in fear. Children amongst the elven folk were few now that the Firstborns had decided to leave the shores of Middle Earth. How did a child come to be by herself during such perilous times?

"Nay, Thalion." Glorfindel shook his head as he gingerly gathered the child in his arms "There are only wounds of the flesh that can be easily healed. Where could she come from? Perhaps her party has been attacked and she ran away, though I doubt a child so young would have made it out of a battle alive. Let us take her to Lord Elrond, maybe he can give us the answers we are seeking."

The elf gently placed her on Asfaloth's saddle and swiftly mounted as well, leading his party back to Imlandris. As soon as they reached the elven city they dissembled. The archers returned to their posts waiting to be called upon once more and the elven lord, gently picked up the child and enveloped her in his cloak then headed straight to Elrond whom he found in the Hall of Fire, deep in though.

"My lord." Glorfindel called out and Elrond turned to face him.

"You have returned so soon." The lord furrowed his brows in confusion "Have you encountered any hindrances on your way?"

"You may call it so." Glorfindel nodded and sat the child on a cushioned chair near the fireplace. "We found her on the banks of Bruinen, wounded though not gravely and brought her here. I know naught of her family as she was unconscious when we found her."

Elrond bent and gazed at the child in silence… her wound was no longer bleeding, but her breathing was shallow, hoarse and she was in dire need of a healer.

"Take her to the spare chamber, Glorfindel. I shall summon a healer to see the child and meet you there."

"Yes, my lord."

As it had been said so it had been done. The child had been tended to and the two elven lords waited patiently for the healer to return from the young elleth's chamber. The door opened and a serene looking elven lady left it… her blonde hair reached the middle of her back and her blue eyes were smiling at the two who were waiting anxiously for news.

"She shall heal nicely in a few days. Her wounds were mostly shallow and the bruises she has will fade. What I am worried about is the gash on her forehead, caused most likely by a blow to her head. It may prove more harmful than it looked…" in what way the healer did not say for she did not want to voice her concerns with the two lords yet. She took a small book from within her robe's pocket and handed it to Elrond.

"I found this with her… it was in a small bag tied to her wrist. I cannot read the marking on it. Perhaps you will be able to, my lord. Now I must return to my post in the Houses of Healing [2]."

Elrond took the book and studied it intensely… it had a dark cover with a green ring on it and the shape of an eye engraved on it. The letters were in a foreign language, one he did not know. However, upon opening the book he was surprised to find all its pages blank save one, the first, who held the same words on it as the cover. He laid the book besides him and gazed at Glorfindel.

"What do you think of this?" he asked in a somber voice.

"I do not know what to say, my lord. The book is clearly not one of our own and only adds to the mystery of the child's arrival near the borders of Rivendell. I believe we may find out more once she wakes out. She is the only one who can shed some light in the matter."

There was little to do but wait till the young elleth woke… so they stood in silence and did just that: waited.

[1] I'm not sure what the corelation between human and elven years is. At 20 winters I consider her to be a child of no more than 8 years old, but it anyone can tell me what the equivalent of 1 human year is in elvish years I'd be more than glad to change her age accordingly.

[2] I know the Houses of Healing are in Minas Tirith, but they must have healers in Rivendell as well and I don't think they use different names. I think like we have hospitals they have houses of healing. Correct me if I am wrong.