Jimmy looked at Tim, then looked away. Tim sighed and said, "You know, Gibbs is probably done interrogating the first suspect."

Jimmy looked at him, "Already?"

Tim nodded, "The Boss always cracks people faster when he's really mad at them."

Jimmy said, "Oh," then turned his head to look at the young man sitting behind the glass.

The ringleader had stood up and begun pacing. Suddenly, he turned to the glass, which was a mirror on his side, and yelled, "I know you're fucking watching this. I bet that skinny-ass nancy-boy Jimmy is there with you too. Don't fucking ignore me." Jimmy whimpered slightly.

Tim took Jimmy's arm gently and said, "Let's go watch The Boss interrogate this guy's other sidekick."

Jimmy nodded, "Yeah. You know I always wanted to see an interrogation."

When they opened the door into the other interrogation room, Tony and Ziva were already there, watching Gibbs walk into the room.

Jimmy said, "Hi guys."

Tony and Ziva both turned to look at him and neither said anything for a minute and then first Ziva then Tony turned back to the window as Jimmy looked down self-consciously. Ziva didn't take her eyes of the glass as she asked, "Are you feeling better, Jimmy?"

Jimmy bit his lip. "A little, I…I guess. I mean…I'm not…Yeah, I am feeling better. Just not completely."

"Hey Jimmy." Jimmy looked up. Tony indicated the spot next to him, right in front of the glass, "Come here. It's just about to get good."

Jimmy moved hesitantly forward and stood next to Tony, looking through the glass at the scene inside. Tony put his hand gently on Jimmy's shoulder. Tim stepped forward and stood on the other side of Ziva.

They watched the interrogation unfold silently, even Tony. It wasn't much of one. Gibbs looked so livid when he walked into the room that the young man broke down and said, "Fuck I'm sorry I did it man, I swear, I knew it was a bad idea."
Gibbs' voice was dangerously low as he asked, "So why did you do it?"

The young man couldn't meet Gibbs' eyes as he repeated, "It was a dumb decision."

Gibbs slammed his hands on the table and practically yelled, "I didn't ask if it was a dumb decision, I asked why?"

In the observation room, Jimmy took a step back nervously. Tim put a hand on his shoulder gently. Ziva grinned. Tony snickered, "Look out for Papa Bear."

The young man whimpered. And began stuttering, "It..it was because of class earlier." Gibbs didn't even blink, waiting for him to continue, which he did. "J-jimmy, he, he, had it coming, okay? The professor asked Chief a question, and he didn't know, it was a stupid question anyway, so little Jimmy just had to pipe up and give the right answer, and say it's easy, so Chief says, let's t-teach him a lesson after class, so we waited for h-him and…"

Gibbs stared at him without blinking, "And what?"

The young man swallowed, "We held him down while Chief landed a few punches."

"He landed more than a few punched," Gibbs said icily. "If my agents hadn't shown up when they did, you probably would have killed him." He leaned forward, "I could have you charged with attempted murder."

The young man paled, "I swear we didn't mean to kill him."

Gibbs hummed non-committally and stood up. "Maybe I believe you." With that Gibbs strode out of the room.

Back in the observation room, Tony chuckled, "And the boss cracks another one."

Ziva turned to Jimmy, "You found that entertaining, no?"

Jimmy blushed, "I guess I did."

Tony looked toward the door. "He's probably going to interrogate the big fish now. I'm gonna go watch. Are you guys gonna come?" He made his way over to the door out of the observation room, but stopped with his hand on the knob and waited for their reply.

Ziva and Tim looked at Jimmy. Jimmy looked at the floor. "You guys can go if you want to."

Ziva frowned. "You are not going to come with us Jimmy?"

Jimmy was silent for a moment. "I…I don't think…I mean I'm sure is wondering where I am..and…"

Tim reached out and put a hand on Jimmy's shoulder. "I'm sure Ducky will understand. Unless you don't think you can handle watching."

Jimmy didn't say anything, and Tony rolled his eyes, "Come on Jimmy Boy. I thought you liked seeing the small fry get p'owned."

Jimmy bit his lip. "This is different. I…I'm not sure…"

Ziva glared at Tony. "I propose we go down to see Abby instead."

"I think that's a great idea." Tim said. "All in favor of going down to the lab instead of watching the Boss interrogate the main suspect." He raised his hand. So did Ziva. Jimmy hesitantly put his up too.

Tony sighed. "Alright, we'll go to LAbby. Come on." He opened the door and headed out and the others followed him.

As they made their way past all the doors in the interrogation labyrinth on their way to the elevator, Jimmy hesitantly asked, "What's LAbby?"

Tony turned to him, eyes wide with over-exaggerated shock. "You mean you don't know? Abby will kill you for 'being a disgrace to NCIS' I'm sure of it."

Jimmy blushed and looked down. Tim frowned and said, "LAbby is the nickname that Abby give to her Lab. Lab of Abby. LAbby."

"Oh," said Jimmy. He was quiet for a minute. "You won't tell her that I didn't know that, will you?" he asked nervously.

The three agents burst out laughing. And suddenly, Jimmy knew that they wouldn't tell Abby, and that even if they did tell her, she'd still welcome him into her lab, and he knew that Agent Gibbs would get a confession and make sure that the men who hurt him went to jail, and he knew that Dr. Mallard would let him not helping out slide just this once. And he knew that they would all do what they did because they cared about him. And despite everything that had happened, Jimmy was happy.

A/N-I finally finished this! I kept putting it off because I wasn't sure how to end the story, and I've mostly stopped writing for the NCIS fandom, although I still watch the show. I want to thank you all for reading this, and say that authors thrive on positive and even respectfully critical reviews.