Haruno Sakura

~Sakura's P.O.V~

"Sakura, help me with those boxes, will ya?"




"Sakura, get over here now!"

I sighed and got off the car. I took off my earphones and put them in my pocket but didn't turn off the music. When I stood in front of Kakashi, I raised a brow. "What?" I asked irritated. I hate being interrupted when I'm listening to my music, no matter who it is. Friends, Strangers, anyone. Why not family? Because I have none. Kakashi is just my adoptive father.

"Help me with these boxes!" Kakashi commanded and I rolled my eyes while picking up a box. Why, you ask? 'Cause we're moving. We used to live in a small town called Tanzaku Town. Everyone knew me there and hated me. Teachers, students, parents. Everyone hates me. Except Kakashi's girlfriend and soon-to-be-wife Mitarashi Anko.

Why? Because I'm different. I'm quiet, always alone and I never talk or look at anyone. People picked on me all the time and, one day, I got tired of it and fought back. To say the students and teachers were shocked was an understatement. Hell, they expelled me! And they just gave the other girl ten days of suspension! She didn't get away from me that easy either. That black eye and bruise on her hceek and neck should stay there for a couple of day, even weeks.

I grinned at the memory. Haven't had that much fun in awhile. I walked inside my new home in Konohagakure and looked around. Marble floors and a stair case to the far left side of the room. To the far right was a door that I assumed led to the kitchen. I looked back at Kakashi and frowned.

"Where the hell am I supposed to put this at?" He looked back at me and I could see a frown through that mask he always wore. "Just put them in a corner." I nodded and put the box down. "There, I helped. Now, can I go to my room?"

"Fine but let me warn you; there's nothing up there."

"I don't really care, Kakashi."

I heard him sigh and I headed up the stairs. I turned a corner and came across a hallway with three doors. I turned around and there was another hallway with only two doors. I turned back around and went through the last door in front of me. There was nothing in the room and the walls were white...Hmm, that will change later.

I took out my earphones and put them on again. My favorite song's on, Someone Who Cares by Three Days Grace. This song always makes me think about my life.

My father died out of a disease I don't like to talk about when I was five. My mom got married soon after and I didn't talk to her for months after she did. I mean, letting another man into you life right after your father died seven months before, well that was bullshit for me. I hated and still hate that man. A year after my mom and him got married, he started to abuse me, saying that I wasn't a good enough child. Well excuse me for living my life, my way.

After 6 months of hits, blood, tears and bruises, my mom found out and sent the man to jail. To say the least, she never did visit him again or talk to him for that matter. After that, our lives were men-free. Except my older brother, Sasori. My mom was in a car accident 4 months after all of the shit was over.

Sasori, who was six years older than me, (I was ten at the time and he was sixteen) started to do drugs a week after Mom died. I guess you could tell what happened after that, right? Ir you guessed that he died ,yes, he did, two years after.

My life's pretty jacked up, that's all I gotta say. So, right now, I'm the only Haruno alive and I really don't feel like living all of my life. Its hell that's all I gotta say. Boring, old hell. A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts. I looked over my shoulder to see Kakashi standing the re with a smile. "Guess who's here..." I furrowed my brows before my eyes widened and a small smile formed on my lips.

I ran past Kakashi and slid down the handle of the stairs before stopping in front of a woman with purplish colored hair. "Hey..Anko." I panted out, the smile still on my lips. I was always happy to see her. She's an orphan just like me only her parents died in war. "Hey, Sakura, just came to help ya out with your room, eh?" she said winking at me.

I grinned and looked down to see buckets of paint by her feet. "Hey, Anko." Kakashi said pecking her forehead. One question that will always be unanswered; how the hell do they make-out if he's always wearing that mask on? They turned to me and I raised a brow. "So are you planning on making friends this year?" My smile fell at Kakashi's words.

I never made friends. Hell, I don't need friends. Why would I get friends when I got my iPod and Anko and Kakashi with me? Now, that I think about it, they do need to spend some time alone so I guess I should make at least one friend. But not those preppy girl, I hate them. I mean they are always talking about boys and Ugh! It gets on my nerves.

"C'mon, Kakashi. Don't be so hard on the girl. she's had a rough life so far," Anko said swinging one arm around my shoulders and I grinned at Kakashi, who just glared. I stuck my tongue out at him and rested my head on Anko's shoulder. I'm always happy around them because I know they got my back and I got theirs.


But that all changes when the blond across the street enters my life.