A/N: Something a little bit better, since I've watched the musical again recently.

They crowd around her, the talk to her as if they didn't all hate her just a few days ago, and they prove just how shallow they can be. She likes all this attention anyway.

Once upon a time, she was ignored or given these disgusted looks everywhere she went. Once upon a time, she had no friends other than her books and family. Once upon a time, she was the most gossiped about woman in town.

That had all changed, in only a second. This man, this Harold Hill, had charmed his way into her town and her heart, and now, just because of this, they treated her in a new way. They called her beautiful, they forgot all issues they had against her.

She was even invited to join the dance committee, where only women deemed worthy by the Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn were allowed in. She was welcome there now, she had friends now (even if they were shallow and didn't really care about anything other than the latest gossip) and, better still, she had the chance to see the man who had changed it all for just a little while longer.

She was happy, for once, and, even if it was just until they found something to hold against her, she fit in.

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