Afternoon on Kyoshi Island…

"You have improved. Your master taught you well." Zuko commented as he swept his blades back into their sheaths while he waited for Sokka to regain his breath. "But your endurance is horrible."

"Thanks…for the backhanded compliment." Sokka huffed as he snatched his sword, sticking from the ground, which Zuko had disarmed from him. "Another round?" Zuko shrugged before unsheathing his two Dao again.

"Alright." And they were fighting again.

"Wow! They are really at it today!" Ty Lee said to Suki while munching away on her lunch. The four of them had decided to hang out on the beach until Aang and the others arrived for the 3rd anniversary of the Avatar defeating the former firelord Ozai. Every year since the defeat of the firelord, the friends met at a different place of each of their adventures. This year they decided to hold their celebration on Kyoshi Island.

Right now the two girls were under the shade of an umbrella as they ate their lunch and watched the two boys fight.

"Yeah, but you know Zuko doesn't visit here often, so Sokka would have to jump at every chance to face the Fire lord in a spar." Suki replied to the younger girl's exclamation as she watched as Zuko nearly disarmed the Water tribesman's sword again.

Suddenly there was a gust of wind and the four of them stopped what they were doing as they gazed at a huge sky bison, Aang's bison, land on the shore.

"Hey, what's up everyone?!" Aang shouted happily as he, Katara, Toph, and Iroh slid from Appa's saddle to the sand.

"Doing great thank you." Sokka said as he put his sword up. Suki, Zuko, and Ty Lee nodded their agreement before continuing what they were doing.

"Hello, Nephew. Why didn't you invite me to come with you?" Iroh asked as he clapped Zuko on the back. "I really wanted to taste the Kyoshi Island's tea again you know."

"I'm sorry, Uncle. I thought you might be busy with your tea shop being so popular and all so I came here alone." Zuko replied.

"Ah, I have one of my White Lotus friends taking care of it right now. But why didn't you bring Mai? I'm sure she would have been happy to see her friend again." Iroh finished as he gestured toward Ty Lee who was happily babbling with everyone while she finished her food.

Zuko scratched his head thoughtfully. "Well I not going to be here long, it's just for the anniversary."

"Let's lie down and just wait for the Comet to pass by, it's pretty and I'm exhausted from the trip." Katara said before plopping down onto the sand.

"Not long to wait then really." Zuko said absently, pointing out the Comet to her.

Suddenly, "Hey what's that?!" Sokka yelled out excitedly, his eyes wide. He pointed to a part of the sky where it seemed to swirl and twist as if the fabrics of the heavens were being ripped apart. Then a figure emerged from the opening, falling. As the sky slowly returned to its normal dusky undisturbed colors of the afternoon, the figure crashed into the sea where the sea serpent that had nearly eaten Aang lurked.

"Hey! We have to help that guy!" cried Ty Lee, even before her outburst Aang was charging toward the waters. But it was too late. The serpent burst out of the sea behind the hooded figure roaring as the person got to his feet seeming to 'stand on the water as if it were solid ground. The figure swept the hood back as he turned from his spectators to the problem at hand, revealing hair spiked at the back; he looked into the serpents eyes and miraculously the serpent sank back into the sea.


As he stumbled toward the shore line, Sasuke saw the group of people wide-eyed and mouths agape as he approached. He reached the shoreline before collapsing exhaustedly into the sand. His battle with Uchiha Madara had really been tiring but afterward when he had stabbed the old wretch, the founding Uchiha had to send him to another world as his last 'gift' to Sasuke.


The Group stood around the tired individual looking concerned.

"Is he alright?" Katara asked. "He looks dead."

"Nah, he's not dead I can feel his heartbeat." Toph replied matter-of-factly. "And I think he can hear you." A grunt from the figure lying in the sand confirmed her statement.


Ty Lee stared at the cloaked teen. He wore a black cloak with a hood and red clouds decorating the outside while the inside was velvet red. He wore all black underneath and a katana was strapped to his waist. Remembering that he had made a serpent do his bidding, she asked the question in everyone's mind, "Who are you?"


Sasuke tilted his head, as he lay on the sand, when he heard the question. He opened his eyes and surveyed his surroundings before answering the pretty girl.

"I'm Uchiha…Uchiha Sasuke." Then he passed out.