The Forgotten Summons

"Normal Speech"




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Chapter 1: First Encounter

It was a bright sunny day in the land of Fire, the Village Hidden in the Leaves was bustling with activity. Civilians walked in the streets, going about their business while the ever present ninja used the rooftops and their control of the bodily energy known as chakra to move from training fields to the Hokage Tower, to the massive gate where they would receive their assignments.

A multitude of ninja made up the ranks of the Konoha Shinobi, from the Hyuuga to the Akimichi. There was a diverse and unique mixture of ninja that made up the infamous teams of Konoha.

One such team was currently on a very important mission. Team 7 led by Hatake Kakashi was tracking their mission target through the forest surrounding the village. Kakashi had opted to sit this one out for "teamwork building" reasons. He lounged in the comfortable nook of a tree, reading his favorite book while he listened and occasionally directed his students.

"This is Ramen, I'm in position. You there Pinky?"

Silence was all he heard over the radio. Finally, a voice spoke up. "I don't want the codename Pinky."

Kakashi spoke up to quell any insubordination, "Codenames are what they are, report in Pinky." A sigh was heard, "Pinky in position."

The one codenamed Ramen snickered and waited for their last teammate to report in. He decided to give some encouragement. "Well?"

A voice was heard, "This is Duck-butt, in position." The voice was practically growling the response out.

Ramen snickered, "We are in position, Lazy Pervert we are waiting for your signal to go." Kakashi sighed at his codename, the idea had been to let everyone pick the codename of a fellow teammate. It was a good idea but the execution had gone downhill from the moment he named Sakura "Pinky." She had quickly chosen Naruto's name, who had chosen Sasuke's, who had taken his anger out on Kakashi.

Next time he'd just call them Minion 1, 2, and 3. Maybe that meant he could be called Overlord, he liked the sound of that.

"You have permission to start the op, subdue the target so we can go home." Kakashi listened with slight winces now and again as the screeching of a wild animal and the grunts and cries of his students echoed through the headpiece.

Naruto was struggling with a furiously struggling cat in his arms. The animal was scratching and wriggling as Naruto desperately tried to hold on to it. He really didn't want to have to chase this thing down again.

Unfortunately, fate had decided to screw him over, again. The demon cat wriggled furiously and jumped off his head to start sprinting through the forest. Naruto quickly regained pursuit as he radioed his teammates to try and pincer the damn beast.

But apparently, fate had decided to throw Naruto a bone. As he pursued the cat Tora, he noticed that he had come upon an old shrine, it looked to be Shinto in origin although he wondered why a temple was so close to a ninja village. The temples had drawn away from a world dominated by ninja and practiced their religion behind closed doors.

Turning his attention back to Tora, he jumped after the cat as it landed on top of a boarded up well. It looked back at him and quickly jumped away again. Naruto cursed and tried to change direction mid-air, but he landed exactly where he had aimed.

The wood that had so sturdily stood up to the weight of a house-cat, quickly broke as Naruto came to rest on it. Naruto let out a yell and fell down the long shaft in the ground. He scrambled against the walls in an attempt to slow his fall to no success. He hit the ground hard and everything went black.

When Naruto opened his eyes again, it was to almost complete darkness. He groaned and picked himself up slowly. He had landed on his back and pain shot through his entire body. He slowly moved around and to his relief, all the pain was dull, no sharp stabbing pains were felt which meant he probably avoided breaking anything.

He looked up, wincing as another lance of pain shot through his neck. He could see a small sliver of light at the top of the well shaft from where he had crashed through. From the pale light shining through, it looked like the moon was out. That meant he had been passed out for hours.

"HELLO! ANYBODY THERE?" His shout echoed up the well, but after a few minutes of waiting and some more shouting, he concluded that no one was outside to hear his calls. Grumbling to himself, he sat down and started thinking about how to get out of here.

When he sat down, he became aware of some loose stones lying around the bottom of the shaft, they seemed to be concentrated on one side and Naruto was grateful. Landing on that pile of stones would have seriously hurt. Digging through his belt pouch, he pulled out a small flashlight and flicked it on.

Shining the light around the broken stones, he saw what looked like a gap in the stones at the bottom of the well. Moving forward he pulled away some of the rocks and peered inside.

A tunnel, very small and very rough looking, lay beyond the opening. Naruto debated, he could either sit here and wait for someone to wander by, or try and see where this lead. He personally wanted to just say screw it, and try climbing the walls, but a quick look up shattered that thought. The walls were slimy with moss and something else, and the well was too wide for him to wedge himself against them.

The smell decided it for him. The well smelled damp and rotten, the air was sticky against his skin and there was no way he was waiting here for rescue. Turning to the opening, he put the flashlight in his mouth and started crawling.

For once, he was glad of his short stature, he doubted if he would make it through without being able to hunch down so small.

When the tunnel finally stopped, he cursed. He was faced with another stone wall, it looked like someone from the well had tried to tunnel out. He turned away and as he did so, he noticed something

When he had been facing the wall, his flashlight had been shining directly at it, now that he was turned away, he saw a little light shining from the stone. Turning off his flashlight and tucking it away, he pressed his face to the stone.

Small gaps between the stones, from where the roots of trees had shifted them, allowed him to peek into what looked like a room. Shifting himself so his feet were closest to the stone, he started kicking. His legs hurt but he persevered.

Eventually, one of the stones shifted, and he let out a cry of triumph as he worked the loose stone back and forth. Finally with a heave of effort and a crash, the stone popped free and fell in to what he now saw was a wide stone chamber.

Squeezing through his newly made gap, he wriggled his body through and fell with a thud into the chamber. Standing up, he looked around with amazement. The walls of the chamber were decorated with carvings and symbols. He recognized some of the things depicted as creatures from the myths of the land before the ninja existed. Looking on in amazement, he remembered reading about these creatures in folk tales, sometimes his only source of comfort on lonely nights. The stories of travelers and adventurers braving demons and aided by benevolent spirits always filled him with a sense of wonder.

Turning his attention to the center of the room, he walked up to a small stand. It was flanked by two pedestals upon which sat dishes that had fire burning in them. Naruto looked and saw nothing in the braziers that was burning, the flames just seemed to exist by themselves.

He looked at the stand between them and examined what appeared to be a small box, the moment his hand touched the box, the braziers blazed with light and illuminated the shadowy back of the room. He looked up to see a massive painting of a crimson nine-tailed fox fighting with a white wolf, the animals were writhing in between each other locked in mortal combat. The stone had been inked in and despite the apparent age of the room, the paint looked as new as if painted yesterday.

'Is that the Kyuubi?' Naruto looked on in wonder at the intricate statue that seemed to depict the demon in him. A small click echoed through the room and Naruto looked down to see the box was slightly open, the lock on the front having popped loose.

Reaching down slowly, he pushed back the lid to find a small scroll sitting innocently inside. "Damn, an awesome place like this and there's nothing but a stupid scroll." His muttering continued as he reached down and picked up the scroll.

He blinked, 'Wait, when did I end up in a sewer?'

True enough, he was standing in what looked to be a sewer. The water came up to his ankles, and pipes ran along the walls. He shivered as he heard a growl echo through the place.

He slowly turned around, the black of the sewer extended as far as he could see, ending in an inky blackness. He turned around again to where he was originally facing and screamed.

He was now facing a massive gate, intricate designs ran along the top and bottom of the doors that had colossal bars running through them. A small piece of paper lay upon the doors like a lock, the kanji for seal lay upon it.

Behind the bars lay the stuff of Naruto's nightmares. A massive head lifted out of the darkness and pulled its lips back to reveal a giant set of teeth. Blood red eyes burned with an otherworldly intensity and Naruto felt a massive weight come crashing down on his back when he locked eyes with those red demonic pits. He trembled as he had trouble breathing, and searched for something, anything to say to get this to stop. He suddenly latched onto something he remembered from his childhood. 'Well, fortune favors the brave.'

"My, what big teeth you have."





"What did you say?"

The crushing weight had disappeared, Naruto was breathing easily again as the fox did its best to adopt a confused expression with a face that really only did angry looks. The massive Kitsune raised itself up on its legs and padded forward. Naruto tentatively took a step back before tripping as the Kyuubi shrunk and shifted.

When it finally reached the bars, a human female stood in its place. A simple red yukata adorned the voluptuous frame of the red-haired woman. She growled and reached a hand forward, waving Naruto closer.

"Come on runt, I don't have all day." Her voice would probably be beautiful if it didn't sound so angry. Naruto stumbled forward, wondering absently why he was getting closer to a demon. She frowned at him, "That's not nice you know."

Naruto shrieked, "Y-you can r-r-read my mind?" She seemed to bite back a vicious comment, "Not usually, only when you're really distracted, that's when I can read the barest surface thoughts. Now will you hurry up?" Naruto walked tentatively closer, "What do you wa-" He was cut off when Kyuubi snaked a hand out through the bars and grabbed him by his shirt.

Naruto started screaming before she reached out her other hand and slapped him. He quickly shut up when it seemed like she wasn't going to kill him. Small tendrils of red chakra seeped into him for a few seconds then stopped.

She let go of him suddenly, he crashed to the floor in a heap as she walked away back into her cage. "Hey, what was that?" She paused and turned to face him, "The scroll you picked up was slowly killing you. While my chakra is being constantly leeched away by this damned seal, it's converted into human chakra as your pathetic body couldn't handle much of my awesome power. I overflowed the connection a bit and the scroll should now recognize my, shall we say "unique" signature."

Naruto looked at her quizzically, "Why would it stop just because my chakra has your signature?"

The Kyuubi smirked a bit, "I'm sure you'll figure it out."

Naruto opened his eyes and looked around, he was back in the weird room and the scroll was clutched in his hand. He looked down and quickly let go of the thing that Kyuubi said was killing him. It dropped to the floor, and he noticed a handprint was curled around the scroll in the same place he was holding it.

The handprint turned red and started to sizzle, Naruto realized that this wasn't good.

"Ah shit."

That was all he got out before the scroll unfurled and smoke billowed out, it quickly enveloped him and he was gripped by the most vertigo-inducing feeling he ever had. When the world stopped doing cartwheels in his gut, he looked up and saw the smoke recede back down into the scroll.

Looking up, he saw that he was in a circular chamber with a lone chair in the center and raised seats circling the walls. He jumped as a heavy hand clapped onto his shoulder. He slowly turned around to stare at a very tall man with the ugliest face he had ever seen glaring down at him. A single horn curved up out of its forehead and a massive club rested on its back.

Naruto felt like wetting himself as what he recognized as an oni growled out in a deep, gravelly voice, "So kid, mind explaining what my boss is doing inside you?"

Naruto whimpered as the oni grinned nastily at him. A voice rang out behind the oni and Naruto gasped as a what seemed to be a tengu walked up. The crow head was cocked to one side, a beady, black eye staring at him as it spoke. The pale blue samurai armor it wore clinked softly, the ornate daisho pair at its waist softly shifting with each step it took.

"Saburo please, you're scaring the child out of its wits. And you know perfectly well why one of the heavenly pair is sealed inside the boy." The oni stepped back and turned to the tengu, "Yeah I know, but its been so long since I got to have some fun, I thought it would be fun to scare him a bit." The tengu waved him aside as it stepped forward, "Yes well, you go over there for a bit while I sort this all out." The oni, Saburo, grumbled and walked off to one of the tall chairs, walking up the stairs that curved around the square pillar of stone upon which a carved chair sat.

The tengu turned back to face Naruto. "Hello child, can you hear me?" Naruto nodded, "Good, what is your name?" Naruto slowly opened his mouth, but the only question that came out was the one that was burning in his gut.

"Are you really a tengu?" The tengu nodded, "Yes, my name is Hayato, please don't mind Saburo over there, he's always grouchy. Now," Hayato straightened up, looking Naruto over with a critical eye. "No, no, no, this will never do. But that can wait. I'm guessing from the scroll at your feet and the comments made my my colleague that you are the jinchuriki for the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Am I correct?"

Naruto stared at him, "You're a tengu." Hayato sighed, "Yes Naruto I am, and I'm going to go ahead and say yes you are the jinchuriki in question. Do you know what this is?"

Reaching down, Hayato picked up the small scroll and held it up in front of Naruto. The young boy shook his head. Naruto honestly had no idea what the hell was going on and he didn't like it. Unfortunately for him, the itching he had been feeling at the back of his head suddenly burst into a blossom of agonizing pain, clutching his head, Naruto gave a short yell and collapsed to the ground.

When he opened his eyes, he sighed. The sewer of his mind was back.

He turned in a quick circle and came face to face with the Kyuubi. "You know, you could just ask." The demon snorted and glared down at him, her visage staying in the form of the massive monster this time.

"Listen well mortal, the scroll you stumbled upon is extremely important. Listen to Hayato and listen well. He's probably going to give you a better shot at survival than almost any other method you could find. Now, that scroll? The one that nearly killed you?" She waited and Naruto quickly nodded to show he knew what she was talking about.

"Good, at least you're not brain-damaged. Now listen up because this is important. All those creatures you've read about in the old stories are real. We existed long before the Sage of Six Paths. The truth is that instead of destroying us, he sealed us away so that our power could be utilized. It was a nice idea, but then he went and sealed us all over the Elemental Countries. Saburo was my most trusted general until the Sage sealed him alongside Hayato who was the general of my counterpart."

"Why didn't the Sage seal you as well?"

"Because, I and the others of my kind are forces of nature, to seal us away would be the same as sealing away the sun or the oceans. While the Sage certainly had the power to do so, he wisely realized that certain forces needed to remain free to ensure balance in the world. Unfortunately, your precious First Hokage didn't realize the same thing."

"What do you mean?" Naruto was starting to get confused, but was barely following the basic idea.

"He was the one who captured all the tailed beasts in the first place and he invented the idea of the jinchuriki. When he did this, the world started to fall into darkness. Surely you've noticed? The start of three Massive wars that have ripped apart nations when before our sealing the largest devastation was the defeat of a clan? The nationalization of murder and war for profit and the conscription of children as soldiers. The world you live in is corrupt and there is a reason for all of it."

"What reason?" Naruto was now not only confused, but scared.

She grinned, a smile that seemed to stretch unnaturally wide, revealing a set of massive razor sharp teeth. Then she chuckled, a deep rumbling laugh that filled the air with malice as her killing intent flooded the cavern. "Simple, you humans have feared me and all the tailed beasts as the worst natural disasters to exist. But, as is the way of your short-lived species, you don't realize that there are things in the darkest corners of the world much, much worse than me. But enough history for today. What you need to think about right now is where you are."

The pressure seemed to evaporate as Naruto found himself able to breathe again.

Naruto heaved himself to his feet and realized he didn't remember falling to his hands and knees, "So why did I find the seal with your general?"

Kyuubi stared at him, "Honestly? I have absolutely no idea, the odds of me being in your gut, and that you found my particular seal is almost impossible. You must have the best luck in the world kid. Now on to business."

She got a serious look on her face, "This is a rare opportunity for you, Saburo and Hayato may not be the most powerful anymore but in terms of teachers, there are none finer."

Naruto stood there with a dumb expression on his face, "What?"

Kyuubi growled in annoyance, "I've had enough of your stupidity." With a roar, Naruto found himself thrown backwards and felt himself flying through the air before he suddenly came to.

'This is getting old, why can't they give me some warning when I'm about to enter the recesses of my mind to talk with the malevolent demon spirit sealed inside me?' That was the first thought that went through his mind when he opened his eyes to see the circular chamber again. His next thought was simpler as he hit the floor. 'Ow.'

Sitting up, he blinked away the spots in his vision. He picked himself up, which was becoming a really common occurrence, and turned to Hayato. The tengu tensed up at the gleam in Naruto's eyes, combined with the creepy grin that was spreading across the boys face, and Hayato was seriously wondering what was going through the boys mind.

"Kyuubi talked to me, she told me everything about the seals and how you two are generals of some sort! So when do I get some kickass training?" Hayato motioned for Naruto to sit, once he did so, the bird-man went into his explanation. "Now, Kyuubi-sama mentioned the other creatures sealed across the land right?" Naruto nodded.

"Well, this is a little complicated but stay with me. The only way someone can unseal and control the other summons is with the assistance of the heavenly pair, it was a security measure put in place by the Sage of Six Paths when he sealed us away. As Kyuubi is sealed inside you, you should be able to go and unseal one of her weakest followers. The seal is on the wall of the chamber where you found the scroll. Look along the wall closest to the fox and you will see it. But careful, for without the aid of Shiranui the White Wolf, the other wall holds your doom."

As he talked, the large oni, Saburo, walked up. "I got to say kid, I'm pretty excited about all this. Me and Hayato have been stuck in this thing for well over a hundred years with nothing to do but play shogi, and suddenly you show up. Frankly, we can't wait for you to get us out into the world." Hayato nodded at this, "While I don't make it a habit to agree with my colleague, I must confess that I too am excited. Now, I must ask the question that has been pressing on my mind. How exactly did you find our scroll? Last I remember, it was in an underground chamber beneath a temple guarded by monks."

Naruto's eyes bugged out, "Oh crap! I need to get back soon! They'll be sending out search parties." Hayato nodded quickly, "Well, I should be able to reverse summon you the place you found the scroll. Once you're there, look behind the statue of Kyuubi-sama and Shiranui-sama for a small catch in the wall, pull on it and a door should reveal itself. That door will lead you to the temple above and you should be able to get home from there. Before you leave though, I will teach you how to summon us. The regular seals for the lesser clans will suffice, simply perform these handseals and call out the name of whoever you wish to aid you."

He showed Naruto the seals and then motioned Naruto to stand, once he did so, Hayato reached out and grasped Naruto's right arm in his taloned hand. Pulling out a brush and some ink, Hayato drew an intricate seal on Naruto's forearm. Once he was done, he moved aside and signaled Saburo forward.

The oni stepped forward and placed his hand on top of Hayato's, the seal glowed a bit before it sizzled and smoked. Naruto grit his teeth at the pain until it passed. When the two creatures pulled away, the ink was burned into the skin. Hayato looked up, "That seal will allow you to summon either of us by swiping a bit of blood across it and focusing chakra. Once the payment of blood and chakra are complete, you place your hands onto the ground focus on which of us you want to summon. While we are not as spry as in our youth, we will teach you. Now go, get back to your village and when you are ready to return here, open the scroll again."

Naruto nodded and picked up the precious summoning scroll. Opening it up, he ran his hand across the different seals on the paper until Hayato nodded. Biting his thumb till it bled, he ran his hand across the seal and waited.

With a familiar sickening jerk, he found himself standing in the dimly lit room again. He looked around at the walls and at the scroll in his hand. Slowly, he raised the sleeve of his jacket and saw the ink on his arm.

'It was real.' He slowly grinned before letting out a whoop of joy and doing a little dance. He had a unique summoning! Finally, something he could beat Sasuke in.

Looking up to the statue, he noticed that Kyuubi was more to the left. While both creatures were writhing furiously, Kyuubi was definitely more to the side of the room with darker depictions. He ran his hand along the wall, the mural of ferocious monsters chilling his blood. He stopped abruptly as he felt a tug from his stomach, more specifically from the seal holding the Kyuubi. He continued walking as he felt the tug grow stronger until he was running along the wall. His arm nearly yanked out of its socket as his hand suddenly stuck to the wall and his body flew forward. He retraced his steps and stared at the place where his hand was stuck.

It wasn't pretty, the sinister visage of a Dokufu stared back at him. Famous in stories for leading unwary travelers to their deaths with the lure they used, they were dangerous to all and lethal to the unwary. Naruto had a sinking sensation as he felt his chakra unwillingly rise up and start to flow through his hand and into the wall. A glowing, intricate pattern emerged as Naruto felt the chakra speed up and his hand started to burn. After what seemed to be an eternity, he was able to yank his hand away from the wall.

The seal billowed smoke as Naruto stumbled back from the shape that suddenly appeared in front of him. The dry rustle of chitin and the clicking of mandibles told him exactly what was inside the smoke. Sure enough, the glistening multi-faceted eyes of the Dokufu stared at him with strange intensity. After a minute of what seemed appraisal, the spider reached out with a pincer and slowly ran the tip over Naruto's face. He shivered at the feel of the cold, hard chitin but was surprised at the gentle touch being used by such a monstrous creature.

The pincer slowly ran over him until, finally, it rested at his navel. The Dokufu chittered and withdrew the pincer quickly as it seemed to try to shrink down and away from Naruto. He realized it must be afraid of him and quickly walked over to it. Slowly reaching a hand out to touch its head he stroked the surprisingly soft bristles on its exoskeleton and tried to reassure it. It relaxed and seemed to lean into his hand before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

Naruto quickly walked over to behind the statue and found the lever Hayato spoke of. Pulling it, he watched as a section of the wall to the left slid back and revealed a narrow staircase. Walking up it, he pushed down on the lever that had popped out on the other side. Noting with interest as the other lever lowered as well before the wall slid shut. The lever on his side was hidden much better than its counterpart. It blended in with the wall and looked like a slat of wood.

Walking up the stairs, Naruto made his way through a small number of rooms until he slid a door open and stepped out of a closet. Sliding the door shut behind him, he walked through the abandoned temple before he emerged into the forest.

Tucking his prized scroll into his back pocket, he jumped into the trees and started his journey home. As the trees blurred past him, he felt lighter and happier than he had been in a long time. At long last things were starting to look up.

As he walked through the streets of Konoha, he was slowly growing more and more nervous. The streets were dark, lit only by the periodic glow of street lights that dotted the street. He made his way to his apartment and walked up the short flight of stairs to his home.

Turning the key in his lock, he walked in and flipped the light switch. The dim glow of the bulb flickered on and he suddenly understood why his gut had been telling him that something bad was happening.

Standing in his living room, looking nothing like the kindly old man Naruto knew, was the Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen. Flanking him was Kakashi, looking none too pleased himself.

Naruto laughed nervously and scratched his head, "Hey old man." The Hokage just continued to stand, smoking his pipe and looking straight into his eyes. His face was stony, the small and periodic puffs of smoke doing nothing to make him seem less scary.

"I'm back." This caused the Hokage to shift, he gestured Naruto forward and the boy trudged forward to sit on his couch. Kakashi walked past him and shut the door. Sarutobi turned to him and the look on his face had not decreased in its frightening intensity.

"Now, Naruto, let's talk about where you've been for the past week."

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