smileyfox148 here with a brand new heart wrenching four-shot! This I can tell you is going to be absolutley depressing, the prefect dark fiction in a nice and short format. Minimum plot. Does contain an AU pre-apolyptic JODverse. Reala, NiGHTS, and Jackle all tell how they feel now that Wizeman is long gone. Written post-JOD.

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)(Daddy - Reala's Poem)(

Daddy, what happened?

Don't tell me stories of the life we live.

Only sigh me a streaked skyline,

After I try too hard.

And fall too fast.

Narrow your eyes once more,

With that deceptive smile meant just for me.


Daddy, I was happy.

When you held us in your all-knowing hands.

When we gave ourselves to laughter.

The world you built for us,

This epitome of nightmare.

Fill it with wonder, with sweet promises

Of the friends you take away.


Daddy, you changed.

Don't give me reasons why.

Just hold me like you used to.

Give us golden loyalty

And the light of a black sun,

That you morphed into the dust

That runs through my blood.


Daddy, I understand.

Show me a dream of bluegrass and rosewood.

That rises above the river's bank.

That you say is meant for me alone.

Let me run rampant.

Teach me how to hate.

Teach me how to kill.


Daddy, make me a thief.

Build me up, tear her down,

With your twisted set of rules.

Then take me by the hand,

And lead me to my tomb.

Leave me with the locks,

With the pain of no tomorrow.


Daddy, she left us.

Don't refrain from punishment

When I lie and say I tried to stop her.

Leave me with scars

On my eyes and soul,

Remove my broken, beating heart.

And replace it with rust you know won't hold.


Daddy, I did it.

Don't tell me I did well.

You weren't there to see the look on her face

Hear her words of fighting defiance.

Have you ever been there?

But I came back for you.

My father, my creator, my God.


Daddy, this life is hard.

Make me a general.

Build me an army of toy soldiers.

And laugh when I refuse.

Tell me what I'm made for, paying no mind to my feelings,

To cut through flesh and stone

And spirit.


Daddy, I'll fix it.

Don't worry, I need no help.

You've made me stronger than she will ever be,

With her foolish ideas of hope and freedom.

I will end her.

Ease your suffering.

Maybe then, my hope will die, too.


Daddy, I failed you.

But you can't hurt me anymore.

I let my feelings bleed from me,

Down through the shadows that once bound me to you,

And the thought that I could win.

My eyes close with finality,

As the marks you and I left fade.


Daddy, why me?

I never quit, I stayed at your side,

And you repay me with salt for my wounds.

I am still here.

I am still waiting.

I wish I could say 'I love you',

But you made that illegal.


His hands fell with a sigh, letting go of a once sharp knife. It clattered to the pavement. He looked over the words he had scratched into the side of a building in the Dreamer's Bellbridge, a single angry tear sliding down his white cheek. He looked to the black sky and, seeing no one, slumped down beneath his words. Without a word, he buried his head in his hands.

"I am… done running…" he choked out, "Let them come… I no longer have the strength to avoid Fate…"

The tinkling sound of laughter greeted his ears like nails on a chalkboard. Ever so slightly, he tilted his face towards the city lights above. The Nightmaren rose, mere inches from the rough cement. He exhaled, closing his wonderful blue eyes to ease his nerves. He floated out into the center of the street, which for a 'maren like him was suicide. His heart pounded in his ears. The sounds of Nightopian screams seemed so far away, though he knew they were all around him. So close. So very close…

His clawed hand snapped out, catching a 'pian by the throat and choking the life out of it in a burst of blue and pink dust. He chuckled behind a cold smile.

"It is done. They will come for sure…"

On cue, a thin layer of silver webbing settled around him, cutting off both air and movement. Panic caught in his chest, but he didn't struggle. A 'pian dressed in all black floated before him, but this was not an uncommon sight nowadays. The Nightopian Corporal Unit, or NCU, was a special group of Nightopians that found and captured the remaining Nightmaren still devoted to Wizeman. The red and black 'maren smirked, knowing all too well that now the NCU's 'Most Wanted' would finally have his poster taken down. The NCU's were a quiet bunch… except their general. The same general who now was laughing at him.

"I will kill you..." the 'maren mumbled.

The general scoffed, "You might have been able to, but oh!" The genreal flew right up to the 'maren's face. "You're a bit tied up. Sorry, sorry." He turned away with a chuckle. More troops descended, securing a barrier between the 'maren and the angry crowd. The general jerked his thumb twoards to 'maren. "Take him away, boys."

The general glanced over his shoulder, crossing his tiny arms. His eyes sparked with triumph.

"Finally caught ya, General Reala."

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