Author's Note: I was watching "Zoom" the other night, and I thought it was really good, it was kinda funny, and the Dylan/Summer stuff, though very little, still thought it was cute. Anyways, I thought it was good, and was disappointed that there were little stories for this movie, and so decided to make my own. This is from Summer's POV, all through the movie, and I am even writing some missing scenes as well. So, I don't know how long this story will be, but I am going to try my best. I hope you enjoy!!.

I was always known as the freak, the weirdo, the one with no friends, no one to understand what I was going through. I, Summer Jones, am a telepath, I can feel what people are thinking by touching them, and move objects with my mind. I can't explain how I got these powers exactly. My parents are normal humans, Mom's a interior designer, Dad's a dentist. Usually, it's the parents that embarrass the kids, but now I embarrass my mom and dad, because nobody else we know can move stuff with their mind. My mom liked to call it "gifted", and then try to quickly change the subject back to something better. But that's only an excuse, one that I don't think even reassures them. I know they still love me, like any child, I just wish I wasn't such an embarrassment. It's so bad, that it even happens at school. It isn't unusual to be a socially awkward teenager, being uncomfortable with your looks, unless your one of the beautiful people, the jocks and the cheerleaders, however, that's not quite the case for me, it's worse.

That's right, my "freaky gift" , has made the gossip of the entire student body. Though none of them have actually really seen me do it, it's all about being a teenager, whenever they get word of something embarrassing, be it still being dropped off by your parents and they yell, in front of the entire school, the nickname that you had since you were a baby, or that you have a freaky super power, they will just eat it up. The cheerleaders took every chance they could to make fun of me, along with almost everyone else, really. Basically, you could say that I am at the very bottom of the social food chain, even the science club is more popular than me. I am an outcast in my own school, the one that sits at the back of the class, low in my seat, my long red hair hiding my face as I doodle miserably on my notebook, praying not to be called on, for any chance of more embarrassment.

My reputation as the freak is also effecting my social status, from the first day it was known that I was "gifted", the popular girls had spread it like wild fire, and by the end of the day, my reputation was set. They had set me at the bottom of the social food chain, meaning that I was below everyone else, and that anyone that tried to befriend me would instantly drop to the bottom, and being in high school, being at a good point on "the social latter" was one of the most important things for a teenager. So yes, that means I have no friends. Don't get me wrong, I had friends when I was younger, two girls, Miranda and Alice, been with me through preschool through junior high, however, High school changes you, and also does freaky, supernatural powers. They just didn't understand when they knew, but also they were angry to think that I hadn't told them first, but that's exactly why, it wouldn't have gone over well, even if I had told them.

As for the subject of boys, it's basically the same. As if being socially awkward was bad enough, which I also am, but even if I try talking to a boy, my powers are always the "elephant in the room". Sure, at first some of them seemed to be interested, however, the cheerleaders always seem to step in, I've read the words "freak" on their lips too many times to count, and that usually makes them retreat. There was even one instance, where one boy came to talk to me, Kyle Roberts, the most popular boy in school, and star football player had come over, and started chatting casually with me.

It took me by surprise that he would even consider talking to me, being in the group that had started my unwanted reputation, but nobody else was lining up behind him to talk to me, so I would take it no matter what. Anyways, just as we were talking, the subject of dating came up, and so did the matter of my power. He said, "Do you want to do something Friday night?" he asked, and I couldn't help but let a smile spread across my face. "Really?", I asked, not really believing that this was really true. "Yeah, sure" he said, and I truly thought it was an genuine invitation. I was so excited, not even caring that the cheerleaders were whispering more intently as I passed them in the hall. Finally, the night of the date had arrived. I was suppose to meet him at the park at 7 o'clock. I remember it was cold that night, so I wore my tight jeans and my cute little v neck, white sweater top. My hair was braided nicely, and I wore a little make up, not much because I didn't want to seem trampy.

I waited and waited, even when the night got colder as it got later, my excitement just kept me going, I also must admit that the thought of Kyle's arms wrapped around me was also keeping me going, I am a girl after all. It was eight-thirty by the time that my excitement had now turned to frustration and worry, even suspicious when I heard the bushes start to rustle, and whispering. I was about to run away when I was suddenly blinded by a flash on a camera, and as I stumbled to try and regain my composure, I heard girls giggling uncontrollably.

Rubbing my eyes, I was met by two of the cheerleaders whom hated me, Britney and Rachel, a camera held in Britney's hand, both with tears in their eyes as they laughed. "Oh, my god. I told you she'd fall for it" Britney said through her giggles. I watched them, confused and scared all at the same time, once they calmed down, they noticed my confusion. "AW. Rachel, she doesn't get it" Britney teased, "Shall we enlighten her?" she giggled, they laughed at their own joke, leaving me even more confused.

"Kyle was never coming to meet you, honey" Rachel clued me in, "This was a set up" she said, bursting out laughing, along with Britney, as their words came over me, so did the tears of embarrassment and rejection came as well. Once they noticed this, it only made them laugh harder, "AW. The poor little freak" Britney teased, "Nobody loves her", "Nobody will ever love her" Rachel spat through her giggles, making the pain already in my heart, suddenly burst through and that was the point when all my emotions went out of control, closing my eyes, wishing the pain away, and all my thoughts intent on revenge.

Suddenly, the girls' shrieks of laughter turned into shrieks of terror, opening my eyes to see my two enemies suddenly flying through the air, and land into another set of bushes farther away. That's when I just ran home, the tears spilled from my eyes, willing the world and everyone else away, bursting through the door to my house and ignoring my mother's false concern as I ran up to hide in my room. As suspected, the picture was sent around the school the very next day.

My horror stricken face, tears lining my eyes, was plastered all over the walls, on most of the lockers and even in some of the classrooms, the snickering and teasing had intensified and I spent most of the day in hiding, eating lunch in an bathroom stale, and remaining in the corner through every class. I am unwanted, unloved, and it sucks. Life couldn't get any worse, or so I thought. It was one the many horrible days at school, and I had walked home alone, as usual. Entering my house, I called for mom and dad, seeing them coming out of the living room, smiles plastered on their faces. "Honey, there is someone I want you to meet", Dad said, taking hold of my arm. I was sceptical, but I followed anyway. Once we entered the living room, I noticed two men in lab coats, sitting on the couch next to my mom, whom smiled as I entered. "What's going on?" I asked, looking between my mom and dad.

One of the men got up from the couch with a smile on his face, "Summer Jones, we know about your powers" he said, "Your ability to move things with your mind" he continued. I was scared at that point, what was going on?. "We need your help with something" the other one commented, also getting up from the couch. I couldn't help but be curious.

Author's Note: As I said, it's from Summer's POV all through the movie, and I'm adding my own "missing scenes". Next, I think will be the audition. Please give me some feedback on what you like or don't like, but NO FLAMES PLEASE!!!!. HAPPY REVIEWING!!!!!