Alrighty then, this is an original story, infact its an adoption story that i thought was pretty interesting. Also note I DON'T OWN NEITHER NARUTO OR BLEACH, AND IF I DID, I WOULD HAVE AIZEN SUPER GAY, AND LEAVE THE EVIL PAIRINGS OF DOOM ALONE! ....that is all...--RavenR20

Chapter 1: Sadness

Namikaze Minato was sad. He was sad because he had just sacrificed himself for his village, Konoha. He had also condemned his only son to being an orphan and to be hated by almost the entire village, by sealing the Kyuubi no Kitsune inside of him.

Just as he was sulking while overhearing the goddamned council try to kill his only son (he had given up trying to get them to stop a while ago) he heard a noise behind him. "Finally, I've been trying to find you for ages," said the pink cloaked man that appeared behind him. "Your potential reiryoku is incredible. Sorry for the lack of manners, I am Shunshui Kyoraku captain of the eighth division of the Soul Society, you would call it heaven"

Minato mumbled something, "What was that?" Shunshui asked.

"I don't deserve heaven, I condemned my own son to a life of hatred and loneliness, I deserve hell not heaven." Minato finished weakly.

"Ahh it can't be too bad, brighten up, put the past behind you, you could become a great Shinigami with your reiryoku, now I have to perform the soul burial, see you at the Soul Society." And with that the Shinigami tapped the hilt of one of his swords to Minato's before he could ask any more questions and Minato's world faded to white.