Time skip forward to when the canon story would have started. Everything before now was basically a long prologue.

Ch. 18 Council

"Congratulations, you are now all officially genin of Otogakure. And with the recent changes made by Otokage-sama, you are possibly the first generation of Oto shinobi to be able to make a name for yourselves and our village." The chuunin instructor at the academy told the small classroom filled with a few hitai-ate-wearing teens. The symbol on each plate was a musical note.

Oto had been around for about ten years now, nine-and-a-half to be more accurate, and while they had been training ninja of all ranks, they still operated in absolute secrecy within Land of Rice only. About four months ago, Orochimaru overturned that policy and told everyone that Oto ninja could tell what their home was and wear their hitai-ates on missions if they wanted to, but they still couldn't tell anyone where exactly the village was located. And since then they had been able to take missions within Land of Wind and Land of Earth too. But soon they would be known everywhere. Orochimaru probably made the point across best as "It's time for the Sound to be heard."

The instructor started listing off the teams. Only two of them were of any particular interest to one student, a thirteen year old Naruto. "Team 1 will consist of Naruto Uzumaki, Hinata Hibiki, and Isaribi Meikai. Your sensei will be Anko Mitarashi. Team 2 will consist of Zaku Abumi, Dosu Kinuta, and Kin Tsuchi. Your sensei will be Kabuto Yakushi." The rest of the list was just noise to him, however short it was.

Hinata, who was sitting right next to him, smiled and hugged him from the side. "Can you believe it Naru-kun? We're on the same team!" She said in a whisper, barely containing her joy.

"Terrific. Who do you think was the one to decide on that? Your mom, or Jii-san?" He whispered back.

"Does it matter?"

"No, guess not."

Elsewhere in the room, a purple-haired girl and a brown-haired girl looked at the young couple with envy. 'Great, she gets to be with him even more? Now I'll never have a chance to get closer to him.'

"You know what we gotta do today, right?" Tsunade asked Orochimaru with Jiraiya in the room too.

"Yeah, I didn't forget. Let's save it for after he gets done with the second test for genin."

"Won't that be saved for tomorrow though?" Jiraiya asked.

Orochimaru smirked. "Usually, but Anko-chan's the one testing him. And you know she won't wait. Or go easy on him either."

"At least not too easily." Tsunade corrected.

Two hours later Tsunade saw a battered and bruised Naruto walking down the hall to his room. He looked like he had just been in a fight with a small but pissed off bear. 'Yep, that's Anko's style all right.' She thought with a small grin. "Hey Naruto, feeling okay?"

"I'm fine. I've been thru worse." He said, feigning his well-being.

'Sad thing is I can actually believe that.' Tsunade grimly thought. "Just so you know, me and the others want you to come down to the council meeting room in an hour. Bring Hinata with you so we can discuss this with her too, but we'll talk to you two one at a time with you first."

"No problem. I'm going to go lay down now." The young boy replied before going into his room and crashing on his bed.

'Poor boy's got a tough road ahead of him. But I'm sure he'll do just fine.' Tsunade commented to herself before walking away.

"Any idea what this is all about?" Hinata asked as she and Naruto approached the door to the council room. Both had recovered from their little test at Anko's hands, but only Naruto was at 100% now.

"Not at all. But I doubt it's bad news." Naruto answered. "Hey, maybe they're offering some sort of betrothal contract between us?"

Hinata blushed. "I was thinking the same thing. Okaa-san keeps saying she might do something like that when we're older."

Naruto and Hinata were probably the best known young couple in all of Oto. While Naruto was seen with lots of female friends, Hinata was apparently the only one he had ever been romantic with or even kissed. She was his only official girlfriend, and while all the other girls could accept that, many of them were jealous of Hinata.

Shizune walked out of the room and smiled when she saw the two of them. "Good, right on time. Ready Naruto-kun?"

"Yeah." He then gave Hinata a brief kiss on her cheek before walking away with Shizune. "Be right back."

The council room was filled with members of both sides. Like Konoha, there were shinobi members and an equal member of civilian members. But unlike Konoha, the number was smaller, with five members for both sides. And their authority was kept in check to ensure they didn't act like they were the ones in charge. For example, the civilian members couldn't call meetings if the subject of it was ninja-based. And the ninja members weren't allowed to make laws specifically for their own clans unless it was a matter of village security.

There were two reasons the council of Oto was smaller than the one in Konoha. One, having a smaller council meant making decisions would be much easier. And two, there were fewer ninja clans in Oto. Sure, several came from Kiri, but some people who weren't in great shape didn't survive the long trip due to trouble along the way. Also when Oto made alliances with Suna, Iwa, and Taki, they gave each village a clan or two in exchange for better trade and a promise of being hired for missions when they were ready. So now Oto was down to six clans total.

The six clans were the following: the Kaguya, a bone-wielding clan with brutal fighting styles, the Fuuma, a clan native to Land of Rice with various techniques, the Momochi, an ice-weilding clan from Kiri formerly known under a different name, the Onigumo, a clan of people with six arms and spiderlike abilities, the Sakuya, a twin-favoring clan with a body-merging kekkei genkai, and the Hibiki, which was really the three renamed Hyuugas. Technically the Momochi and Hibiki didn't really count as clans since their numbers were so small, but the Momochi, the more established of the two, were allowed a seat on the council to prevent ties in votes. The Hibiki would get a seat when their numbers increased.

At the head of the room were the three sannin. Orochimaru was the acting kage and overall tie-breaker. Tsunade was the representative of the civilian side since she worked at Oto's hospitals and Jiraiya was the representative of the ninja side, when he was actually in town. In his absence Kabuto was the representative.

"Hello everyone. What can I do for you?" Naruto politely greeted. Usually he could get away with being unorthodox, but Tsunade made sure he knew when and how to show proper respect and this was one of those times. Also the relatives of three of his friends were on this council and he didn't want to look dishonorable in front of them.

"Just sit down and hear what we have to tell you Naruto-kun." Orochimaru told him. When the boy was seated he continued. "From what I recently heard from Anko-chan, you're now officially a genin of Oto. And that means we need to tell you something rather important regarding your future in the village."

"I can still become Otokage someday right?" Naruto nervously asked. His dream was to become Otokage someday, preferably the nidaime, which Tsunade was currently the candidate for if something happened to Orochimaru.

"Oh this won't interfere with your goal. Not too much at least. But it may make things a little more difficult for you." Orochimaru answered. "Naruto-kun, as you are aware, you currently hold nine kekkei genkai's in your blood. And each of your descendants will only be able to inherit one. With that in mind, we have something we need you to do."

"Yeah? What is it?" Naruto asked.

"You must have children with nine different women, allowing each of them to pass on one of your kekkei genkai's each. Preferably at least one son each. Not exactly the CRA, more of a Clan Creation Act."

Naruto looked blindsided. "No, I can't do that."

"Why not?" Jiraiya asked.

"It wouldn't be fair to Hina-chan. I know she'd have no problem having a family with me later on, but to make her share me with eight other girls would be wrong for her. I can't do that to her." Naruto answered.

Jiraiya groaned mentally. 'Great. The one person in the country who's being told to have multiple women, and he's a one-woman man. Oh where did I go wrong?'

"Naruto, as admirable as that is in a man, there's something else you need to consider about this." Tsunade spoke up. "Each of your kekkei genkai is a gift that should be able to help us out for generations, not just until you die. To do that, you would basically need to have at least nine kids, each inheriting a different one. Having one woman bear nine children or more is actually hazardous to her."

"But what about surrogate mothers?" Naruto asked. "That way you get the numbers you want and I don't betray my girlfriend."

"Consider genetics too." Tsunade added. "One way to help the clans thrive is genetic variety. If there's little genetic difference between them, we may run the risk of inbreeding in the future. We believe that the kekkei genkai you supply will affect your sperm enough so that the paternal DNA will be different between any two children with different bloodlines, thus the potential for inbreeding will be significantly reduced. If the maternal DNA is identical it could pose problems."

Naruto looked a little bothered. "Do you actually think my kids would commit incest?"

"What? No, of course not. What I meant was that if you succeed in creating several clans, the population of Oto will increase substantially within a few decades. And if a good portion of the village's population is significantly genetically linked, then the only options would be inbreeding, extinction, or bringing in foreign genes to increase the variety which isn't guaranteeable. What we're suggesting for you is the best way to avoid such a problem." Tsunade explained.

Naruto didn't look too convinced. "Even so, if Hina-chan says no then so will I. I will not hurt her like that."

"In that case, what would you do if she says yes?" Jiraiya asked.

Naruto didn't have a ready answer for that. 'What would I do? Would Hina-chan even consider the possibility? Wouldn't it still be unfair to her even if she consented? I don't know what to think.' All he said was "I don't know."

"Naruto, all we're asking is that you at least consider the possibility. We can't make you do this if it makes you uncomfortable. Well, we could but it wouldn't be right. But remember, would you really be more comfortable reducing your girlfriend to being little more than a baby-factory like Kumo would have done? At least with other women to help out you can take the strain off her." Orochimaru added.

Naruto hung his head as he let this all sink in. "Do you need a decision anytime soon?"

"No, take your time. If you would like to go somewhere private and think this over, you may. And on your way out, tell your girlfriend to come inside so we can inform her of this as well. You are dismissed." Orochimaru answered.

"Thank you." Naruto politely said as he stood up and left, his face showing several signs of discomfort.

After he left the room, Hinata walked in and took a seat where he had been. Her own expression showed she was mildly nervous. "Hello honorable councilmen. To what do I owe this pleasure?"

"Hinata-san, as we all are aware, you are in a relationship with Naruto-kun. How serious would you say it is?" Orochimaru asked to get things started.

The former Hyuuga blushed deeply at the question. "I thought you already knew that. I love him and have told him several times. And he's said it to me before too."

"I'm glad to hear that, but it makes what we're going to tell you all that much harder then." Orochimaru said. "In case you aren't already aware of this, Naruto's many bloodlines are a boon for this village. And we have a responsibility to ensure they stay around for generations. Which is why we feel it's best in the long run if Naruto-kun were to have offspring with multiple women. Nine total preferably."

Hinata looked stunned. "You want him to what?"

Tsunade was the one to answer her. "We feel that it's best if Naruto were to have children with several different women, as it would help his kekkei genkai's flourish in the village. You must know that if you were the only mother of them, that would require you to have at least nine children, which would be dangerous to your body. So basically you have only two real options, allow your boyfriend to have eight mistresses or use eight surrogate mothers. You can try to have them all yourself but we strongly recommend otherwise. And just so you know, Naruto doesn't want to hurt you so if you say no to the whole idea he will too."

Hinata sat there and went over it all. 'They want me to share Naru-kun with eight others? Well, it's not like I can't think of a few candidates that would be glad too, but still, Naru-kun is supposed to be mine. How can I be special to him if I'm just one of nine?'

"One more thing you should know Hinata." Jiraiya added, regaining the girl's attention. "Your mother and the three of us did write up a betrothal contract between you and Naruto stating that you'd be the one true wife whether or not you agree to this. So you won't have to worry about being less important in Naruto's eyes. If you accept the contract that is."

Hinata's eyes lit up, but she still didn't look convinced. She looked at all of the other council members. "Do you all support this idea?" They all nodded. "Which do you support more, the mistresses or the surrogates?"

All five of the shinobi council members supported the mistress notion. Three members of the civilian side supported it too but two of them voted in favor of surrogate mothers. The three sannin said they felt the mistress idea was the smarter one overall. Hinata sighed in defeat. "Can I at least think this over?"

Everyone nodded. "Take your time. And discuss this with Naruto-kun too since he feels bothered by the whole thing as well. You are dismissed." Orochimaru told her.

Hinata slowly walked out of the room and without realizing it went to Naruto's room, where she saw him sitting on his bed looking out the window. She sat down next to him, alerting him to her presence. "They told you?" He asked, and she nodded slowly. "I don't want to betray you."

She kissed his cheek softly. "I know. I never thought otherwise. I just don't know what we should do about it."