E/O Challenge

Word: Curl (curls, etc)

Count: 100

A/N: Sorry this is late it was super bowl Sunday after all. This might be a preseries. I don't know I'm just playing around.

Dean's Sweethearts

Dean smiled and cupped his hand into the crib. His fingers tussled through light brown curls. Two light blue eyes shimmered up at the older man.

"C'mere." He muttered with a grin and picked up the little girl. She reached for him and clung tightly.

"Hi sweetheart."

She smiled a toothy grin.

"Talking yet?"

She cooed.

"I guess not." He paused, "Take your time."

Chubby hands patted his cheeks.

Dean's grin remained intact, "I know squirt, we gotta find Uncle Sammy."

She cooed.

"Think mommy would want to take a road trip?"

Dean swore she rolled her eyes. He chuckled.