"I have to go ask Squall something. . ."

Rinoa walked out the door leaving everyone confused.

"Well ok" Selphie laughed. Everyone continued to eat, Zell was stuffing food into his face much to the disgust of poor Quistis beside him. Suddenly the familiar ding of the intercom sounded. Everyone looked up towards the ceiling waiting for the message.

"Squall please? Please?"It was Rinoa's voice.

"I think she bumped the intercom button on accident. . ." Quistis stared.

"Come on Squall cant I just try?"

"No Rinoa It's too big for you. . . your too young" It was Squall.

Everyone stared at the ceiling some of the older students were giggling and some were covering other students ears.

"Squall I can handle it please I wanna try!" It was obvious that she had no idea everyone could hear their conversation.

"No. . . Its too heavy for you it weighs like 10 pounds!"

"Squall stop bragging its not even much bigger than Seifer's!" Rinoa paused for a moment. "He let me handle his all the time!"

Selphie burst out into laughter she fell of her chair. And Irvine was muttering something along the lines of "whats wrong with you Squall just let her!"

"Rinoa no your going to hurt yourself! I couldn't bear it If you got injured because of me!"

"Ugh can I at least hold it? Please?"

"Squall I think your being unfair, Let Rinoa have her fun you can go to the training area. No one is there this time of day."

Quistis practically screamed "Oh my god that was Cid's voice!" Evereyone stared at her with disturbed faces.

"Um. . . I think I have to go and help Rinoa. . . you know she is my friend. . ." Irvine tried to edge towards the door, Selphie ran to him and gave him a good punch in the face.

"I have to stop this!" Quistis got up and ran to the elevtor almost breaking the button when Rinoa's voice came back on.

"Squall please I just want to hold it I bet I could totally handle it!"

Quistis shoved the door open not caring that it almost came off it's hinges.

"I wont hurt it if thats what your worried about. . . I will be really gentle! I just want to play with your--"

"STOP!" Quistis burst into the room pushing Rinoa away form Squall. "You cant--" Quistis stopped there was something she wasn't getting.

Squall was fully dressed thank god. He was holding his gunblade out.

"I just wanted to practice with Squall's gunblade. . . what did you think?"