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Half a mile outside of Otogakure

"Your sure she's in there?" the Akatsuki member ask with anticipation.

"Positive, Pot head tracked her to this location."

"…Oh no."

Two weeks ago Anko Mitarahi of the Leaf village went missing and somehow word had spread to him. He didn't really care at first but their leader told him of her history with Orochimaru, he was assigned to find her to prevent her from becoming another one of his weapons.

"Oh no, what, you afraid we can't take the Snake Sannin" The companion jeered

"No, I'm just thinking of how hard it's going to be to get her out of here without getting caught. "

"Heh Heh, don't you worry about that at all," a sword was pulled out, "I'll take care of any interferences." The word 'assistive bloodlust ' was written all over his face

" Yeah. All right let's get this over with."

"Everything almost ready Kabuto?"

Kabuto looked back slowly back at the man standing over him. "Yes, I just need to gather the materials now and I'll have the surgery underway." There was no use lying. There wasn't much of a way to save her now.

"Good. Contact me when you're ready to begin, I want to savor this."

"Yes Orochimaru-sama." He stated mono-toned

As soon as he was gone, Kabuto slumped in his chair. 'This surgery could kill her no matter how strong she is. What the hell am I going to do?'

"You could take a nap."

Kabuto spun around , "How did you –"


He dropped to the dark abyss he had been sent into.

"Alright go ahead." The figure stepped over the lifeless medic and typed in the codes for camera access. The images for the prison cells came up almost instantly. Hundreds of people were slumped against individually walls; some were sprawled out on the floor, others were pacing in a psychiatric haze.

His eyes scanned the screen for a few minutes. His heart beat began speeding up.


His eyes were filed with desperation and hurt.

"They moved her; she's not in the prison cells."

Anko stared at the scalpels and test tubes to her left. She was currently strapped down to a table, waiting to be put under anesthesia for the hell Orochimaru was about to put her through.

She closed her eyes, contemplating what would happen to her. Would this "surgery'' kill her? Would it make her stronger or weaker? Would she live through it to find out?

'Come on Mitarashi stay positive, it's the only way to stay sane.'

The door opened but she didn't have to look up to see who it was. 'Don't look at him, if you do you'll snap.'

Cold fingers brushed against her jaw. Anko glared the open space beside her: anything to avoid him.

"Oh you're nervous. Don't worry, I want let Kabuto kill you, I need you alive for…future references'.

She pulled away from his touch. "I hate you." She growled

"I know, but lucky for you that's the only thing keeping you alive."

She turned and glared at him, "As soon as this is over I WILL KILL YOU." She tried to bust out of the restraints, he smirked at her attempt. "Honestly, as soon as the surgery's complete, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if you came close," he leaned down and ran his tongue down her neck "but you won't." He laughed as he exited.

"Go to Hell!" she shouted after him. He laughed louder "I'll be with you then."

A harsh feeling formed in her throat and tears started, she immediately blinked them away.

'More tears, your becoming predictable Anko.'

"Don't prove him right," she wished she would drop dead "whatever you do don't prove Kabuto right"

Orochimaru made his way back down to Kabutos' lab. He was suddenly very eager to begin the surgery. He wanted to watch Anko lose control, to break into a million pieces, to finally turn into the monster she was always destined to be.

He stopped suddenly. Something didn't feel right; everything was too quiet. He looked around and focused 'No one's around, there's no chakra signals.'

He made his way quietly down the many hallways, waiting for anything to jump him. Suddenly he heard a low groan, 'It's coming from in here'

He pushed the door open, and met with an unpleasant sight. Both Sasuke and Karin were unconscious and… had their shirts off. Nice.

There were two more chakra signals lingering here other than Sasuke's and Karin's, they both seemed vaguely familiar. The scent of blood distracted him. Karin's head was bleeding quiet heavily. There was most likely an intruder in his home.

He should get Kabuto in there shouldn't he?

"Who's there?" Anko growled. Despite how fucked her senses were, she could still tell an unfamiliar chakra source anywhere. A bulky figure with green skin made his way to her. 'Dame he's tall, wait those clothes '

"And just who the hell are you?" she scoffed, trying to sound confident, a little hard considering she hadn't been that way in a while.

"Feisty." He slid a finger across her jaw. "I think I found her, but I guess you're the judge of that."

'Oh great, another one' she thought as a slightly shorter man walked in. But as soon as she saw that impassive face framed with years of suffering, she felt every nerve in her being shake.

"Itachi Uchiha?!"

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