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Author's Note: I just watched Boxed In Once again the other day when it was on the USA channel. I really hated the ending and Tony's face was so sad. As you can see I really hated the Boxed In Episode.


Tony DiNozzo grabbed his backpack and disappeared into the elevator. He waved off the invitation to Ziva's house to have her cook dinner for him. He couldn't believe that they did that to him. Did they not like him? Yes, he could be a pain sometimes, but that didn't mean anything. That was a mask to cover up what his real feeling were. He had learned from an early age not to show other people his feelings and his emotions. Also, not to let other people see you cry. But for a moment a tiny moment he dropped his mask to show his emotions at being left out.

He went back to apartment after getting himself something to eat at the pizza place. His own favorite pizza sausage, pepperoni with extra cheese. He carried it back to his apartment and dropped it onto the kitchen table. He walked towards the cabinet and opened it up to get out a paper plate and put two slices onto the plate and then made his way towards the T.V. He turned it on and the DVD player after choosing a movie he popped it in and sat there watching one of his many movies.

The next day he was distracted on trying to find out how he should act towards his teammates after last nights snub at not being invited to their little party. He didn't even see the van that was near his own car and didn't see the four men who were suddenly there until it was too late. The chloroformed cloth was quickly placed over his mouth and he was thrown into the van as he passed out. The thought that he had before he passed out was that Gibbs and his team wouldn't care about him if he was kidnapped and wouldn't be looking for him because they didn't care about him.

One of the men put his gloved hand into his coat pocket and grabbed his cell phone. He threw his backpack, cell phone and badge onto the ground by his car and sped off.


One hour later Gibbs wondered where his senior agent was because hadn't shown up and so he called his cell phone, but it kept on ringing and ringing. Tony knew not to be unreachable. That was one of his rules. Never be unreachable. He got up and walked towards the elevators and punched the button to call the elevator. Where was his senior agent and why wasn't he calling and wondered if he was all right. He walked towards his car and sped away towards his senior agents apartment. When he got there he skid to a stop by Tony's Mustang. He found Tony's backpack, cell phone, and looked like his badge and there was also an envelope with his name on it on top of the backpack. He took out his cell phone and called his team to get over to Tony's apartment because they had a crime scene to process.

McGee and Ziva stopped by Gibbs's car and exited the van and walked towards the scene. "Ziva, bag and tag. McGee, shoot and sketch. I'm going to see if there's video footage." He told his team as he stalked off.

"What do you think happened?" Ziva asked as McGee was putting the envelope into the bag.

"I don't know. Maybe someone is after Gibbs and took Tony." He said as he wrote on the bag and put it into his case and then grabbed the phone and put it into another bag.

They worked in silence as they did their job. Gibbs came back with the evidence that they needed to hopefully find out to know not only who had taken Tony, but also what happened to him. They went back to headquarters and went inside to drop off the things to Abby.

Abby grabbed the evidence not knowing that it was Tony's things. When she put it down on her clean table she turned and found that they were still there. "What is it?"

"It's Tony, Abs. He's missing. We found this besides his car."

"No, he can't be missing."

"We'll find him, Abs."

"You better and then we'll tell him that we're sorry."

"What do you mean, Abs?"

"Tell him that we're sorry for rubbing it in his face that he wasn't invited to the party last night. I was looking at him when his face fell. A few minutes after he left and you went to go see the Director I asked Ziva why he wasn't there. It turns out that he wasn't even invited."

"I didn't know that, Abs. I thought that he didn't want to be there."

"He probably wanted to be there, but he wasn't even invited. How would that make you feel if you weren't invited to a party that all of your co-workers and friends were invited to?"

"I would feel bad."

"We need to put a tracker on him when we get him back."

"I don't think he'll let you do that."

"I don't care, Gibbs. He keeps on disappearing on us. We can't lose him." Abby said as she brushed a tear from her eye. "And if we lose him because of that stupid party that Ziva never invited him to I wouldn't know what to do. I still can't believe that she didn't invite him and then we had to go and rub it in. We should have known better Gibbs. We know Tony the best and yet we did that to him. We made him sad and we have to fix it before it's too late."

"We will, Abby. We will."

"I hope so." She said as she turned to the evidence that was gathered from the crime scene.