The Adventures of Rose Tyler in Time and Space:

Volume 1: Rose Tyler and the Battle of Gettysburg

Chapter One

"Right then, Rose Tyler." The Doctor said grinning over the console at me. I grinned as the TARDIS grinded to a halt. "Right out those doors is the First Revolution, from a distance mind you. If you lose your head, and I'll lose mine to your mum." Laughing, I took his hand and we stepped outside. We were in a green field, and we were surrounded by soldiers, pointing bayonet-fixed riffles at our heads. Typical.

"Doctor?" I asked raising my hands in surrender. He did the same.

"Oh, American Civil War. Well, I was close." I laughed. Traveling with the Doctor sure keeps you on your toes.

"I think you better come with us." The soldier nearest to us said. We both nodded. It's not a good idea to argue with the man holding a gun. We started walking across the field and the Doctor started whispering background information to me as we headed for a large hill.

"So, we're near the end of the Civil War, well closer to the end then the beginning, and were in Gettysburg, as in, 'The Battle of'. It was a three-day battle that was a decisive victory for the Northern Union. These are the Union soldiers that we're being escorted by. Union, blue; Confederates, grey."

"Okay…" I droned, trying to remember what little history I had taken in school

"Judging by the Union's defensive lines, I'd say it's very early morning of day two."

"Fun." I said only half sarcastically.

"Absolutely! Defense of Little Round Top, brilliant! I've always wanted to see this!" I smiled at the Doctor's enthusiasm. We walked the rest of the way in silence. I was enjoying the scenery and the Doctor was observing the soldiers, and I'm sure trying to come up with a back-story to explain my clothes, the TARDIS, our accents, and the Doctor's shoes. When we reached what appeared to be the Union base camp, a soldier motioned to a man with a large moustache, who walked over.

"Colonel Chamberlain, sir. We've captured two prisioners of war, sir."

"Looks like a skinny fellow in a weird suit and an innapropiately dressed young lady. What exactly makes them prisoners of war?"

"They are British, sir. Obviously spies for the South, sir." Chamberlain knodded.

"I trust your judgment, John. If you think they're a threat, I'll keep an eye on them. I already have a large group of diserters." He dismissed the soldiers around us and they disperesed. Then he turned towards us and smiled. He extended a hand, which we both shook in turn. "Colonel Joshua Chamberlain."

"I'm John Smith and this is my travelling companion, Miss Rose Tyler." The Doctor introduced us, "It's a pleasure to meet you, sir."

"Well that's a polite englishman."

"I believe I owe you an explination for our presence."

"It would certianly help your case." We started walking and the Doctor started talking.

"I was in charge of ensuring Miss Tyler's safe passage to your countries capital city to visit a dying aunt." I nodded and did my best to look sad, like I was going to lose a close relative, while the Doctor pulled out the Phsyic Paper and showed him our 'identification'. "On our way there, we were robbed. They took everything, Rose's dresses. My dress shoes, and even the wheels off our small blue carrage."

"How misfortunate!" Chamberlain said shocked, "I assure you that it is those types of rebel behaviors we are fighting to squash." We reached a row of tents and we stopped. "now, you two look like good, honnest folk to me, but I have a group of men to tend lead and diserters to watch over. They have refused to fight, and I refuse to shoot American Citizens, at least not the ones on my side. You however, I have no loyality to. So, here's the deal," He adressed me. "You work as a nurse for the men. Also, we'll get you a proper dress."

I nodded. That seemed like a fair deal. There was one problem. I'm a bit squimish around blood. When I was six, I fell on cement while running. I scraped up my knees really badly and there was soo much blood, I screamed and passed out. It was a half an hour before Mickey found me and called for a teacher. I've gotten better since then but not completely. However, it didn't look like we would be getting back to the TARDIS anytime soon, and I'd rather get over my issues with the red stuff then get shot as a traitor. Colonel Chamberlain seemed satisfied and turned to the Doctor.

"As for you, , you can either be put on trial right here, right now, by those men who captured you. Needless to say, that wouldn't go well, or I can get you a unform and you can fight with my brigade." The Doctor paled.

"Fight?" He clarified. "Like, with a gun?"

"Rifles and amunition are scarce but we would get you a spare, as well as a bayonet to fix on it."

"I'm not much of fighter." That was an understatement. The Doctor was the most pacifistic bloke I knew, omitting the few run-ins with Daleks that bring out the worst in him. The Doctor would never take a life, especailly human. He would sacrifice himself before shooting someone with a rifle. Also, there is something about the idea of war itself that makes the Doctor bristle. It brought back bad memories of the Time War and the loss of his people. As far as I know, that's the last war he faught in.

"Well, you could always run for it, but I feel I should warn you; my gunmen are not innept." The Docctor swallowed thickly and I took his hand in mine, giving his fingers a squeeze. His eyes snapped to mine and I gave him a little smile, letting him know that I would support any decision, but reminding him that I would prefer him not dead. He nodded in understanding and took a deep breath before turning back to Chamberlain.

"I'll fight."

"Good choice, my friend." He held up a finger and ducked into a near by tent. He came out again a few seconds later with a dark-skinned girl, who looked about sixteen, in tow. "This is Emily. She is one of nurses on the field."

"Hello." I said to the quiet girl. She smiled and nodded.

"Emily would you be so kind as to lend Rose here, a spare dress and apron. She'll be working as a nurse for next few days. It's up to you to show her what to do." She nodded. If you'll follow me, Miss." I hesitated and looked at the Doctor. He squeezed my hand and reluctantly let it go.

"Go on." He said quietly, sadly. "I've got a date with a rifle."

"Be careful."

"I'll come find you before I have to go fight." I nodded and turned to follow Emily.

Author's Note: Woo. Finally. I've wanted to write this story for AGES. This is going to be a short chapter story. The 1st of a collection of adventures from Rose's POV. So look out for more. Yes, Chamberlain is a real person and he's really important to the Union's fighting at gettysburg. If you didn't know that, shame on you, go study some history. =P

-Love, Scifigeek