Chapter 2

The Master stalked down the hallway, clearly annoyed at having been kept in his meeting for so long. He noticed a few workers attempt to approach him but a well aimed glare sent them scurrying in the other direction. When he got to the door of his office, he glanced around. Glad that no one was anywhere near, The Master pressed his ear gently to the door, listen to the sounds within. Moans and whimpers leaked were heard faintly through the solid wood and he could hear The Doctor gasping his name occasionally. He felt heat pool in his stomach and carefully opened the door, taking care to make as little sound as possible. He locked the door behind him, wincing slightly at the unnecessarily loud mechanical sound it made. Relieved when The Doctor made no show of hearing the sound, The Master walked over to him and lightly ran his hand over The Doctors ass. The Doctor yelped at the sudden contact and twisted his head around in a vain attempt to see who was touching him.

"Master?" The Doctors voice held a note of panic, and his body was tense that showed just how nervous he felt. The Master, instead of answer, reached around The Doctors body and grabbed his member, hissing in pleasure at the shocked moan that ripped through The Doctors slim frame.

"Did you miss me?" More of a rhetorical question really, so The Master was surprised when The Doctor nodded, blushing, and pressed his ass into him.

"How many times did you come while I was gone; two, three times?" The Doctor groaned and mumbled slightly in Gallifreyan. In a moment of control, The Doctor straightened up and turned around. Locating The Master easily, he pressed a fierce kiss to the others lips. The Master hummed happily, half the fun was when The Doctor tried to take control. Ripping off the blindfold, The Master deepened the kiss and fondled the oversensitive flesh.

"Master…I want you." Those three words, those three blissful words shot heat straight to The Masters groin. Growling, he turned The Doctor over again and hastily pulled off his jacket and shirt. Reaching down, he pressed lightly on the sonic screwdriver still embedded in the other Time Lord before pulling it out sharply. The Doctors eyes widened at the quick movement and before he could protest at the emptiness, he felt The Master pushing in. The lack of preparation hurt, but the hours with the sonic had loosened him up nicely. Once The Master was all the way in, they paused, catching their breath.

The Master felt The Doctor start to fidget beneath him and he leaned forward to press a chaste kiss on the back of The Doctors neck. Sliding out slightly, he bit the spot and licked at it while he continued to thrust quickly into The Doctor. Moans filled the room, bouncing off the walls and making the pair even more aroused. The Doctor struggled at his bonds a bit before he felt a deft hand quickly undo them. Sighing in thanks, The Doctor grabbed hold of the coffee table in front of him and began to thrust back against The Master. He felt strong, cold hands grip his hips roughly as The Master began to lengthen his thrusts, pulling back so he was almost completely out before pushing back in. The Doctor was panting and moaning, breath coming in short gasps as he felt himself near his peak.

Straightening, The Doctor tangled his hand in The Masters hair and twisted his head to catch his lips. The Masters hand descended on his manhood, roughly stroking him. A short cry from The Doctor and he was coming, The Master not far behind with a grunt of his own. The Master pulled out of him and flipped him onto his back before re-entering him. The Doctor loved him when he was like this. The pure, animalistic need as The Master drove into him again and again. The Doctor reached up and pulled him down hungrily, biting at his neck and leaving an angry red mark. Soothing it with his tongue, The Doctor kissed and nibbled at The Masters ears, relishing in the little moans and gasps that he elicited. The Master grabbed his hands and pinned them above his head before diving down and kissing The Doctor furiously. His thrusts were getting harder and rougher as all sense left him. Wrapping slim legs around The Masters hips, The Doctor angled himself and lost himself in the pleasure. With a scream in Gallifreyan, The Doctor and The Master came together, eyes glazed in the pleasure that they had forgotten.

Bonelessly, The Master slumped over The Doctor, getting his breath back. Kissing the others eyelids tenderly, The Doctor basked in the afterglow, content to just lay there. The Master raised one of The Doctors hands, still entwined with his, and kissed the back softly. Nuzzling into his embrace, The Doctor mumbled a series of nonsense words before dozing off, feeling safe in the embrace of another like him.

"Doctor…" A slight vocalization of acknowledgment, "Let's leave here. I'm sick of being around these stupid cattle."

Large brown-eyes stared at him. Then, smiling a huge grin and hugging him tightly, The Doctor wrapped himself around the other and nodded into his shoulder. Pressing a kiss to the top of the brown, spiky head, The Master wrapped his arms around the lean man and fell into the first peaceful sleep that he could remember. The Drums had quieted. They weren't gone, but they were muted and distant. With a shock, The Master realized that the sound he heard wasn't the Drums in his head, but the beat of the Time Lords heart. Relief, fear, and confusion passed through him before he came to the conclusion that for the first time in a long time, he was happy. He may miss the Drums later, but for that, all he had to do was lie next to his Doctor and he would be complete.