Orange juice. That's what I was drinking when there was the knock at the door. I remember taking little sips, and swirling the pulp around the bottom of the glass. I didn't like pulp, but my parents only bought that kind of juice because Saki liked it. Why couldn't Saki buy her own juice? She worked long hours at that darn Junes, caused our parents to yell at her and our neighbours to gossip about our family behind her backs, stayed out on her own all night and yet she was still adamant that we bought juice with pulp in it.

Mother was taking a long time, and neither my father nor I could work out who it was at the door. Their voices were hushed.

Then, a loud wail. Father's chair scraped across the floor, the man abandoning his newspaper and rushing to his wife. I remained in my seat, staring at the fridge and wondering if I could filter the pulp from the rest of the juice. Father began to shout. Perhaps my sister had come home in a state, like when she ran off with that college guy. I wasn't listening to their words, I was on my feet and heading across the kitchen.

I was hit by cold air upon opening the door. The carton was sitting beside a cream cake- the cream cake that Mother had bought for Saki the night before, a treat to try and cheer her up after discovering Mayumi Yamano's body. I'd already eaten mine. I wondered how long it'd be before Saki ate hers.

"Naoki," a voice echoed from the hallway. "Naoki, where are you?"

"I'm in the kitchen, old man," I sighed, grabbing the juice and closing the fridge. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my father's form standing in the aperture.

"Naoki," he began grimly. "It's Saki."

"Don't tell me, there's another letter from her saying that she's gone off with that guy again," I sighed. "Who cares? Not me."

"She's..." His shoulders began to shake uncontrollably. "She's dead, Naoki. Your sister's body was found this morning by the police."

Orange juice. That's what splattered across the floor when my father told me that Saki had been murdered, pulp and all. As my parents clung to each other, sobbing and screaming, I stood there motionless, as if my feet had been glued to the floor by the cold, sticky substance.

I didn't feel sad. I didn't feel angry. I didn't feel anything at all except pulp seeping between my toes.

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