Hello to who ever read this! :)

I'm really sorry i don't know when i'll update, for the past year when i stared this i didn't know when this will be finished, but i know it will be finished someday, and since i'm out of high school you realise how busy you really are and other thing you want to do than be on a computer all day and update, but i do still love this story and plan to finish it some day, but i seriously don't know when, so this story is put on hold till further notice,

But i would greatly appericate it if you check out my other stories that i have written on here, i would appericate it soo much as much as some one else would on here, so plz forgive me my readers!

I love you u all and i appericate it soo much more than you can understand! :)

Thanks so much again and i hope you understand.

~Twilight2010 (Jessica)