Preview of the Next Series

The blast of energy was great enough to throw them flat on their backs. Conner groaned and sat up, rubbing his head. "Ouch!" he muttered.

Abby came running up to him at that point, her face a bit bloody from some scrapes on her cheeks. She knelt down by Conner. "You okay?" she asked.

Conner nodded. "Yeah." He suddenly gasped and grabbed Abby by the arms, pulling her down. "GET DOWN!"

As the two tumbled to the ground, a loud explosion rang out, forcing the two humans to cover their ears to muffle the sound, even though it was still very loud. The shockwave ruffled their hair as it passed over. Once it was passed, Conner peeped up just in time to see the massive shape of their opponent.

"Oh, crap!" Conner muttered. "That's not good!"

"You bet it's not, kid!" a familiar voice said.

Conner looked up, anger in his eyes. "Dr. K!" He hissed out the scientist's name in anger. "What do you want?" the boy growled.

The evil scientist grinned. "Oh, you'll soon find out…or not!" he said, laughing maniacally. He threw back his head and cackled as the robot the Botties were facing began to step forward, the ground rumbling under each step.

"Uh, Conner? What'll we do now?" Chip asked nervously.

"What we always do: stop Dr. K!" Conner said.

"But how? That robot's bigger than anything we've ever faced!" Mong protested.

"Not as big as Kulminator, remember?" Abby said.

"Oh. Right. But still, I don't think that any of us or our robots can do anything this time," Mong said. "Not even Cubix."

Conner frowned. There had to be some way to stop that monstrosity of a mech. There just had to be! He glanced around, his eyes searching the construction site for any kind of a weapon they could use. But all that was there were vehicles and a few offline robots. He snarled in frustration before a loud scream cut across the site.

A blur of speed flew over their heads and collided with one of the half-finished buildings. Conner felt his heart leap into his throat as he recognized the voice. "CUBIX!" He ran through the site, dodging rubble and debris from the buildings to reach his fallen friend. He knelt down just as Dr. K's latest creation fired off a few missiles, forcing the boy to duck behind a pile of rebar. The explosion rocked the entire area, and in that instant, Conner realized something important: Dr. K wasn't merely after them to stop them now.

He was out to kill.