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Fantasies - Kiba's and Sasuke's

Chapter 4: Lucky Dobe and Bastard

Storming to his lonely home that he lives in on his own, Sasuke groans feeling himself loosing his self control. Gulping he manage to keep his composure until he reaches so far before starting to run. The idea of that doobe mewling under a strong looking man makes Sasuke to drool then chokes at the direction his thoughts are leading him to. What the hell is wrong with him? It's not like he's into guys right? Oh he'll admit Naruto is more of a brother or friend that he would like to tease but that's about it.


Sasuke chokes even more nearly stumbling over his feet at the mere sound of Naruto's voice heard though out the village. He didn't have to look around to see others blushing or wondering what is going on. Oh Kami must the gods be against him? He nearly yelps when someone accidentally bump to him in his own compound making him stare in shock of a pair of eyes he seen earlier.

"Kiba what the fuck are you doing here?" Sasuke all but growls at the other who shrugs slightly rubbing his head sheepishly.

"I was told to check on you," Kiba answers a bit not really looking at the other really wanting to get laid but hearing Naruto is going at it he just wants a damn shower. "I….er….this is embarrassing…. But can I use your shower here? I can't at home with…well you know.."

Sasuke's face darken a bit along with Kiba's not wanting to admit what its doing to them as they heard Naruto Scream out Kyuubi's name and something about going faster. They glance at the other before Sasuke leads them inside as Kiba stays on his tail trying not to groan hating the fact he could smell the sex even where he is. Thank god well depending on one point of view not to smell it but damn how many times are they going to be like this? That's the only thought cross his mind when Sasuke toss a towel at him

"Shower is on your right," Sasuke snaps feeling his own arousal shifting in his shorts uncomfortably.

"Thanks," Kiba murmurs gazing at that ass walking away wishing he could ride him.

Wiping the drool away Kiba heads in the bathroom turning on the shower. Seeing the water is icy cold, the teen quickly strips his clothes jumping in the water not realizing Sasuke is doing the same thing at that moment. The brunette moans in delight allowing the water cool his muscles. Lost in his thoughts Kiba begin to imagine what Naruto is going through with Kyuubi.

"Are you ready my sweet," Kyuubi purrs in the blond's ears earning a breathless moan.

"Kyuubi take me already," Naruto moans opening his legs wide pouting adorably as his pink tongue licks his lips.

"Want me to be nice or naughty?" The red head kitsune ask purring while running his hands over the quivering body. "Such a beautiful creature."

Naruto moans arching his back as Kyuubi licks his nipples while gently nibbling and suckling. Naruto's hands runs through the silky red locks as he gasp out, "I don't care! Just take me already!"

Kyuubi caress the soft skin with his hands until he grabs Naruto making him scream at the touch earning a smirk. He slowly travels down licking and nibbling the beautiful skin of his small lover loving the fact he's so responsive to his touch..

'Kyu nah," Naruto whines out hearing that other snickering making him pout.

He close his eyes in bliss when the older man thrust in him only to open his eyes to find the desire dancing with another emotion he couldn't place. He gasps more as Kyuubi finds the rhythm that has them both panting until the small blond screams out.

"What's that?" Naruto ask innocently getting Kyuubi to growl.

"Your special spot, little one," the kitsune answers with a dark purr earning a deep red color.

"Why is it so special?" Naruto ask with a mewl…

Kiba shakes his head seeing he's already hard unable to hold onto the fantasy then grabs his cock jerking to the rhythm he could only see. He growls out coming in his hand, "Lucky Bastard."

-Other side of the Uchiha Compound-

Sasuke moans letting himself sink into the hot spring hoping this would cool off his body. Gazing a head the teen just gives a content sigh letting himself relax just as another loud scream is hard through the village getting him to blush a bit. Shaking his head he wonders what its like to be laid which is something he usually doesn't think much about. Glancing around quickly want to reassure himself he's alone in the hot springs despite having an unfortunate guest he lets his mind drift to the fantasy building in his mind.

"Master I want to know if this please you?" A sultry voice asks getting a pair of red eyes to widen at the sight of the beautiful blond boy wearing some strange outfit similar to a maid.

Kyuubi's mouth waters at the sight as he tries to go over only to be tug back on the bed which he notice his hands are tied up getting him to growl warningly a the boy, "Naruto let me go!"

"But Master I want to please you as you did for me," Naruto answers gazing beneath his lashes getting his lover to gulp in anticipation making him more arouse at the mere thought.

Delicate hands slip the robe off of the older man as a hiss pass those lips eyes darken almost to black. Naruto smiles a bit slowly untying the slash to revel the beautiful slightly golden skin of Kyuubi making his heart pound in his chest. He blush lightly taking in how huge the kitsune is but ssmiles a bit lightly touching loving the fact how firm it feels below his hands.

Hearing the grunts and hisses confirm he's doing it right gets the blond to smile happily at the thought of pleasing his older lover. Naruto continues his work until the other oders him, "I want you to suck me, little one."

Naruto nods happily licking his lips allowing the pink tonuge to peek out earning a lust and loving look in those deep red eyes. He moves his hands away leaning down ignoring the growls from the man before taking him completely in his mouth. He slowly licks the slit feelignteh slight shrudders passing through Kyuubi's body. He begins going down carefully and thoroughly making Kyuubi more then once groan in pleasure

Kyuubi close his eyes arching his hips up a bit wanting to thrust into that hot mouth of his beautiful uke as his hands scrunch the bed. Damn it to hell he did thought that boy how to give a good blow job. Anymore of that lick of that sweet tonuge on him then he'll cum in that sweet mouth. Or maybe that's what the little brat wants to happen. With that in mind Kyuubi lifts one of his hands running then through the blond mane of his small lover's hair. He open his eyes to find one of his tails lightly dancing on the blond's back making him gasp as he thrust up into the sweet cavarn. He tries to hold his control until his small lover whimpers above him as his tail join by a couple more pleasure the blond.

He grunts coming after Naruot did through the underwear his tails found below the skirt. He smiles down at his small lover who pouts at him through sleepy looking eyes. He chuckles letting him fall on his chest curling up to him showing he's forgiven.

"You're getting better sweet one," Kyuubi reassures the blond who nods smiling happily at that.

Sasuke opens his eyes finding himself more under the water as he blush darkly sworn he heard a familiar chuckle but push the idea of that away. He quickly gets out after situating himself of his own probably before changing into fresh cloths. Did he just daydream of that? God he really needs to get laid then if he just did!

A pair of red eyes follow by a smirk of one Itachi Uchiha's lips watching his brother head inside makes him feel glad to know the younger is more human then robot. He blinks seeing a messeage bird of a contact making him wonder if he should appear at that person's apartment. Maybe asking how Sasuke is from Kakashi won't be such a bad idea after all. The older man shakes his head before heading in that direction not before putting the camera away with his brother's blushing face as the last picture. 'Maybe its time to toast such a special occasion,' Itachi thought with a wide smile eyes glinting allowing them to turn back into the

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