We could have made it work

We could have found a way

We could have done our best, to live another day.

.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.' .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'

Anko watched the dark gray clouds engulfed the once blue sky; the blue that was the exact color of Deidara's eyes. That annoying jerk couldn't be dead…Could he?


"With all due respect, I believe that only Deidara and I should take on this mission, just in case."

"But, Sasori-san!" Tobi whined from his spot. "Orochimaru is Anko's demon, she should have at least one more try at taking him down before any of us!"

"No way!" Deidara exclaimed, rejecting the idea. "I've already had dibs for slaying Orochimaru since I replaced his position. I can take him down easily."

"Oh, yeah…Right," Anko cut in, her rage getting the better of her. "You proved that last time."

"Do not mess with me, Anko! Orochimaru is going to be my kill!"

Anko laughed, crossing her arms over her chest. "Before or after you die?"


"No…" Anko whispered out loud. "No, I…I didn't…say that. I was just..."

Tobi watched his sempai walk out from her safe place. She stopped a few feet away and just watched the dust cleared away. "Sempai-…"

He looked down at the man holding his pants leg. "Leave her be."

Tobi looked back and remained silent.

"He…He made me run?" Anko said to herself after pondering for a moment. "He hated me…So why…" she gasped. "That night, he…"

Anko vaguely remembered feeling someone's fingers on her face that night she had fallen asleep in Deidara's room. There was the stench of clay that fed the idea that it was him, but…hadn't he sworn to kill her?


"I wished you had broken your jaw instead of your damn arm."

Deidara glared at him "Watch it, girl, or I'll make your death beyond that of which Orochimaru could have given you."

Anko smirked. "If he couldn't get to me, there's no way in Hell you can."

"You wanna bet-…"


He had threatened her over and over again yet…those looks he had been giving her in "secret", the smiles he hid, the look in his eyes he had every time he wished she were dead…He had been hiding what he really felt.

Anko's sweaty fists curled into boiling balls. "Deidara…You idiot! I should let you…" she tried to let her next action slip away but the image of him, smiling nicely at her for once made her snap. "Ah, screw it!" she shot off into the direction of the explosion.


Sasori opened his eyes. "She…"

"I have to go!"

"To-Tobi, wait!"

The orange masked ninja was already gone. "Sempai! SEMPAI!"

Sasori growled and used the tree to help him stand. The second he was on his feet, he was back on his knees and vomiting violently. He heaved over and over again until he tasted blood and forced himself to stop. He lay on the cool dew covered ground, staring at the pieces of blue fighting out of the gray smog. Just like his partner was doing right then. "Deidara…You better live, you idiot."


"Sempai!" Tobi shouted from were he was skimming through the trees while Anko was on the ground. "Anko-sempai wait!"

He jumped down and landed in front of her. She tried to get past him, but he kept blocking her. "Tobi, get out of my damn way!"

"Anko, please here me out!" Tobi begged, grabbing her arm. She shot out of his grip and Tobi grabbed for her again, this time grabbing her cloak and ripping it off her body. Anko growled and stopped.

"Oops." Tobi apologized. "It broke."

Anko snatched the material away from him and tossed it aside. "Every second we stand here is a second that it'll take for Deidara to die! I can't let that happen!"

Tobi cocked his head. "I thought you didn't like him."

Anko sighed, irritated. "I don't…but… I just can't let him die like this."

"…Ah." Tobi asserted, getting in an akimbo position. "You're starting to like him just a little…"

"That's not it-…"

"Don't worry, Sempai." He assured her, wrapping a brotherly arm around her shoulders. "I get it…Now, let's go find that fool!"

Anko rolled her eyes. "If there's anything left of him to find."


"Jesus…Christ…" Kabuto growled as he dragged himself out from under the fallen trees. He looked around at the now ruined woods. Nothing was recognizable. Almost all the trees had been burned to ash while the ones remaining were mere toothpicks. The dirt and parts of the sky were ink black and there was a lung-stopping stench in the air.

Orochimaru was waiting for him. "Enjoy your nap?"

It was more of a 'joking with you question', so it was okay to make a smart-ass comment back. "Not the most comfortable way to sleep."

Orochimaru chuckled. "It seems as thought our little assassinator didn't make it."

"Such a tragedy." Kabuto mocked.

"Yes. And it's such a shame that Anko and her pathetic excuse for a team probably got blown away as well."

Kabuto's smile disappeared. "What about Operation: Take Over Amegakure?"

Orochimaru looked up at the sky as a loud cackle echoed through the dense area. Small droplets of water followed after that. "This place is too sad, even for my taste. We'll move on to a different base."

"All right." Kabuto saluted; deep in his heart he was relieved. "I'll let the troops-…"

His eyes widened as a shadowy figure sprung out of the trees to him. He didn't get a look at the person for he was punched in the face and throw over 30 feet from the place he once was.

Orochimaru's eyes widened in amusement and he smirked as Anko Mitarashi stood up once more.

She glared at him. "Stay there, I'm not done with you yet."

She then ran to Kabuto with his eye all over her. Kabuto gagged and tried to fight off the sickening feeling swelling his gut. Before he could even get on his arms, he was grabbed by the neck and hoisted up. The person released him for a few seconds only to be punched in the face and thrown back again.

Anko lowered her bloody fist and watched Kabuto's injury heal with in a few seconds. The fact that she couldn't break him caused the fury inside her to rise.

"You fucking backstabber!" she screamed at him, running up to him and kicking him repeatedly. "I trusted you! WE trusted you!" She couldn't stop. She didn't want to stop. "I've spent everyday worrying about what Orochimaru was going to do to you because you helped me, and now I wish he would have done a lot worst!"

Tobi, Anko's back up in the trees, watched those familiar black markings spread over her arms and exposed neck. "Uh-oh." He already knew Orochimaru was pretty excited by then. Her kicks began to slow down as the seal became denser.

"You…fucking…traitor…" she sat on her knees and held him down. "What does Orochimaru want with Amegakure, huh? Why the Hell are you here!"

He stared at her, his eye pitying her instead of mocking or hating her. Her grip loosened slightly when she remembered that he was one of the people that she didn't want to hate.

"Why not ask me yourself?"

Anko glanced around to see Orochimaru walked up to her. He smirked and placed two of his fingers under his chin and focused on her spreading curse seal.

She shuddered and a nice yelp left her as she toppled to the ground, holding her shoulder like her arm was coming off.

"Oh, you poor thing." He cooed at her. Anko shook her head and stood back up on shaking legs. She had to run, despite knowing the risks.

"Shoot!" Tobi muttered. "DON'T WORRY SEMPAI! TOBI'S A COMING!"

He jumped out of the trees and reached the ground but was stopped by Kabuto who pulled out a kunai. "Stay out of this."

"Back off."

Kabuto shot forward and pressed the tip to Tobi's throat. "What was that?"

Tobi gulped. "I said, I'll back off."

"That's what I thought."

Anko clawed a tree she was leaning against. The pain was taking over, but there was something else hidden under it…power.

"You always were amusing." Orochimaru commented.

Anko's now red eyes turned to him; the rest of her body did the same. "And you…not so much. You sicken me, actually."

He smirked, despite the insult. "Didn't I tell you how dangerous that tongue of yours was?" he mocked, his slim fingers sliding under her chin. Anko pulled away from him.

"Deidara, where is he?"

Orochimaru smirked and maneuvered her into a tree. "I'm sorry, who?" One of his hands were on her hip and she forced herself to not slap it away.

"Blond hair, about 5'5, and was trying to kill you not even an hour ago!"

"Ah…" he mused. He leaned his head on Anko's, enjoying how her eyes widened. "I'm pretty sure he's dead, but I'll be glad to check…" he stopped and just stared at her. Her rusty colored orbs had a mixture of confusion and anger swimming in them; he was pleased to know that he was the reason for that. He enjoyed the way her cut up body fitted into him; something inside him whispered that Kabuto couldn't fit to her like this. His hand slid under her shirt and ran over the raw scar on her stomach. She tensed and he grinned, switching to her neck so that he could inhaled her scent; no matter how dirty she got or how much she bleed, she always smelled the same. "You haven't changed at all…"

Anko reached her limit and threw him off her. "Stop doing that! I have changed; I'm not the little kid I was anymore!"

Orochimaru stared at her. "…You seem the same to me."

"Then you obviously don't know me as well as you think."

He chuckled and re-appeared behind her. "On the contrary, my dear, I know every little thing about you." His fingertips traced the flaming Curse Mark on her neck and then his hand covered it completely. Anko gasped as the hot fire became colder, so cold in fact that she could barely breathe. Orochimaru wrapped his other arm around her waist to keep her from falling. "I got you…"

She gasped and fell back into him, her senses going in zigzags. "What…What are you…?" She screamed when she clamped a colder hand on over her mouth.

"Well then, I would like you demonstrate the power you possess. I want you to fight me."

"Fine…But, I will kill you."

"That's impossible."

"The only reason I didn't go home is because I knew you were hurt during that explosion and I had to make sure you were all right-…"

"You are so fucking stupid!"

"Do not mess with me, Anko! Orochimaru is going to be my kill!"

"Before or after you die?"

She was on the ground again, staring off into a darkness she couldn't recognize. One she had created herself. She blinked and her sense of touch was back; Orochimaru was playing with her hair.

"You have made the game much more interesting, my dear." He smiled at her. "I want to see what kind of player you've become. That is the only reason why I'm letting you live today." He stood up and a tear rolled down her cheek when his touch went with him. "You may tell your leader that I want be taking over his precious village anytime soon. That was the reason you were heading that way, right?"

She looked at him, but couldn't find the words she needed.

He laughed. "Goodbye, darling."

She watched him, remembering those were the exact words he said to her 12 years ago when he…What happened back then?

"Oh," he added. "The boy you were looking for is half a mile to your right. If you decide not to give him a proper burial, then do let me know."

Her eyes widened 'Deidara…' She took in a few breaths of air and turned on her stomach. 'Hang on, blondie…'




"It'll only take a-"


Tobi huffed and tapped his foot on the ground. "Please?"

Kabuto's patience finally snapped. "NO!"

For the past half hour, Tobi had been bugging him about going to check on Anko and Kabuto's frustration, plus the feelings for her that he was trying to bury, was slowly and painfully resurfacing.

"We can go together if you want."


Tobi stiffened and was silent.

"Finally." Kabuto gasped. He kept his eyes on Tobi and they widened when he saw that Tobi was shaking. 'What's with him?'

Kabuto blinked and Tobi was gone. "Shit!"

He turned around to run in the direction he was sure Orochimaru and Anko were in but was stopped with, surprisingly, by Tobi's fist. He fell to the ground where Tobi's shadow loomed.

"Where is my sempai, you Anko betraying prick!"

Kabuto smirked at the little man's sudden nerve. "Big words, such small brain."

Tobi grabbed his arm and lurched him to his feet. "You don't know Sempai! She'll take out Orochimaru before he even gets a finger on her!"

Kabuto squeezed the arm on his shoulder. "The only reason Anko's cheated death is because she's had your pathetic organization to help her out."

Someone stepped into the shadows of their conversation. He stared at Tobi and the smirking Kabuto.

'I guess I was wrong about him.' Sasori thought when he saw the insanity in his eyes. 'He really doesn't care…he's forgotten how.'

Tobi tried to run past him again but was grabbed and thrown.

'So that's where she went.' He thought. He snuck past Kabuto and charged to the direction he was sure Anko and his partner was in.


She watched Deidara walk deep into the darkness. She wanted to call out to him, telling the little idiot not to go yet, but sadly, she was almost enjoying the fact it was ending this way. Deidara had hated her…she was still debating that but was very sure. She wouldn't miss him.

But then, he walked past Itachi who stared at Anko in a disappointed glare.

"Anko? ANKO!"

Anko jerked and stared at the person forcing her out of her memory.

"Sasori?" she muttered, a bit surprise to see him alive.

"Are you hurt?"

She sat up and waited for pain of some sort to hit. Nothing. "Not really, just dizzy."

"Careful." He told her as he helped her to her feet. She stared at him. He was still deadly pale of the sweat had dried and he wasn't shaking anymore. "You look better."

"I think I threw up the rest of that poison." She replied, impassively.

"Really? That's…"

Sasori stared at Anko's sudden shock expression. He followed her gaze but saw nothing. "Anko?" He placed a hand on her shoulder. She was shaking strongly. "Anko, what is it?" he hesitated before stepping in front of her. He touched her for the first time. "Are you all right?"

Her eyes looked at him and her slits became smaller.

'Are you okay?'

Anko looked up at the ANBU with estranged eyes. She tried to stand up, something her sensei had always told her to do.

"Easy." The ANBU said. She ignored him and pressed on with her shaky legs. "Calm down." He touched her shoulder and Anko felt a wave of painful ecstasy run all through her body. She started screaming. And yet, it wasn't her scream reaching her ears.

It was Deidara's.

"I know where he is!" she gasped.

Sasori's eyes widened. "Deidara?"

She jumped up. "Yeah, Orochimaru said he was close."

Sasori looked up at the sky, most of it was blue again but there was still a patch of gray hovering less than a mile away. "Let's go find him."

Anko was already running in the opposite direction. "What are you waiting for! MOVE!"

He signed tiredly and ran after her.


"Gah!" Tobi hit a tree and instantly ducked Kabuto's glowing fist, going under his arm. "Look I was just tripping before-FOUR EYES, WAIT!"

Kabuto aimed at him again but missed on account of his surprisingly reflexes. A dark purple vein bulged on his forehead and he went at him again.

"Get over here!" Tobi squealed and ducked and rose to avoid the directions his fists were going in. "Four…eyes…Don't…DO IT…AHH!"

He was stopped suddenly, his wrist grabbed by a cold, truly uncaring hand. "We're done here." stated the voice that belonged to the limb, Orochimaru. He looked at Tobi and smirked. "Despite how tempting it is, this boy is Akatsuki, and I don't need Anko blowing another gasket."

He released Kabuto and began walking away, but the medical ninja stayed.

"So…she's still alive." He looked at his master who just kept walking. Kabuto's fist clenched, but he held his tongue, following him.

"Where's Anko?" Tobi shouted after them. Orochimaru glanced back at him, an evil smirk on his face.


"Deidara!" Sasori called out. The part of the forest they were running through was more devastated than the rest so there was a good bet that this had been Deidara's drop. He was following the ash trail from below while Anko was soaring through the trees with speed and stamina that didn't seem like it should've belonged to someone who just almost got stabbed to death. "

Take it easy!" he shouted to her, earning no answer of any sort.

Anko stopped suddenly. "Maybe this is a waste of time." She murmured to herself. "Deidara could already be dead and…" She looked down at Sasori who was waiting for her but not looking. He was sitting down on a rock and was breathing slightly heavily. "This is too much on the rest of up to be looking for a corpse."

Sasori stood and looked up at her. "I'm going to get some water."

Anko gave him a thumb-ups and he left. She sighed and pulled her legs under her knees.

He fell to his knees at a stream with a large dam not too far away from her. The cool water was heavenly to his parched throat. After taking in several handholds, he rocked back and sat on mud-cracked dirt. He surveyed the area as he wiped the remaining droplets of water of his chin; right in the middle of a stroke, something moved ahead. He squinted his eyes to better analyze the being and they widened when he realized what it could be.

"Anko!" he called. "Anko, it's him!"

Anko's head snapped up. "Say what?"

He ran started running to the tree- made dam. "It's Deidara, come on!"

Anko gasped and jumped. "Where?"

Sasori was already climbing over the dam, so she just simply followed him. As she got closer to the darkness, she saw a yellow circle bobbing up and down behind a rotted tree.

"Deidara…" she jumped past Sasori and landed on the bark. "Deidara, you're-!"

One of his legs was trapped under the massive tree, most likely broken. There were burns and gashes seen from the tears of his robe. He didn't seem to notice Anko or his partner Sasori as the watched him, panicking as his struggles led him nowhere. He gave his limb a violent tug.

"Fuck-" he gagged as the muscles twisted and tore. Anko flinched. There was pure insanity in Deidara's eyes.

"He's losing it." She whispered to Sasori.

He shrugged, used to it, and jumped down. "Deidara."

Deidara glanced at him, but immediately turned back to his task. Sasori reached out to him, but Deidara jumped away.

"Stay away from me!" he screamed.

Anko moved to the other side. "Deidara, calm down and we can help you get free-"

"I said to stay back, you bitch."

Anko stiffened. "I'm out."

"Anko." Sasori warned. She rolled her eyes and studied Deidara's twisted limb. She and Sasori grabbed his arms and held him back. "You're making it worse." Sasori warned him through his yanks. "Let go!"

Sasori maneuvered both of Deidara's arms behind him and pinned him to the ground. "Anko, help me."

Anko grabbed Deidara's thigh, the slightest touch causing him to wail. Anko studied the tree and Deidara's leg. "He's caught pretty good. Either we find some way to get it off him or-"

"JUST GET IT OFF!" Deidara screeched, passing out from the fatigue. Sasori and Anko exchanged glances.

"…What should we do?" Anko whispered.

A voice spoke before Sasori got to. "You may have resort to more desperate measures."

The two shot to the source of the voice. Surprisingly enough, it was Kabuto with Tobi just behind him.

Anko's eyes narrowed angrily and she shot up, stomping to him.

"You lousy little cockroach!" she slapped him across the face and dragged him up to her. "What the Hell are you doing here?"

Tobi put a careful hand on her back. "Tobi knew you were going to need help, so he brought Glasses-san here to help."

Anko turned her glare to her partner. "Well, Tobi made a very STUPID mistake!"

Tobi flinched and stepped back. Kabuto regained her attention by taking hold of her chin. "Let me examine him, please."

Anko's glare intensified but she stepped aside to allow him access to Deidara's broken body. Sasori watched him, his eyes piercing daggers. Kabuto gulped and turned his full attention to Deidara. He studied his leg, part of it completely crushed by the tree.

He looked up at Anko solemnly. "We're going to have to cut off his leg."

Anko's pupils shrunk. She looked down at Deidara, looking peaceful now that he was out.

"…Isn't there another way?" She cried, desperately now. "A jutsu, anything?"

Kabuto shook his head. "Even if we got the tree off him, his leg is crushed. He'd have to get it cut off, anyway.

She looked at Sasori for support, but his eyes were on the man in his lap. He looked up at Kabuto, his eyes with determined anger. "Do what you have to save his life."

Kabuto nodded and pulled a weapon pouch out behind him. Anko's stomach turned when he started pulling out knives and a small bottle of some kind of liquid.

Kabuto shook the bottle and poured some of it on a cloth. "Put this to his nose, make him breathe it in. It'll keep him from filling any pain."

Sasori nodded and pressed the rag to his partners' face.

Kabuto looked up at Anko, holding up scalpels wrapped in a blue cloth. "Will you wash these?"

Anko stared at him, shock and anger fueling her senses. She snatched the knives away from him and walked to stream she was at not too long ago. Tobi tried to follow her, but a tug from Sasori stopped him.

She simply soaked them in the water for a few moments since she didn't know how to properly wash them, and let her thoughts run free.

Why? Why was Kabuto helping them? Did Orochimaru know about it? Did he care? Where was that bastard anyway?

Deidara…Was he going to die?

Anko hissed because she accidentally cut her hand with one of the long knives. She stared at the liquidly scratch and her eyes widened. "Blood…Where did it come from?"


"It's broken."

Orochimaru looked at his eleven-year-old student. She was dirty and her clothes were blood soaked from her previous encounter on the battlefield; yet the only thing she seemed to care about was her twisted finger.

"It's broken." She said again. Orochimaru knew right then that she was in shock.

He bent to her level and took her hand, running the tip of his tongue over her the blood. She was mesmerized by the lazy patterns of his tongue on his skin, almost surprised that this sophisticated man was capable of such…sexiness.

He stared at her, his tongue still wrapped around her fingers. "Would you like to see more?"


"Anko, where are you!" Kabuto's voice shouted. She jumped up and ran back to the disaster area.

"Here." Kabuto stared at the cut on her hand, but said nothing

Kabuto ripped the pants leg just about the knee where Deidara's injury was for an easier operation. He leveled the knife above Deidara's leg and froze.

"What is it?" Sasori asked, in murderous venom voice.

Kabuto looked at him and then at Anko. "You do realize what he's going to go through when he wakes up right?"

Sasori leaned in closer to him. "We'll worry about that when the anesthesia wears off."

Anko crawled down beside her and nodded in agreement. Kabuto nodded to them and after another second of staring at the wound, began the bloody process.

Anko saw Tobi move out of the corner of her eye and looked at him. He was trembling violently, unaccustomed to watching comrades being torn apart. Anko, shaken herself, took Tobi's hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze, her anger from earlier gone.

Sasori was the only calm of the group. He was use to tearing puppets, occasionally an actual person, into pieces. Still, having to watch his partner, and not being able to do it for that matter, was quite disturbing. A tickle scratched at his throat and he tried to ignore it, but it kept building until he had to cough it up, causing thick blood to pour out of his mouth. He covered his mouth and forced Deidara's body off him, causing Kabuto to stop to prevent a mis-cut.

They watched him walk away, coughing the whole way. Anko released Tobi's hand and picked Deidara.

"Keep going." She said without looking at Kabuto.

He smirked and handed the bottle to Tobi. "Re-wet the cloth, keep him out."

Tobi did as he was told and pressed the rag to Deidara's nose, Anko's hand covering his.

"…Why are you doing this?" Anko asked.

Kabuto didn't look up, having to pay close attention to this last part so that Deidara wouldn't bleed to death when he finished. "I couldn't be there for you, so I'm making up for it now."

Anko's eyes widened.

"Ah!" Tobi squealed. "I knew you still-Gah!"

Anko punched him in the side to shut him up. She looked down at Deidara, wanting to avoid Kabuto like he wanted to avoid her. "But you were there for me a couple of times, I can remember when you were with me in the recovery room."

Kabuto smiled sadly. "That's what I'm talking about, my dear. I was there, but I didn't want to be."

Anko flinched; hurt spreading to her core. "Does Orochimaru know about this?"

He set his knife aside and pulled out a pair of surgical scissors. "He thinks I'm keeping tabs on you."

Tobi looked at his partner and felt he should've said something but the correct words wouldn't form. It was best for all of them to be quiet.

"All right, almost done." A blood soaked Kabuto told them. "I need you both for this part. When I say so, you two pull him back and wrap something around his leg."

"Ooh!" Tobi exclaimed, unzipping his cloak. "We can use this, Tobi doesn't mind!"

"That'll work, but I'll have to shoot Vitamin K in him to keep him from bleeding to death as he heals. You'll need to get him to a hospital as soon as possible." He pressed his hand down of the gash to slow the bleeding "Ready?"

Tobi and Anko took hold of Deidara's shoulders. "Let's go."

"All right…NOW!"

They heaved and Deidara slid back easily. Kabuto grabbed Tobi's cloak and wrapped it around Deidara's leg; it was soaked in less than thirty seconds. He franticly searched for the bottle of vitamin K pills and popped out two.

"Make him swallow these." He ordered, applying chakra to slow down the bleeding.

Anko stuck her finger in his mouth and led the pills down his espionages. Deidara coughed and his eyes shot open.

"What-…" his eye furrowed and he started screaming.

"Shit!" Tobi exclaimed, covering his ears.

Anko tried to cover his mouth, but surprisingly his mouth was much larger than her petite hands.

"Do something!" screeched Kabuto.

"I'm trying!" she retorted, her yell was a squeak compared to Deidara's. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO ME! AHHHHH!"

An idea popped into Anko's head. She hesitated before slamming shut Deidara's chin and forcing him into a kiss.

Kabuto's eyes almost bulged out of his head. Tobi appeared beside him and clapped his hands. "You have no idea how lucky you are Deidara!"

Kabuto hit him.

She let him go and stared into his tiny blue pupil. It looked at her like "What the fuck?" before rolling back and closing. Anko started to shake.

"Sempai?" Tobi mused. His pocked her arm and she shot up, Deidara's head hitting the ground harshly. The next thing they heard was the violent sound of Anko barfing her guts out.

"Shit…!" she screamed over and over again.

Sasori re-appeared and stared at her and then down at Kabuto and Tobi. Tobi shrugged while Kabuto remained frozen.

"How are you now, Sasori-san?"

Sasori just nodded. He stared at his partner's nub with an almost sympathetic gaze. "We need to get him out of here now."

"Right!" Tobi jumped up. "But how should we carry him?"

Sasori wordlessly removed his cloak. "We'll use this as a sling and we'll take turns carrying him." He looked at Kabuto and decided not to reveal any more of his plans.

Kabuto glared back at him. "I'll just get my things together."

"Why don't you go check on Anko after you're done?" Tobi suggested with a little hint-hint in his voice.

"Not in the mood." Kabuto growled while putting his knives in his bag, but he was hurrying. He got up to the direction Anko had ran in moments before.

"You kids behave!" Tobi shouted after him. He screamed and ducked as a rock was thrown at him.

Anko cupped her hands and filled them with water, trying to wash the feeling of Deidara's lips off her skin. She wiped her mouth and watched Kabuto squat down beside her.

"You okay?" he asked while laughing.

She glared at the woods ahead still not wanting to look at him. "I did that to make him pass out, it was nothing more."

"Make sure you tell your partner that." He responded, jokingly.

Anko rolled her eyes. "I'm still pissed at you."

Kabuto's smiled faded. "I know."

"Then why don't you just go the Hell away!"

He turned to her, earning that angry, yet beautiful gaze of hers. "That's what I wanted to do after I watched Lord Orochimaru hurt you." He stared into the murky water at the person who he didn't want to believe was him. "But…"

"But what?"

He smiled at her. "I wanted to see you one last time before we became enemies again."

Anko's pupils became slits. She stared at the blood on his clothes, the blood of her comrade that he was willing to spill just for a moment more with her. She was disgusted and yet saw some kind of sweetness in it.

"You're such a bastard." She snorted.

"Tell me about it." He shrugged his shoulders. He was caught off guard by Anko's lips on his cheek. He looked at her, his eyes wide.

"Thank you." She smiled, standing up. "Tell Orochimaru that I'm not a player in any game of his." She looked at her hands. "I'm just me."

She took a step forward but was viciously spun around. She didn't have a chance to ask questions for a pair of familiar lips clashed onto hers. His lips were urgent, like he wouldn't be able to live without this moment with her. She stared at Kabuto's closed eyes until they opened again.

She gasped. "What…?"

His thumb dug into her cheek. "…I'll miss you." He pecked her one last time and disappeared.

She fell to her knees, clutching her mouth. "…Kabuto…"

"Sempai, are you all right?"

Anko glanced behind her to see a blurry image, or Tobi pouncing towards her. He stopped when he saw the silent tears going down her face.

"Sempai?" He kneeled down beside her. "Anko…Did you get hurt?"

She leaned into Tobi's arm and sobbed quietly.

"Shh, it's okay, Anko." He looked around for any sign of that creep. But seeing none, concentrated on comforting his sempai.

I am a total screw up but as long as God is okay with that that who cares!

I'm thinking about tying up the rest of this story and then publishing it since more people are into Martyrs…unless you have something to say about it!