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What Happens After Death

Chapter 25: Thoughts and Chases

Dukata swore to himself. Glancing behind him, he could still see the girl that Minato trained with a Shinigami boy that had been with the group. The only good thing was the fact that the boy was just a Squad 4 member. That meant that he had no training in fighting since his graduation, and if he went to Squad 4, that normally meant that he had a terrible fighting skills.

But the main problem involved the girl. He didn't know much about her, only that her name was Rin, and she was from Konoha. The girl was also a medic, but she was more dangerous than the boy. Medics from Konoha were trained to be able to fight, and normally were the smartest member of the team. That, and the fact that she had been trained by Minato Namikaze as well.

Swearing once more, he turned a corner in the hopes of leaving the two healers in his dust. He knew he could take out the Squad 4 weakling, but the girl...he had a better chance fighting a Lieutenant. He knew that Rin could outmaneuver most shinobi, but she was still a medic...

Then an idea came forth. She wouldn't attacked if he had a hostage, and he held a perfect target for a hostage. The very same boy following him.

Minato Namikaze was swearing. For those who knew the man before his death, this was a very very bad sign. It meant that there was going to be blood shed, and a lot of it.

Sakumo Hatake knew this, which was why he and Takanashii was waiting for Abarai to return with Hiyako Hyuga to help Michiyo. The fact that he wasn't used to performing healing jutsu's was evident at the moment.

"Minato, you and I both know that your worthless in healing jutsu's. Go after Dukata with Takanashii, and I'll keep Hayashi-san breathing." Sakumo suddenly said, kneeling on the other side of the downed shinigami girl.

Nodding his head, Minato removed his hands, already showing signs of exhaustion from using so much energy. A slight choking sound came from Michiyo before Sakumo made the same hand-signs and placed them over her throat, allowing the girl to breath once more.

"Go. I should be alright, and I can perform a Clone Jutsu if one of Dukata's men awake." Sakumo said, and Minato gave him a grim smile.

"Thank you, Sakumo. Takanashii, let's go." Minato said, turning away, and Takanashii right next to him, a feral look on the young man's face.

"Give me some alone time with that ass and I'll prove why I was chosen to head the Shino Academy." was all the blue haired man. Without another word, the duo took off, in the hopes to catching up to Dukata, Rin, and Hanataro.