Wow, it's been a really long time. Also, I'm NOT taking this story out of retirement; I just had this idea and thought it would be kind of cool for old times' sake, so I hope you like this one!

Three Legged Race


"This is the stupidest idea you've ever had." I grumbled and crossed my arms. Adrian laughed,

"Are you kidding? I can't believe I haven't thought of this sooner!" he smiled at me cheekily. I stuck my tongue out.

"Okay children," Lissa interrupted our bickering. "The three legged race will last for twenty four hours. You must remain tied to your partner the ENTIRE time in order to win, and if you cheat you shall be shunned upon by the entire group." She concluded.

"Oh no, I wouldn't want to be shunned by Rose!" Christian cried. That one earned a middle finger.

"Alright, pick away!" Mia held out a hat with all our names on it, Adrian lunged first.

"Rose, Rose, Rose." He chanted. Unfolding his paper, his smiled dropped. "Eddie."

Eddie frowned and then shrugged, "Could be worse."

"I changed my mind, I like this game." I grinned and reached into the hat. Hallelujah and praise taco bell, there is a god. "We're gettin' hitched baby!" I screamed and jumped onto Dimitri's lap. He caught me with a smile.

"Suck on that Adrian." I bragged.

"Don't tempt me," he mumbled.

Mia and Lissa ended up being partners and Christian was left out to be the judge.

"You know, I'm sure Jesse would be your partner." I told Christian.

"I'd almost rather you Rose." He laughed.

"Stop it, you're making me blush." I turned to Dimitri, "Alright lets go find a rope." I winked and leapt off his lap. "And every one get the hell out of my room."

"Competition starts tomorrow morning, everyone needs to meet outside at eight." Lissa informed before I shoved everyone out the door. I turned to the attractive Russian man sitting on my bed like a cat.

"I think we need some one on one time anyways." I slowly walked over to the bed.

"In that case, I'll get the rope." Dimitri suggested and flashed an eye brow.

It was eight on the dot when me and Dimitri met the rest of the group at the tree.

"Alright, ropes on!" Christian demanded. Everyone fastened the ropes around their legs and we were off on our twenty four hour three legged race. Only it wasn't really a race, more like a challenge. Dimitri's fingers brushed my leg as he tied the rope that connected us. I smiled down at him as he smirked up at me.

"This is going to be a fun game." I decided.

"Indeed Roza." He agreed.


"Alright, this isn't going to be that hard at all." Mia smiled at me.

"I know, we've so got this in the bag." I nodded. It was the weekend and we didn't have any classes so Mia and I decided to go and get some breakfast at the diner.

We sat down awkwardly next to each other in a booth. A girl I had never seen before came up to us holding coffee pot in her hand.

"Hey ladies, what can I getcha?" she asked. We ordered and waited for our food, making idle chit chat until it arrived.

She set it down in front of us and asked us if we needed anything.

"No, we're all set, thank you." I told her, reaching for the maple syrup. She turned to go and then came back.

"You know, I couldn't help but notice that you two are sitting very close and I just wanted to let you know, if you ever get lonely with just the two of you, I could hook you up with a third." She winked and sauntered off.

Neither of us spoke for a minute.

"Oh…my." Mia said.

"Yea, oh."


"This walking shit is hard." I grumbled as me and Eddie tripped yet again.

"Okay stop, you're right and my left together, now the middle. There we go, again." Eddie guided. I heard a throat clearing and looked up, Kirova was standing in front of us with a pissy looking expression on her face.

"Having fun boys?" she asked. Eddie gulped.

"A blast." I answered easily. She nodded and turned to leave,

"Oh and one more thing Mr. Ivashkov, I received another anonymous note claiming sexual harassment, should I be concerned?" She questioned. I gulped this time.

"Not at all ma'am" I answered. I heard a snort behind me.

"Yea, he's into boys now anyways." Christian said.


Now I understand why Rose enjoys screwing with Adrian so much, his facial expressions really fuel the fire. No pun intended.

Honestly, this is the best game I've ever played. I sat back on the bench I was currently resting on and watched Adrian and Eddie try to continue on. I didn't have to participate, I didn't get stuck with Rose, or Adrian for that matter, AND I got to watch everyone else having a shitty time while I laughed and ate my weight in cheeseburgers. Oh shit, I'm turning into Rose.

Speaking of Rose, I wonder where her and the Russian are? Probably off being gross.

I got up from my bench and wandered off towards the diner in hopes of getting a milk shake when I saw a very red faced Lissa and Mia heading my way.

"What's wrong-"

"That, that, BITCH! Ugh, I can't even." Lissa cried.

"What is-"

"We don't even look like lesbians! Honestly, and no you can't just offer to be in a three some!" Mia screamed in agreement.

"I know! And honestly, even if we were lesbians you can't just invite your self into our relationship, that's so rude!" Lissa hissed. I started backing up slowly.

"Ooookay, I'm going to go now, you two have fun being lesbians, or not, or whatever."



"This is kind of challenging when I'm strapped to your leg Dimitri." I grunted.

"Don't be such a baby."

"Come on, this is seriously what you want to do while were strapped together?" I whined and pulled against his body weight harder.

He stood with his hands folded across his chest, bracing in the opposite direction of me. He was currently making me attack a strigoi dummy while fighting his body weight.

"Only you would turn this into a training exercise." I grumbled. He smirked.

"Are you done whining?" he asked. I turned in his direction,

"You wanna go?" I shoved his hip with mine and it sent both of us sprawling. I landed on top of him on the ground and he quickly spun us,

"Very much so." He whispered down at me. I grabbed his arm and started an awkward wrestling match that ended in chuckles and kissing.

"Woah, I thought this was a gym, not a peep show." I heard Christian's voice from the door way. Both my and Dimitri looked up.

"No one asked you to come and watch." I said.

"Well I had to make sure you weren't cheating." He replied. I shrugged,

"Well you have your proof now leave." He rolled his eyes.

"So polite." I glared then turned to Dimitri and licked down his face.

"Oh Dimitri!" I cried. I heard a disgusted noise and then a door slamming. "I thought he'd never leave."

"Ew, Rose." Dimitri wiped a hand down his cheek. I grinned sheepishly.


"Can you turn the water on?" Eddie asked.

"Seriously?" I rolled my eyes. "Dude, I'm not even looking, just pee already!"

"It's too weird, your leg is touching my leg." He cried. I sighed and reached for the faucet,

"There piss away," I told him. We stood there for another five minutes before he finally did.

After that little fiasco we headed to get some lunch from the café and endured the awkward stares of students as we waited in the lunch line, then sat really close together at one of the tables.

"Well, only true friends can say they've taken a piss together." Eddie said munching a sandwich.

"What?" I heard Rose's voice behind us. I let my head drop to the counter.

"Just kill me now." I mumbled to no one.

"That's a story for another time," Eddie told her.

"Uh hu, well we're going to get some lunch, bye bye freaks." Rose and Dimitri went towards the lunch line. I let out a breath.

"Adrian," Eddie said.


"…I have to take a shit."

I didn't say anything for a minute and then I stood up.

"I don't really want to spend the rest of the day waiting for you to take a dump, so don't take this personally Eddie, but I QUIT." I screamed for the whole cafeteria to hear and untied myself from his leg.


"Okay, so we've only been called lesbians twice today, that's not so bad." Mia laughed.

"Yea, and we're only competing against Rose and Dimitri now, so we really have a chance!" I agreed.

"We can do this girl. What should we do now?" Mia asked as we sat on a bench.

"Paint nails?"

"Works for me."


"I'm bored." I whine. We were currently sitting on Dimitri's bed and he was reading a western novel. READING. While we were tied together.

"Sometimes I think you don't like me." I pouted.

"That's ridiculous, you know I love you." Dimitri put the book on his lap and looked at me.

"You never take me out on romantic dinner dates." I imitated a whiney girlfriend.

"You hate romantic dinner dates." His forehead wrinkles.

I sighed and straddled his lap, which was very hard to do mind you.

"I was being sarcastic silly," I cradled his face in my hands. He reached up and held my hands in his. I leaned in to kiss him and was rewarded with a soft pair of Dimitri lips.

"You know, I think your book is moving." I teased in between kisses. Dimitri flipped us over with a growl and I let out a surprised shriek.

"And you wanted to read about cowboys."


I knew that Eddie and Adrian had already lost, and I was pretty sure Dimitri and Rose were being gross, so I decided to go off and look for my favorite lesbian couple. They weren't hard to find.

I heard some shouting in the court yard and tried my best to hold in a laugh. Mia and Lissa were in the middle of a small crowd, both red in the face and yelling.

"I love lesbians! I think you should love who you want to and all that but WE ARE NOT GAY!" Mia cried.

"Yea, I love Mia but not in a sexual way. I mean she's attractive but I don't like, well, I mean." Lissa was digging herself in a hole. I had to bite my fist to stop from howling out a laugh.

"That's it! I'm done with this shit." Lissa cried and untied her and Mia's legs.

"Victory is ours!" I heard Rose's voice from the opposite side of the court yard and saw her untie her and Dimitri's legs and jump to wrap her legs around his waist. She attacked him and he nearly lost his balance. Meanwhile Lissa made her way over to me and grabbed my face.

"See! Not a lesbian!" and proceeded to ravish me.

"Hey! You didn't win a kiss." I faintly heard Rose's voice in the background. I sent a middle finger in her general direction.


"Well once again, we are the champions." I bragged to the group at our table the next day at lunch.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Christian waved his hand.

"Hey Adrian," Eddie said.


"I have to take a piss." Eddie ducked as Adrian whipped a can of soda at his head.

"Go run the tap water you jackass."

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