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"Alright, so Dimitri and Adrian are the seekers. Lissa, Christian, Eddie, Mia, and I are hiding. Who ever finds the most people wins." I told them as we were riding in the car through the town. We decided to relieve a little stress and play a town wide game of hide and seek.

The Moroi had guardians to stay with them, so everyone was safe. It was kind of a weird, messed up training exercise if you thought about it.

"Rose, you should count as a bonus, you're hiding places are impossible." Lissa laughed.

"Okay, who ever finds me gets…a kiss." I smiled

Dimitri growled while Adrian's face lit up like a Christmas tree.

"I suddenly like this game a lot more now." Adrian said.

"Yea, well if you think you're going to win against him," I said pointing to Dimitri, "You're digging your own grave."

We parked in the parking lot of the mall. Dimitri and Adrian were going to go into the bathroom and count to 100…slowly, and then come and find us. When everyone wasn't looking Dimitri and I snuck behind the car. He put his hand on my chin, tilting my head up.

"I can not wait to get that kiss." he said.

"Good luck Comrade." I smiled and then kissed his nose. Pulling away we joined the group.

"Good luck to everyone." I said.

"We'll see." Dimitri replied, looking at me.

Christian snorted, "You've never played hide and seek with Rose have you?" he asked. I smirked.

Once in 5th grade we had to play hide and seek as a training game. I hid so well, none of the guardians could find me and thought I had left the premises. Six hours later, I came out of hiding because I was bored…and hungry.

"Where did you hide any ways?" Eddie asked. I smirked, only Lissa new. I looked at her, she looked at me. We burst out laughing.

"You'll never know, but hurry the hell up! I want to start the game!" I said. Adrian winked at me.

Him and Dimitri walked off to the bathrooms and moments later we got a text from Adrian saying to start. I took off, using my speed as an advantage. I had the perfect hiding spot in mind.

We had picked an overcast and rainy day so the Moroi would be more comfortable, so it was the middle of the human day. Naturally everyone was in class one would expect me to hide IN school on my day off.

I walked into the high-school's office, adjusted my hair, then walked up to the front desk.

"Hi, I'm new here." I stated. A guy in his 30's turned in his chair to look at me. His eyes bugged out of his head.

I smirked, "Drool much?"

He gulped, "What's your name?"

"Rose Belikov." I answered. That sounded nice.

He nodded, typing into his computer. Fifteen minutes later, I was given a schedule and went off to science, it was 3rd period.

I knocked on the door. A guy came to the door, looked at me, then did a double take. I kept a blank face.

"Who is it Gary?" I heard a lady ask. She must be the teacher.

"I'm new here." I said handing her the slip of paper.

"You cant take a seat next to William, you don't need anything this class, but here's a list of materials." she said handing me things. I looked at the list, then tossed it. She gave me a shocked expression. I shrugged and some students giggled. I took my seat.

"Hey." the guy nodded. I looked at him, he looked nice, he also looked like a complete nerd. I nodded back and all the sudden out of the corner of my eye, I saw a paper ball going for his head. On instinct, my hand reached out and snatched it out of the air before it hit him.

Ooops. Some students stared at me, I glared at them then turned to listen to the gabby lady.

She finished the lesson early and left the last few minutes of class to socialize. Everyone swarmed around me.

This kid came up to me, classic player, muscular, hot, deep blue eyes. He was also somehow familiar...

"I know you!" he said, recognition on his face.

Oh...shit. Play it cool Rose.

"Yea?" I asked tilting my head.

He nodded, "Who's that tall, brown haired guy you're always with?" he asked. Dimitri. Just his name made my stomach flip. But back to the present, I had to divert attention from my Russian man and change the subject.

"What a stalker." I brushed him off and turned away.

"I could totally take him." he said cracking his knuckles, acting all tough.

I laughed, I didn't mean to…but I did.

"What?" he asked.

"You couldn't take me." I challenged. Everyone laughed.

"Well, I wouldn't hit a hot girl." he said wiggling his eye brows. I smiled sweetly.

"Well, I'd hit you." Then I was saved by the bell, free to move onto English and leave the dumb-ass human boy behind.

Dimitri POV

Adrian was a few feet away from me as we walked to the nearest rest room. "I hope you won't kill me when I win that Kiss." Adrian said.

I laughed, "You wish Ivashkov." He sighed.

"I do." He replied and I resisted the urge to trip him as he matched my stride.

We went into the restroom, counted, and then split ways to go and win that kiss.

I walked out of the opposite end of the mall. Taking in my surroundings. Okay, now to channel my inner Rose.

She could be anywhere.

I headed for the little plaza to the right of the mall and entered the first store. It was Bath and Body Works. One of the girls working there, whispered and giggled to her friend.

I rolled my eyes, and began my sweep of the store.

"Can I help you sir?" One of the employees had caught up with me.

I shook my head, "I'm okay, thanks." I told her, turning and walking away.

As I escaped, I heard her giggle and say to the other girl, "Oh my god, he's hot, he gorgeous, and he's got this sexy accent. He's totally my future husband." she gushed. I rolled my eyes once more. They would die if they saw Rose. She was the most beautiful woman in the world. She was smart, funny, tough, amazing…

And all mine.

I went into the next store, Eastern Mountain sports. Behind a kayak display, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was Christian.

"Your're done." I said.

"Dammit!" he sighed.

I chuckled, "You don't know where the rest are do you?" He shook his head in response. I nodded to Alberta, who was his partner, and then swiftly left the store to move onto finding the person I really wanted to: Rose.

Were could she be? I went through the rest of the plaza and in the last store I found Eddie. Soon after, I got a call from Adrian.

"I got Lissa and Mia, who do you have?" he asked.

"Eddie and Christian." He whooped on the other end of the phone.

"Rose is mine!" He exclaimed, and then hung up.

I growled then surveyed my surroundings. Where could she be? It had to be the most unexpected place. The mall, the plaza, the parking lot, the car sales place, two restaurants, a school, another plaza, WAIT!? The school!

I started sprinting.


English was really boring, I got a text in the middle of class from Lissa, and then Eddie. They had both been caught.

"So Rose, where did you get that tank top, it like, way violates the dress code." This bitchy girl and her friends came over to loom over my desk. I looked up at her.

"Oh, it was the only good thing I could find in your closet." I said.

She sneered, "Well at least you have some fashion sense, but obviously you have no clue who you're dealing with." I stood up to face her, crossing my arms. I had a few inches on her, and several pounds of muscle.

"I wouldn't worry about me." I said growling.

Her eyes widened, "freak." she stuttered, and then nearly ran away.

The rest of class I had to deal with guys, bitchy girls and snobby teachers. The next class was gym...finally.

Once we all arrived, the teacher started the class.

"Okay, on one side we will be doing boxing, and on the other aerobics. Pick a side." he said. All the guys went to the boxing side, the girls to the Aerobics.

I stepped over to the boxing side. A bunch of guys started speaking in hushed tones, most surprised.

"You box?" I cracked my neck in reply to the teacher's question.

"Hell yea." I said. He nodded.

"You cant be serious! She's a girl!" one of the guys protested. There was a chorus of yea's.

I grabbed a pair of gloves. "You scared?" I asked. He shook his head.

"I just don't want to beat you." he said. They all chuckled, I threw a pair of gloves at him. He caught them, after they hit him in the chest, hard.

There was a chorus of 'Oooo's'.

"Fine." he said.

I smirked, "Excellent." We stepped into box outlined in tape on the floor.

I put on the gloves, not that I would need them, and beckoned to him. "Bring it on." I said.

He chuckled, "Lady's first." I smiled and then I jabbed his stomach. He doubled over and I pinned him.

There was laughing and shouts from all over the gym.

"I thought you said you boxed." I taunted. He tried to grab my ankle, but I was quick and jumped back. He pulled himself from the ground, jumping up.

"That was probably the only pin you'll get." he said. I smirked,

"I don't think so." Now, he lunged at me. I dodged quickly.

He lunged again, and again…all to no avail. I rolled my eyes, and then tripped him and pinned him again.

I jumped up, taking off the gloves.

"This is boring." They all stared at me, mouths hanging open. I put my finger on ones chin,

"Don't want flies." I said snapping his jaw shut.

I walked out of the gym, just as the bell rang. The next class, and last, was math.

I walked in and took a seat while the teacher talked about what we were learning, and about up-coming tests. I yawned.


I jogged to the entrance of the school's office.

"Has a new student check in today?" I asked the secretary at the desk. The man nodded.

"What room is she in?" I asked.

"I can't tell you sir, unless you know her." he said.

I sighed, "Her name is Rose, this tall, brown hair, dark eyes." I said. Recognition dawned on his face. I swear I saw longing...I could've killed him.

"Oh Rose Belikov, she's in room 215." he said looking at her schedule. I nodded, then headed down the hall. Hmm, Rose Belikov? That made me smile.

Once I was out of sight, I started sprinting, I didn't want to lose that kiss.

I saw 215, and peeked in the window. I saw her sitting there, she sensed me and looked into my eyes, and winked, licking her lips. This woman...


I felt someone's eyes on me…I looked at the window of the door, and there he was. He opened it, never taking his eyes off me.

"Oh my gosh, who is that?!" I heard the snobby girl whisper behind me.

I smiled.

"Excuse me sir, can I help you?" my teacher asked. I crossed my arms, ever breaking eye contact.

"You always ruin my fun." I said. He chuckled.

"Do you know this man?" the teacher asked. I ignored him once again.

Standing now, "I guess you win." I said looking at him from head to toe, then winking. He shook his head playfully and this made me smiled more.

He was about to say something when I heard the sound of running footsteps out in the hall. Adrian ran past the room, then skidded to a stop and doubled back to burst through the doorway, breathless from running.

"Oh DAMMIT!" he yelled. I laughed. Dimitri smiled.

"I guess you lose." I said shrugging. He sighed.

"What is going on here?" My teacher yelled. I suddenly remembered we were not alone, I looked back and all the confused students and sighed. "Someone call Lissa." I said.

Lissa came and compelled them to forget I was ever here, so they remembered nothing.

When we got back to the academy, we were all laughing about our ridiculous hiding places and our day.

Dimitri walked me to my room and I pulled him in, shutting the door behind us. I pressed him against the wall.

"I think its time for that kiss." I said running my hand down his chest. He shivered and I smiled, kissing up his jaw.

I looked deep into his eyes, and then I kissed him deeply. He was so gentle and sweet. I hmm'ed happily pulling away, and rested my head on his chest.

"I love you Comrade." I said. He smiled, leaning down and whispered,

"I love you too my Roza."

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