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Hotch awoke to the sun on his face. He felt more relaxed than he had in years, his body still humming from Rossi's touch. Memories of last night flooded his mind and he allowed himself a little smile. He had felt so safe, so loved in Rossi's arms, and it had been so long since he'd known those emotions. He had kept the need for them locked up, deep down inside him, always keeping his personal feelings in check.

Now Hotch felt like a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. The passion that Rossi had shown him had broken something in Hotch and he felt a surge of raw emotion as he remembered the look in Rossi eyes as he'd held him last night. He'd fallen asleep almost immediately with the weight of Rossi's arm around his waist.

He wasn't sure how long he'd slept before the nightmare came. It had felt so real, the faces of those murdered women begging him for help and he had jolted awake, feeling the sweat on his flushed skin. Then Rossi was there, clutching him tightly. He held on to him as the images from the dream faded away and he pulled back slightly to look into Rossi's eyes.

"It's okay, Aaron, I've got you." Rossi leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips, rubbing his thumb along Hotch's jaw.

"I'm glad you're here." Hotch managed a little smile and returned the kiss, his mouth grazing along Rossi's lower lip. They exchanged kisses without speaking again, their faces bumping softly against one another's. Rossi pulled Hotch down on to the mattress and wrapped his arms around him. Hotch lay his head against Rossi's chest, feeling the strong heartbeat against his cheek. Slowly he fell back to sleep in the warmth of Rossi's embrace.

Now, Hotch stretched his long frame and sighed. It was then that he realized he no longer felt the heat of Rossi's body behind him. He turned his head and heard the shower running in the bathroom. His mind quickly supplied an image of Rossi standing naked under the spray, the water cascading over his body. He could feel himself begin to harden in response to the picture in his mind. Hotch felt a determined heat deep in his belly.

Hotch slipped naked out of bed and padded silently across the room, his eyes falling on the clothes they had so hastily torn off. A smile crept across his face as he stepped into the bathroom, the sound of his movements drowned out under the sound of the water. He could see the shape of Rossi's body behind the curtain and Hotch took a steadying breath. He pulled the curtain back at the far end, just enough to allow him to step into the tub. Rossi hadn't heard him come in and he stood under the spray, facing away from him, and running his fingers through his hair as he rinsed it. Hotch stepped forward and wrapped his arms around Rossi from behind, one splaying across his chest, the other closing around his shaft. He heard Rossi's breath catch and felt a moan vibrate where his chest pressed up against his back. Rossi dropped his head back to rest on Hotch's shoulder and brought his fingers to intertwine with the younger man's against his chest while his other hand braced against the tile.

"Good morning," Hotch murmured against Rossi's ear. A smile curled along Rossi's lips as his eyes drifted shut against the sensation of having Hotch's hand stroking him. Hotch leaned down to Rossi's wet shoulder, kissing and licking the water drops from his skin. His already half hard arousal began to swell as it was pressed tightly between their bodies. Hotch kept his strokes languid at first, using the time to explore the back of Rossi's neck with his mouth.

Rossi leaned into his touch, the blood rushing to his shaft as it throbbed in Hotch's hand. He remembered how Hotch had responded to him last night, how he had finally allowed himself to be taken care of and feel pleasure at Rossi's hands.

But now he sensed something else in Hotch, despite the slow pull on his flesh, the languid kisses being placed across his skin. He could feel a heat simmering under Hotch's skin, barely contained, held in check by Hotch's iron will.

Rossi could feel Hotch's restraint, the almost tentative way that he held him. He knew Hotch was holding back. But whether it was from the newness of this, or Hotch's hesitation at being the one to take the lead he didn't know.

Rossi wouldn't push him, he would let Hotch take it at his own pace, even if the desire burned through his body like a living thing. He reached his hands back and stroked his fingers along Hotch's thighs. His touch was slow and deliberate, kneading the flesh under his hands.

Hotch felt his control slipping with every touch of Rossi's fingers. He wanted this, wanted Rossi and his desire was building with every sweep along Rossi's skin, with every hitch in his breath.


Desire coursed through Hotch, but he still felt a lingering fear of what would happen if he let himself take this step, trust again. He hadn't felt able to do that with someone else for so long, let the walls down and expose the deepest parts of himself. He had finally let himself last night, but it had been Rossi leading him then, showing Hotch he could let go with him.

"Aaron, you don't have to hold back. Not with me. I want to feel what you're feeling." Rossi squeezed his hands into his flesh.

Rossi's words ignited a fire in Hotch, and suddenly the need to have Rossi against him was too much. Everything else fell away as Hotch pulled Rossi around, pushing him hard up against the tile. He crushed their mouths together, sliding his tongue into Rossi's mouth. Rossi moaned into the kiss, his hands grabbing at Hotch's shoulders. Hotch gripped Rossi's hips, grinding his swollen shaft against him, feeling the slippery slide of their hot flesh. The friction between their bodies was building and Hotch moved faster, his need blinding him to everything but the feel of Rossi's wet body. Rossi responded instantly to his touch, his hips rocking up against him, sending jolts of electricity through Hotch's body.

Hotch tore his lips away barely long enough to suck in much needed air before he latched on to Rossi's neck, sucking roughly on the soft flesh before licking the bruise away.

He felt more than heard Rossi's sharp intake of breath as he pulled the skin between his teeth, alternately biting and licking his way along his neck and shoulder. Hotch could feel his climax building in him like a growing fire, every slide of his flesh against Rossi's hard shaft bringing him closer to the edge.

Rossi's hand slid up into Hotch's wet hair, a moan escaping him as he felt Hotch's fevered mouth leaving a trail along his wet skin. It was intoxicating to be with Hotch like this, having him in control and know that he wanted this as much as Rossi did.

The intensity of Hotch's thrusts increased, the hot water coursing over them as he kept Rossi's body pinned hard against the wall. Hotch growled low in his throat as he felt the slow burn that had started deep in his belly spread up and out through his body as their hips rocked together, bringing them higher and higher.

"Oh God, Dave…"

His orgasm tore through him, his grip on Rossi's hips tightening as waves of pleasure crashed through him. His breath came in harsh pants as his climax exploded across his body and his eyes squeezed shut, allowing the sensation to burn away any lingering doubts he had.

Finally, the orgasm slowed its roll through him and he grazed his lips lightly across Rossi's kiss swollen mouth, feeling his hot release mix with Rossi's where their skin pressed together. Rossi smiled against Hotch's lips as they breathed into each other. Hotch released his bruising grip and brought his fingertips to brush up along Rossi's sides. They kissed softly, their lips barely touching as their breathing returned to normal and their heartbeats gradually slowed. Hotch lifted his hand and lightly brushed his thumb across the darkening bruise at the base of Rossi's throat.

"Looks like long sleeves aren't going to cut it," Rossi whispered against his cheek. Hotch smiled then, a real smile, and he pressed his forehead against Rossi's.

"This is good…us. It's good."

Rossi felt his heart leap in his chest hearing Hotch refer to them as 'us'. He didn't know how it would be for them after this, but he was willing to take whatever Hotch could give him. He leaned forward and brushed his lips feather light across his, reaching his hand to the back of Hotch's neck. He almost said it then, almost let the words escape, but at the last moment he just smiled and held him close. For now, it was enough.